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  1. So what's happening?
  2. I've waited patiently as I've read in other discussions you are very busy but just in case I've been forgotten about, I thought I'd post again to try and get a response. I'd like to know which trophies I've apparently 'edited timestamps'? I spent hours in front plenty of friends as they watched me grind the same level over and over again to keep me from going insane with how dull it was, hence why there was a big gap due to losing interest at one point. I came back to it because Bleach is one of my favourite anime of all time and my friend thought it'd be a great idea to suggest it as my 100th platinum milestone so I booted it back up and got my teeth back into it. Plus, if I cheated I would have way more platinum trophies and wouldn't have so many holes in my trophy list.
  3. So, I spent hours upon hours grinding the same stage over and over again to just be branded a cheater? Please tell me what I can do to prove my innocence.
  4. So how do I get this rectified? I honestly have no idea how you would go about editing a timestamp.
  5. I don't even know how to edit timestamps.
  6. Loveless-Lyric Bleach: Soul Resurreccion I don't understand what I'm trying to dispute? I platinumed this game ages ago, rushing the same level over and over again to level up my characters.
  7. Combine it with the Yo-Kai Watch event. That way you feel like you're gaining something.
  8. I know they are coming as standalone games on the store, maybe that's it?
  9. Thank you so much! =D
  10. Whenever I try and play cards I get presented with a blue screen but the sound effects and music for the game still play...
  11. Time to test my luck...