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  1. I know it's been over 2 years since you posted this, but I noticed Game are still selling download codes for this if you were still interested in getting it (£9.99):
  2. PS1: Wild Arms PS2: Yakuza PS3: Yakuza 5 PS4: Shenmue 3 (I've never owned a PSP or Vita. I've never had any interest in the PSP, but considering buying a Vita one day).
  3. Yeah I'm vaguely aware that some games are copy-protected but don't really keep track of which ones, since I have plus so they're all backed up automatically anyway. Honestly if anyone, I think it's more the specific devs are mean for removing alternative back-up options. I know they do it to prevent cheating, but there must be better way to do this without impacting everyone else. Yeah I can see there's some crossover with plus and now, and it would be great for those who want both to have a combined subscription. Though I would point out that rolling services together is what's caused cloud storage to be £50 in the first place. Since you can't buy it seperately, you have to pay for the games & PS4 online even if those parts don't appeal to you. I hope that if they do offer a combined subscription, they continue to offer both seperately as well.
  4. I wouldn't call it mean. Cloud saves are a PS+ feature and part of the cost is to pay for the cloud storage, so you did still have some need for it if you were wanting to keep cloud saves (even if you didn't have need for all the features). If it was a physical storage unit, you wouldn't expect them to keep your stuff after you stopped paying for the unit. As it is, they do tend to keep the saves for at least a few months, which is more than fair and should be plenty of time for anyone who forgets or needs to wait for payday. If you're planning to unsubscribe longer than that, you should be moving your saves elsewhere to store (eg USB).
  5. The UK has CeX, which is where my PS3s and a lot of my games came from (as eBay/Amazon are more expensive a surprising amount of times). I'd only recommend if they have a store near you though (their website is set up to charge postage on each item). Other than that, all the places I know of seem to be covered above. For eBay I tend to find auctions work best with a start price that's close to what you're willing to pay (because more people bid when the start price is low, driving it up). Also try misspelling the game (won't show up in most people's searches so less bidders).
  6. Not 100% on the order but this is the order they came to mind, and probably mostly accurate: 1. Yakuza 2. Yakuza 2 3. True Crime: Streets of LA 4. Shadow of Memories 5. The Simpsons Hit & Run 6. G1 Jockey 3 7. Guitar Hero: World Tour 8. Tomb Raider: Legend 9. Tomb Raider: Anniversary 10. Tomb Raider: Underworld 11. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy 12. Buzz: The Music Quiz 13. Eyetoy: Play 14. Eyetoy: Groove 15. Fahrenheit 16. Canis Canem Edit (Bully) 17. Mafia 18. The Godfather 19. Ratchet & Clank 20. Toy Story 3
  7. Do you have your alt account on your friends list on PSN? If so, that might be that stopping you matching up.
  8. It's an alt account. They purposely earnt the plat on one console offline, then re-did an easy trophy on the second console, syned PSN & PSNP, then synced the first console with the plat to get out of order timestamps on PSNP. They posted a thread about it calling it a tutorial, which I assume was removed because PSNP don't want people doing this.
  9. I got the nickname StacFace towards the end of secondary school. I'd previously been friends with older girls & ended up hanging out with this big group in my year when they left. There was already a Stacey and a Stac so someone came up with StacFace and it stuck. The 92 part is because there was already a StacFace on PSN by the time I got round to the PS3's gen, my default for any online account in this scenario is to just add 92 as I was born in 1992.
  10. I can guarantee that "higher up" will be someone equivalent to a supervisor at best (not management) or maybe even just someone who's worked there longer in the same role as the person you spoke to. Not that I think anyone is getting banned for this, I just wouldn't class anything you were told as coming from someone "high up" at Sony. Anyone that level wouldn't have been around to be consulted while you were on hold.
  11. It is for new members but it also sounds like NA doesn't have it for anyone if it's not showing for NA subscribers at all. I have PS+ in the UK (EU store) but not PS Now. I can find both in the store. PS Now has a "Subscribe" button. PS+ has a "Tell me more" button instead, a message above that says "Not available for purchase" and if I click "tell me more" it says: You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s): You already own PlayStation®Plus Edit: just checked with my US alt account which has neither plus/now, they both show so US does have it. - PS Plus - PS Now
  12. Hidden games doesn't equal cheating. But if the site allowed people to keep trophy points for games they had hidden then cheaters could very easily autopop a bunch of games and then immediately hide them. The lists wouldn't be visible for anyone to see and report it, but they would still get their leaderboard boost. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the leaderboards, the site places enough importance on them to have a Cheater Removal Team, so there's no way it would ever implement this. The other option you suggested of having the lists visible on here, but just hidden on PSN, wouldn't work as already explained. The site can't see what your hidden trophies are , it just works out how many you have by comparing the trophies it can see vs your trophy total on PSN. This also seems like a niche feature for the site to try and implement even if they could, because most people hide their trophies because they don't want anyone to see them (including here). You can see this from the many posts made over the years about wanting to delete some trophies entirely, vs this being the first thread I've ever seen wanting to hide trophies on PSN but still have them count here.
  13. I know, but they can be removed from the leaderboards because people can see their lists so can report them. I was saying the site would never allow it because people could cheat lists and then hide them to keep them in their stats, without others being able to see the lists to detect this. Obviously there'll also be people who cheat well and so don't get detected but there's not much to do about that except wait for them to mess up.
  14. I think if you're hiding trophies your level should go down on PSN as well so PSNP is the one that actually does it right. Though that might be because I don't get why you'd hide trophies unless it was because someone went on your account. I don't understand why someone would see a friend owns a game and take it as a recommendation, since it's pretty obvious you could buy a game and just not enjoy it. I'd maybe see it and ask the friend if they enjoyed the game, but would never jump straight to thinking of it as a recommendation. Also this site would never allow you to include hidden games in your stats, because otherwise you could easily cheat trophies and just hide the games to get a high platinum count. Your trophy lists need to be visible on the site to count so people can see if you cheated.
  15. PSNProfiles doesn't get your hidden trophy data. It works out that a 'H' needs to be applied when comparing the number of trophies it can see on your profile vs the number of trophies PSN states you have. The only way your suggestion would work is if you synced your profile to PSNProfiles, then hid the trophies later, but they'd need to update PSNProfiles so it remembers what you previously had, which would likely be difficult to implement when not a lot of people would use it (normally, if someone is hiding trophies it's because they don't want them on their profile at all).