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  1. The guys from tech support of Merge Games answered my mail. They are aware of the bugs with the trophies and they are working in the patch to fix the issues. Regards.
  2. Same here with Engineer and Teko’s trophies, what a mess... I will report it. You can finish the game even with the duplicated quest, but maybe this behavior prevents the trophy A Song About Home to pop. Regards.
  3. Seems that A Song About Home trophy is glitched, I finished the game and the trophy doesn’t pop. I encountered another bug with the quests menu (the quest appears again if you talk with some NPC again). Regards.
  4. The trophy Sleepy Time doesn’t pop for me, and I have all spatulas in the dream level.
  5. Patch 1.04 with “State Change” Switch is out. Each section of the Impossible Lair now ends with a Checkpoint, saving your best shield score. Regards.
  6. The Impossible Lair gets easier with the latest patch: Link. Regards.
  7. Yes, the first game is easier and more relaxing. Regards.
  8. You can finish a level in normal mode to know the layout of the level and repeat in hard mode. This sequel is harder than original. Regards.
  9. Thanks for the info!
  10. Patch 1.01 is out. Fix bugs in Groundhog Day, He’s on Fire and Spice of Life trophies. Regards.
  11. Dear Diary in glitched also in Vita...
  12. Great! But you cannot continue past this point.
  13. Reloading saves, and a lot of luck. But the game is a bugfest...
  14. Mr. Pumpkin Adventure - I managed to get to the 2nd glitch between Chapter 7 and 8 :/ Looks like no one else can get past it?

  15. “Complete All Challenges on Hard” seems very challenging. The game si enjoyable, maybe playing in coop will lower the difficulty. Regards.