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  1. I got the trophy, eventually. I bought another outfit first but it didn't pop, so I bought another theme after and it finally popped. Wasted so much money, think I bought like 12 things for the camp including the flags. I don't remember if I bought something with gold early on, so I have no idea why this trophy was buggy for me. Seems like if you didn't get it after buying 5 items, you just have to keep buying items and it will unlock.
  2. Yep I already sent them a ticket with screenshots of what I purchased.
  3. I have the same issue. I first bought the 5 flags, nothing happened. Then I bought all the flags, 2 themes, 2 tents, and 2 outfits. Still nothing. It also says the trophy is on 80% for me on social club. Also for the craft 25 ammunition trophy, i had to craft 45 small arrows for it to pop rather than 25 lol.