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  1. I don't see what there is to fix here? People are free to quit the game early if they want. The game does tell the player "out for now, but your squad is still in" if they die on a survival round, and if you try to quit before your squad is officially eliminated a warning box does come up. The best solution to your problem is to not play squads with randoms. Post a session here or join the official Fall Guys discord to find a group to play with.
  2. FYI the last invasion wasn't December 2020, it was 13/14th January 2021:
  3. They've been up & down on a regular basis. They were up when I was trying to get the trophies (played a random community level before and after just to double check they hadn't gone down). If it was because of the server issues, I would have thought it would stop everyone getting them right now, but it seems it's just me as I can't find anything else about this, and other people have been earning them recently. Edit: Just tried Sackbot Redemption on someone's suggestion, since acing it and collecting all bubbles puts you joint 11th place. I got the score for it and unlocked 'High Achiever 4' now. But still no movement on the scoreboard pin. Will try backing up and then fully deleting the game data, only thing I can think of that might fix it. 2nd edit: Still no luck, also tried playing on an alt to see if it was just an issue with my profile. Even aced my last 2 levels and got myself up to 'High Achiever 6' pin in the process, but still no movement on the scoreboard pin. I did notice that my score in the top-left corner when playing as my alt was lower than what I've been achieving recently, which suggests my recent scores aren't uploading to the servers. I just hope this issue is fixed when the servers come back properly.
  4. I'm trying to get the trophies for being in the top 25% / 50% of the scoreboard. My first issue is that I don't know if I am in the top 25% or 50%. I can't see the total number of players for each level listed anywhere, so I don't know how high I need to place. I am collecting all bubbles & using multipliers, but there are some obviously hacked or glitched scores on there. So I don't know if it's even possible legit, or which levels it is possible for. Looking this up just gives results for 2011/2012, and it looks like they rolled back the leaderboards at that time. I thought maybe the old scores had come back with the recent online fixes, but there have been a few people earning these trophies recently, so it doesn't make sense for this to be what's stopping me. In my pins, I have 'High Achiever 2' unlocked. The description says 'place in the top 25% of 2 story levels (with at least 50 other players in them)'. I am also on 3/4 for 'High Achiever 4'. But then I also see 'Scoreboard 50%' pin for being in the top 50% and it's at 100/50 with no progress yet. I don't understand how this can happen? Can anyone shed any light on any of this?
  5. Yesterday. I invited the other player into my pod, we did some community levels together, then I loaded up the muppets story. We both got 'Dancing on the Ceiling' and 'Captain Pig-ard' together.
  6. Not true. I know at least some of the DLC trophies can pop without you owning the DLC, because I've played with people who got them without having it.
  7. They haven't officially put the servers back up yet. They are just putting them up temporarily as part of testing while they are fixing them. Which means they will keep going down periodically until an official announcement is made that they are back (assuming they can fix them and do put them back up).
  8. Assuming this is the Polish PS twitter account that replied with something like "keep an eye on the store :)" to someone asking about PS3 sales (not seen anything else that matches what you described). The replies to customers on these accounts are typically handled by low-level support staff. They won't have insider knowledge of anything unofficial. And telling a customer to 'check the store' or similar will be a standard response they are told to give if they are asked about when the next sale is / will X be on sale / etc. I'm 100% sure that's what happened here.
  9. That's if the one box does do it *all* though. All it takes is one game/feature not being compatible, and you need the old console around anyway. And you also need to take into account the extra storage requirements to accommodate multiple generations of games. Just as an example - I don't use backwards compatibility on my PS2 because it doesn't support my multi-page PS1 memory card.
  10. Edit: done now.
  11. I had this last night. I also tried logging in on my alts and they wouldn't sign in either, but signing in on PS4 worked fine. I just put it down to PS3 issues, turned my PS3 off and went to bed. It was working fine again today.
  12. Yes, if it doesn't show up in the trophy list after a full manual sync then that means it's not on the console. Double check it's not on the local/offline list, but I've never heard of any PS console syncing only some of a list. It either does it all or nothing. I don't know much about how trophies get lost, but assuming you haven't been factory resetting your console or deleting your user, the other way it tends to happen is if the console has some issue and has to reset itself / rebuild database / something similar. I've also heard of people losing trophies if their console crashes and has to be turned off by holding the power button, instead of shutting it down via the menu. I haven't had any personal experience of this issue so not sure what does & doesn't cause it specifically. I just got myself in the habit of syncing my trophies promptly after earning to avoid it ever happening to me.
  13. Set your trophy list to online mode on the console (triangle brings up the option on PS3, on Vita you select the PSN network list at the top). Now everytime you click on your trophy list, it should sync all your trophies. For PS3 & Vita, I've got in the habit of doing this after every trophy I earn. This means I know straight away if there's a sync issue. It's pretty safe to wait a few minutes for eg a cutscene to end so it doesn't really get in the way. This means the trophy has been lost somehow. When you do a manual sync, it will sync everything.
  14. I very much doubt they will also go back on closing down Vita messages. The store closure announcement received a lot more backlash. There were people concerned with game preservation, devs currently working on vita games and recently buying dev kits for it, and Sony would have seen a spike in sales on both platforms. I doubt there's been a sudden surge in people messaging each other on Vita (and even if there was, Sony won't be earning money from it). Looking at the current list of affected games; it's a total of 6 games, with the soon-to-be-unobtainables taking between a couple of minutes to a couple of hours per game. You could probably do them all in a day. It sucks that they're going to become unobtainable, but at least there's plenty of time to get them done before they go. I would be more concerned about any Vita games that haven't been checked, which may be affected by this.
  15. This is likely to go down at the same time as not being able to redownload any of your other purchases, and we should get warning of this. At that point, you'll need to download all your fully owned & ps plus games before the switch off. It's not just PS Plus games that check for a licence. All digital games do this. Not sure what your exact situation is with those games. But you could still purchase them on another account and either use the Vita trick to play it on your own account, or reset the Vita to switch accounts when you want to play it. Not ideal, but a workaround if these are digital-only Vita-only games that you want access to without plus. You could also try escalating a complaint to Sony. No idea what the outcome of this would be, but if some people have had success in the past with getting a licence removed, then it sounds like they can do it, but the support person you got just won't (or doesn't have authority / know how). If you explain you want to buy the game to keep after your plus expires, and that the store closes before your plus expires so you can't wait, then maybe someone higher up can authorise the licence removal.