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  1. I'm not sure what you think I'm arguing, but my only point has been that not everyone has realistically had 10 years. Therefore the blanket statement 'you've had a decade to get them, it's your own fault' is factually false. It's a language issue. It implies everyone was trophy hunting (or at least gaming) by 2011, was aware of the game & its trophies and just chose to put it off. It's just not true. I'm not trying to argue this has any impact on whether or how servers should be shut down.
  2. I'd imagine any kids trophy hunting are doing it to stretch out the playtime on their games until their parents buy more. Similar to going for a 100% save file in PS2 days. If they are on here, I doubt they're signing up with their real ages (forums are normally around 13+ to join from memory). The point wasn't that the site has a ton of under 10s though. It was that plenty of people haven't had a decade of time where they could have done the online & just put it off. Not being born yet is the most extreme example, but I did also mention lack of access or knowledge. I do agree with the sentiment that if people have old games they want online trophies in, they should just do them rather than waiting for a shutdown announcement. But there's always going to be some people who weren't just sat waiting, who were doing other old games, just discovered the game/series, just got into trophy hunting etc.
  3. This is such dumb logic. Some people weren't even born a decade ago, never mind having access to a PS3, the games, knowledge of their existence etc. Don't get me wrong, I know servers can't stay up forever, but a generally-accepted compromise is players being given warning of a shutdown. So people who have the game have plenty of time to finish, and people who discover the game can make an informed choice whether to buy. Here that hasn't happened because of hackers, so that is the hackers' fault, not the players'.
  4. There's definitely a way to do this. I can't remember exactly how, but have a look at the filtering options. I think I set it to only show my created levels or to only show levels I'd added to a queue/saved.
  5. AFAIK there's no way to make the consoles automatically sync with each other. The closest you'll get is if you start every gaming session with a trophy sync & save download, then finish with another trophy sync & save upload. The main potential issues I see are: 1. You forget to upload save data or otherwise mess up with uploading/downloading the wrong way to overwrite a newer save with an older one. 2. You don't sync your trophies and they pop again on another console. This can usually be fixed by just doing a sync on both consoles, but you might run into issues if you then find one PS3 is not working or if your profile here is updated before syncing both consoles. 3. Also worth noting that 2 is the maximum number of PS3s you can have activated to play your games. So you can't gameshare with anyone or have any other of your PS3s play your digital games without deactivating one of your main PS3s first.
  6. I bought one in 2021. I'm also still primarily a PS3 player though and tend to play far behind the current gen. So it depends what kind of player you are. There will be no new Vita games coming from this summer (Sony will stop accepting new game submissions) so look at the games available now to decide if it's worth it for you. And bear in mind that Vita messaging closes very soon, so prioritise any games you want to play with trophies linked to that.
  7. They've heavily nerfed the amount of xp needed to level up since season 1, so that will be why they don't have it yet. To OP - I can't really give a timeframe because I just played a lot for fun. If you're just wanting to plat and delete the game, then I've heard people have contacted support to ask about specific stats for their account. Then you can count from there if you want.
  8. If you advanced to the next round, that means you qualified. You can still die and qualify at the end on squads mode, and that includes when everyone on your squad died if it's a round that loses enough people for the squads to tie.
  9. Were you the first one to show as eliminated in the fall feed though? I've been playing squads today with someone trying to do this, and we've noticed that there will sometimes be another person suiciding right at the start too. Could be someone else did it and just beat you to the slime. Also your squad does need to qualify. You can't get a 1st place medal on a round you were eliminated on. It only works if your squad carries you through.
  10. Tbf it's easier to get a win in squads mode if you get a good group together, rather than relying on randoms. Just join a session here or join their discord to find a group to play with.
  11. It's primarily there to report hackers, especially since there's now cross-play with PC players. If you mean you're worried about being reported for boosting - squad mode has completely changed the best way to do that. Play in a full squad with good players and the 'boosting method' will just look like regular play.
  12. I imported mine from the start, but the servers were down when I did so. Tried again with servers up and still nothing. I had collected all bubbles and aced all levels in LBP1, and played it late too, so would have thought those combined would have put me in the top 25% or at least 50% on some LBP 1 story levels. Only long-term publisher popped for me though. Considering most people only get long-term publisher pop on importing their save, I wonder if the requirement is specific to LBP 2 story levels (would make sense) and that the people who got all 3 had played a LBP 2 story level in LBP 1 (by playing with a host who is on LBP 2). It's the only explanation that makes sense to me.
  13. It's an intentional feature to try and stop people joining a bunch of sessions they won't/can't actually attend. You don't even need a trophy earned, just the list on your profile. It's beneficial to you & those you boost with to at least boot the game up and learn the controls before attempting to boost anyway.
  14. I would strongly recommend reading the original post *in full*, preferably more than once, to make sure you fully understand the exact steps. When I got this recently there were several people who messed up a little, and couldn't get their trophy as a result. And it's very hard to find someone able to help you, so you don't want to mess anything up if/when you do find someone.
  15. I don't see what there is to fix here? People are free to quit the game early if they want. The game does tell the player "out for now, but your squad is still in" if they die on a survival round, and if you try to quit before your squad is officially eliminated a warning box does come up. The best solution to your problem is to not play squads with randoms. Post a session here or join the official Fall Guys discord to find a group to play with.