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  1. My game this month is going to be Infamous Second Son, going to get the Plat for this, this month. I played it when it originally came out on the PS4 and completed the storyline when being a hero so this time will do the bad choices and whatever other trophies are needed for the clean up. Once that's done going back to Crash, taking a break from it as its driving me insane :I I totally ruined my completion score as I started Titan Souls and Lords of the Fallen ( which is so slow) Was recommended to play/download as I love Souls/bloodborne but OMG this is like a cheap Souls game And with the Crash game it uploads all 3 games onto your trophies before you play them. Stats: Platinum trophies: +4 100% completed: +2 Completion: +0.76%
  2. So.... I got the plat for Horizon Zero Dawn Spent the whole month with no multiplayer so going to catch up with that until the new month starts
  3. Update: I have completed Horizon: Zero Dawn - Such an awesome game, hate that it took me so long to get it and start it. I am now working on the plat for it as I raked up quite a few trophies just enjoying the story.
  4. Ok so that's me back from holiday and going to make a start on Horizon My stats are as follows: Platinum Trophies: 18 100% completed: 10 Completion: 41.82% Not really had a look at the trophies for Horizon s hopefully get a plat for it this month, going to just stick with the story and leave everything for after If any time spare will make more progress towards the FF plat
  5. Update: Final Fantasy XV has finally been completed! Not sure why it took me so long. I did quite enjoy it in the end. Although slightly disappointed that the final boss battle was really easy considering the previous FF games! Now to get the remaining trophies for the plat
  6. I am with you on this one as I have recently bought Horizon Zero Dawn.
  7. I totally know where you are coming from. That's one of the reasons I stopped playing it. I felt like the side quests were an overload and I couldn't just enjoy the main game. Going ti to take a step back from them and crack on the the main story and then do all the side stuff. Hopefully get the plat Congrats on getting the plat on super meat boy! That must have been a tough one!!
  8. @RizzleAbbey12 I really enjoyed it! I liked it as much as the wolf amoung is, they are my top 2 faves Good luck with FF15, it will be funny if we both plat that too this month haha!
  9. #18 we had fun, didn't we? (Tales from the borderlands) 

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    2. ee28max


      Congrats! :yay: 

    3. MortalRikku


      Thanks everyone! Can't believe it took me so long to start and finish! Such an awesome adventure ^_^ 

    4. nenugalimas


      So whats in store for #20?

  10. My update so far: I have got my plat for tales of borderlands Have reinstalled FF15 so going to get the story completed then work on the 2nd plat for the month Played a little bit of killing room 2 last night, wasn't as bad as I thought but was going to be
  11. Yeah, you totally lose track of your time playing online. FF has been sitting waiting since its release to get finished so I'm just going to crack on with the story as I spent a lot of time doing side missions that I kinda bored myself out of playing it Good of luck yourself with completing it
  12. No change to my stats really as I didn't compete what I had set out to do as got roped into playing the uncharted MP again and it's literally sucked away all my game time this month. As as it's a fresh month, I'm going to finish off tales of the borderlands and finally complete and maybe even plat FF15 As long as I stay away from the MP I should be fine haha!
  13. Hi Sorry I have been a bit quite. Had major delivery issues with my Little Nightmares game (which I have finally gotten and completed) so good. Still working on the multiplayer trophies for TR which are such a drag as just need the levelling up one now :/ My theme for June would be Games where you can play as a group/party/team
  14. @xFalionx it's good your taking steps, you will be missed! Give yourself some TLC and hopefully you will return when ready
  15. For this month's theme I'm going to get Tomb Raider platted and possibly rise of tomb raider if I get the time Last month I managed to get The last of us platted and I finished resident evil 7 story