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  1. Thank you so much @Squirlruler Didnt hit my target last year due to several different factors. Hoping to make a dent in the backlog this year 💪 Thanks again for all the updates
  2. @Squirlruler Thanks for the update. I felt I did quite well last month! Bagged 6 plats and completed 4 games 👌 That pull up trophy was a nightmare, Goodluck on getting it. Not sure how many attempted it took me! Spent a good HR I think 😂 I also need to go back and clean up trophies on FF7R! Really into playing uncharted at the moment. Working my way through 3 cleaning up trophies and then onto the next two games. (helps that I did crushing mode for 2 and 3 in like 2016) Don’t think I’ve done that for 4 and lost legacy! Hoping to get them all done before TLOU2 is out.
  3. Uncharted 2 at the moment 😊
  4. I completed Jedi Fallen Order this month and loved it. It really is a good Star Wars games. I totally agree about the ice sliding to a rope.... So annoying Anyway enjoy, also an easy plat if your going for that 😆
  5. My monthly update. Ive managed to make some progress with my % this month - Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order (100% and plat) - Gris (100% and plat) - Fe (100% and plat) - Seasons after Fall (100% and plat) - Uncharted:Drakes Fortune (plat) I’m working my way through Uncharted 2 at the moment clearing remaining trophies. Hoping to get the Plat for them all before The Last of Us 2 😆
  6. Thanks @Squirlruler My stats are looking good! Started 3 new games this month and finished them all! Currently trophy hunting Star Wars and then moving back to Resi 3 and FF7 for the Plats. Hoping to get all 3 plats this month and tackle a few backlog titles 😁
  7. I'm currently sitting at 40.84% I started 3 new games this month, completed 2 of them and currently making my way through the 3rd Once I'm finished going to do a trophy clear up on all 3 so hopefully my % will look a lot better for May 😊
  8. Thanks! I will definitely check that out
  9. Not much of an update. Managed to Plat TLOU this week Went back to Sekiro as I was stuck on a boss and I'm still on him at the moment. Found a way to increase attack level so will be grinding that 1-2hrs a night Restarted another Playthroug for Man of Medan so going for the Plat this month along with clearing up trophies for Life is Strange 2 Made the mistake of linking mine craft to my account as my kiddo wanted to play it so its destroyed my %
  10. #35 “it can’t be for nothing” TLOU 😆

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    2. MortalRikku


      Thank you 😊 

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      Bad choice for plat title.  It gives a hint about the end.       


    4. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯

  11. Hahah I did try that. I had multiple saves as did grounded mode twice 😅 I actually love the game but was hoping to make further progress with another title from the backlog so it’s bummed me out ☹️
  12. Finished The Last Of Us on a 3rd playthrough collecting everything. The game has totally glitched on me and I can’t even chapter select to get certain collectibles 😩 Really wanted to get the Plat before the end of the month and before Resi Evil 3! The rage 😂😅
  13. Update for this month: So far I have managed to get the Plat for 3 games from the start of the year: - Goat Simulator - Flappy Goat was actually the worst - Donut County - Really fun indie game. Who knew that a swallowing things up as a massive hole would be so much fun - Sinking City - Really wanted to like this game as when I first seen the trailer thought it looks super interesting. Just found it a total borefest Completed Rayman Legends, got a few trophies left to get the Plat for that. Started and completed Crash Team Racing last month, have come to terms I'm not going to get the plat for it as the 2 trials trophies are just a nightmare. Currently restarted The Last of Us and playing it on Grounded mode hoping to clear up remaining trophies
  14. Plat 34 - All the goat :D


    Flappy goat - worlds worst trophy (I have ever come across) 

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      Nice job! And yeah, that DLC makes Flappy Goat seem pleasant. .-.

    4. MidnightDragon
  15. Got the Plat for goat simulator, that has boosted my percentage! Flappy goat will haunt me for months Woking on Rayman Legends as just need to clean up with most of the left over trophies. I think I'm still at the beginning of Witcher 3, hoping to get the main story completed this month
  16. @Suntropology I thought I had the glitch too but I checked the paintings from the scratch card and missed 1 🤣
  17. My stats have changed but only after your update as i started Sims 4 and its completely killed my percentage :/ Looking to finish a few easier wins and then back to Witcher 3 Thoughts of the day - Why did I install Sims 4 and start playing... why lol
  18. Feel free to add me as only have this and a few other trophies to get MortalRikku
  19. @Squirlruler All good with my stats - Thanks for the update. Currently working my way through Witcher 3
  20. I would say what @ladynadiad has said is spot on to my situation! I was much better last year with finishing games than previous years. Just need to go through a lot of them and clear up trophies 🏆 I still have a bunch that haven’t been opened that I plan on playing this year and not buying as many new titles, just being more selective in what I actually want day one and games that can just wait until the backlog takes a chopping. The biggest culprit in my backlog pile is all the open world games as I’m just a sucker for all those side quests 🤣 so planning on actually finishing the main game and then doing all those side quests!
  21. I’ve got: The Last of Us Part II Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost of Tsushima Resident Evil 3 FF7
  22. Compliments to the chef
  23. Nier Automata for me! The soundtrack just made that game for me 😊
  24. Hi everyone 😊

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      @MortalRikku And now all of sudden and now it's 2020, heck 😟 Ah well, it's good to see you again and I hope you've been well 😊

    3. MortalRikku


      Thanks! Nice to be back 😊 All well, you? 

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  25. Meh! Decent for those who don’t have Uncharted but I’m pretty sure most PS owners will have the collection or played them at some point! Stoked on Goat Simulator I don’t have that 🤓