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  1. I’m only at 7k of 20k bullets caught using the Slow Trap for the Trickter. Anyone have any suggestions for farming this annoying accolade? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. Apparently the Book Learnin' trophy/achievement is starting to pop (haven't got it personally), but people are still on the hunt for the new/missing cassettes for the Answering Machine trophy/achievement. I found a guide on the Steam forums that's been keeping tabs on the whole situation and they've been updating it as they find out more information. They're basically having the community search every nook & cranny both in game and in the code. Haha EDIT: Can’t confirm it myself, but the last cassettes have supposedly been found (see the guide/comments linked above).
  3. PSN ID: Revixe06 PS System: PS3, PS4, & PS5 Accepts Blank Friend Requests: Please mention you're from PSNP 😉