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  1. I just got it from the UK store.
  2. I just save wherever I am when I decide I want to stop playing. I do like to manual save though, even if the game has autosave.
  3. For anyone who's earnt the Rampage trophy recently (or at all): - Do you know of any specific requirements (eg maybe you can't fight against someone on your friends list?) - How specifically did you earn it? (as many details as you can remember - eg the stage, if the players you fought were different / regions / on your friends list, did you quit out at all? There's a group of us trying to earn it atm but not getting it - hoping that a few people sharing specifically how they did it will reveal a pattern. Edit: just to update, it did eventually pop shortly after reaching rank 500 in the boosting session. The stat for win streak in the pre-match lobby was staying at 0 even after wins, but started tracking later on in the session which allowed me to get Rampage and also Upsetter, neither of which were previously unlocking. We had a few disconnects / kicking back to menu at the start, so think a poor connection may have caused this?
  4. Yakuza 3 is the game that really built up Kiryu's relationship as a father figure to the orphanage kids, placing more focus on them & Kiryu's interactions with them, which I think changes how you view parts of 5 & 6. I definitely wouldn't skip it, but then I liked the change of pace.
  5. I know the plat has been unobtainable for new players for a couple of years now (Shopaholic trophy) but thought I'd post this for those like me who finish it off late or for anyone who just wants all the other trophies. I started off with the original version of Eyepet (with the card rather than the move controller) and then downloaded the Move edition from the PSN store and switched to playing with that as I read online it was much easier with the Move (it is - it registers your moves better and many of the challenges have a lower score requirement for gold). However, I did experience a couple of glitches doing this that people should be aware of if going for trophies. Firstly - Prize Bonanza. I found when I switched that, whilst my scores for the challenges carried over, I did not have the item prizes. I was able to obtain these again by replaying the challenges and achieving gold again (it doesn't show the prizes at the end like it normally does, but those items do appear in your prizes after doing this). Fortunately for me, I switched before playing the "Let's Draw" challenge on day 3. This challenge will be locked out after playing it once (you can't replay it), so if you played this version on the original version of Eyepet and then switched to Move, you wouldn't be able to replay this challenge to get the item prize and would be prevented from earning the Prize Bonanza trophy with that pet. Secondly - Style Icon. I'm not entirely sure if this one is linked to the switching of versions, a glitch unique to the Move edition or just a random glitch I had. I wasn't able to unlock Style Icon at all on my Move edition save. I noticed this one as I got towards the end of the pet programme challenges and looked at the trophy list to see what else I needed to do. I'd already done up to day 14 on the pet programme, which if the trophy counts clothing and fur changes would give me more than 10 looks just from doing the photo challenges. I then tried doing 10 new looks in a row and still didn't pop. I ended up going back to the original version of Eyepet and it popped after 9 clothing changes on that save. I'm hoping this doesn't affect any further trophies, but I haven't earnt ones like the 50 drawings or 25 songs yet so don't know if these could be affected too. I'd definitely say it was still worth switching to the Move edition for me just for how much easier it is, but if you're doing ok at the normal edition and are quite far then it might be different for you.
  6. I'd recommend Judgment. You play as a former lawyer who is now a detective, investigating the case of a serial killer who gauges their victim's eyes out. I've not finished it yet but I've really been enjoying the story so far, and my flatmate who's finished it really enjoyed it too. There's plenty of side missions, minigames, drone racing etc as well if you like that in games. Edit: Just thought I should add there is a lot of combat in it as well, since Sherlock Holmes was your example and it's very different in that sense. You still search for clues, tail people, present the right evidence etc.
  7. Yes, as long as you're using the NG+ feature to carry over, Expert Herbalist will pop straight after Wild Wild Plant Hoarder.
  8. You're missing one herb (a cinnamon going by your list). The 191 herbs doesn't include the one for the subquest (that herb appears in your normal inventory rather than with the herb sets).
  9. No, the game remembers you collected the capsule previously and it carries that over to NG+. I’ve been testing things out before publishing a guide on here and the trophy popped even when I collected all but 1 for the sets, sold all, completed game, then just got the ones I didn’t before in NG+.
  10. You get the warning on 30th June and the game over happens on 31st July.
  11. There isn't a particularly quick way, but you should be fishing in the secret pond near Hermit's Nest to get the most out of each session (it's the smallest area, means less time reeling in, therefore more fish caught before the session ends). You unlock it through one of the subquests. There is an instant game over, but like the other games you get a warning a month before, and there's still plenty of time to do everything. I wouldn't say it takes 'months' if using the secret pond and doing 2 sessions per day. Fishing does carry over to NG+.
  12. Yes, it has to be all the QTE and Wacky Mole machines in the game on one save file (20 machines in total). Your high scores should carry over to NG+ though, so you can pick one of your current save files & NG+ to get the rest.
  13. Nope, you only need the high scores for that trophy, they don't affect anything else.
  14. Did you save after getting the trophy for the Bailu herbs, and then use the same save file to get the Niaowu herbs? The only thing I can think of is if you don't have both on the same save. You definitely don't need the castle herbs, I didn't collect any there on any of my playthroughs and still got Expert Herbalist alongside Wild Wild Plant Master.
  15. I've been keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet so I can make one but haven't quite got the platinum yet. Once I have, I can put what I've got into a guide and then do a quick test run of it on a blank account. Videos for the herbs will likely come later though if nobody does them first.