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  1. The video attached shows the wrong side of it from what I can see. Tried what the video showed many times, didn't work. If you go to the opposite side of the hut then it works.
  2. I'm following the guide for it (hole in the hill area) but it is not working, tried about 5 times now. Is this is a glitch? Anyone experiencing that? If so, how else can I get the trophy?
  3. Loved that they kinda acknowledged people would write it off as a walking simulator after the credit to vanishing of Ethan carter popped up by having the character pull out a gun and the text saying but also... they’re kinda self aware that this game needed to be more than just a walking simulator. It looks good.
  4. Have Darksiders 2, but its a good game to offer I think. An alright month of games. Not the worst, not the best.
  5. I think people that are complaining about a game being delayed for any reason is silly, more so when the reason is to be respectful after a terrorist attack killed 22 people (most of which were children).
  6. I'm confused as to why people see this as lazy from Capcom? They've released a lot of remasters for the main series of games and are working on a Revelations remaster and a remake of Resident Evil 2. They've been busy. I doubt we'd have ever seen a remaster of CVX or it'd be many years off with the projects they have going on. I'm also pretty sure that Sony decide what games they want as PS2 classics then speak to the developer and see if they are willing to let them do it. As far as I was aware its a team at Sony that actually make these games for PS4, so not actually Capcom, they just greenlight it. So to everyone saying it's lazy and they should have done the PS3 version I think are missing the point. I don't think it's Capcom who actually put the effort into making the game for PS4. I think that's a team at Sony, or am I misunderstanding the PS2 project?
  7. I hate the fact that with Capcom's recent remasters, the physical editions are only in the NA region. I live in the UK and haven't got a physical release for Resident Evil 4, 5 or 6 (with no sign of one coming) and these 3 games seem to be only getting a physical edition in NA too.
  8. Will pick this up at some point also - probably on the cheap when pre-owned though. 3 excellent games in this package which I look forward to playing.
  9. Most people here want a more extensive trophy list than what was on offer with the PS3 version - so I wouldn't want that in this case at least.
  10. I've played a fair few LEGO games before, these past me by though - they seem to be more highly rated LEGO games than the rest so I would definitely pick that collection up. I would also pick up the Ezio collection just to play those games with a new lick of paint.
  11. Wondering the same thing, the premise of the game actually seemed fun and I wanted to give it a try.
  12. Backwards compatibility will never happen unfortunately. Not sure if you are aware, but just in case - RE5 PC version has being ported to the PS4 & the Batman series is getting remastered for PS4 (apart from Origins) - obviously this isn't backwards compatible as you would have to repurchase but at least those games are/will be available.
  13. You just beat me to this Yeah its earlier, I expected late September. Seems like a simple PC port job though. Still hoping for more trophies.
  14. Strange. Surely cant cost them much/anything to release a downloadable standalone version on the PS store.
  15. Anyone know if it will be available separately? Want to play this before making a judgement as to whether I want to play the second.