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  1. I've updated mine a few times today and have been getting Captchas on all but the most recent one, also around a minute ago. I wasn't having to click images though, just tick and wait for the blue circle. Maybe it's stopped now?
  2. Not sure where in the UK you are but just wanted to mention that CeX are selling Deadly Premonition for £12. If there's not a local store to you with it in stock then you could maybe order online alongside other games, even the console itself, to make the delivery charge worthwhile? I got into PS3 pretty late and find that sometimes games are overpriced on eBay/Amazon etc. It's worth checking CeX and other second hand game stores if you have them. You might find the games are cheaper than you thought.
  3. Just wanted to say thankyou for choosing my Shenmue guide. I wasn't expecting it considering how many great guides & writers there are on this site, especially with it being my first guide. Shenmue has been my favourite game since I was a kid, and I know a lot of people on here don't like games with lots of missables, so I just wanted to make sure there was a trophy guide available to encourage more players to give the game a try. If there's no guide up for Shenmue 3 by the time I've reached the plat, I'll be sure to apply what I've learnt to making one.
  4. I don't like speedrunning trophies because I like my timestamps to reflect how I played the game, and I wouldn't want to play on a blank profile or look up guides first. The closest I've come is Shenmue 1 & 2, but even they weren't actual speedruns as I didn't skip cutscenes or plan the most effective routes to the plats. I just made my first playthrough of each focus on the plats, from memory of playing them so much on DC.
  5. Can I be added please? I have the plats for 3, 4, Dead Souls & 5 so far. Planning to get my own PS4 in 2019 & will be going for the other plats then.
  6. Based on the games I own (all PS3): - Just Dance Kids should be fine, it doesn't have the online/video uploading features to have those trophies. - Just Dance 2014 is unobtainable if you haven't done the JDTV trophies (watching/liking other people's uploaded videos) as the videos don't load anymore. - Just Dance 2015 is unobtainable if you haven't been collecting monthly mash-ups, you need 6 from Oct-Mar and the server closes next month. There's also a massive grind to get to online level 5000 for all avatars, only possible with boosting given how dead the online is. - Just Dance 2016 has always been unobtainable as there's trophies for dancing with VIPs but they never put VIPs in the game.
  7. For the people who seem to think this will delete all their trophies and digital games, just wanted to highlight a couple of key words: • You may lose access to content (including paid-for content) that you have acquired for your games, including content like add-ons and virtual currency. • You may lose your progress within games, including game saved data, leaderboard data and progress toward trophies. None of these warnings should come as a surprise. Sony already said older games may not be supported. They don't know how these games will react as they weren't designed with the feature in mind. So it shouldn't be surprising if an older game thinks you're a different account and so: • can't register that you own dlc/add-ons/virtual currency from in-game. • doesn't let you use "another account's" save file/online stats, or does but won't let you earn trophies with it. • glitches in some way because it's receiving 2 account IDs, or can't verify you and triggers anti-piracy features or features intended to stop cheaters/hackers. Not saying this isn't a big deal. I personally still play primarily on PS3 and have plenty of games I still want to play on it. I just don't understand comments along the lines of 'I was going to do this but not now' or 'so we might lose access to everything' etc.
  8. I'd say it's definitely the harder of the two, but there's not a lot in it. There is a difficult boss to fight before the main boss in this game. I found him to be harder than the 70-man battle when I first played, but it's not as much time lost when you fail. Also depends how good you are at QTEs as 2 uses them a lot more, including in said boss fight.
  9. I only accept them from people I actually know in person. I'm not that bothered by people knowing my name, but I like my friends list to distinguish between the two (eg Kieran is my best mate, randomuser123 is that guy I boosted levels with in Just Dance).
  10. Currently grinding online levels in Just Dance 2015 if anyone wants to join? I'm on PS3 and in a lobby with 3 idle accounts for easy level ups.

  11. I thought this as well at first, but then I tried (on a blank user) saving immediately before my first attempt, and then reloading when I didn't get the trophy. Only had to reload the once, it popped as soon as I reloaded and tried again. (Not quoted the above post as I noticed you already got it when checking how far you were in the story. But if anyone else wonders, you need to get the trophy before you start working at the harbour, as you won't get time to free roam in the mornings after that. So your last chance is when you start looking for work.)
  12. Missable, but the prompt to do it is unmissable. It's near the end of the game, when you're heading to Bailu Village with Shenhua. You'll come to a branching path and she'll ask if you want to take a detour to see the flowers, you just need to choose that option when asked.
  13. If you didn't get the prompt to throw the guy towards the master that explains it. After a certain amount of attempts at any move, you'll normally be allowed or made to quit. From what I remember, it does then let you try again until you get it right enough times to master it. But if you've mastered it in a fight instead then it'll have now locked that out. If you're trying it again in another playthrough - I did it correctly 3 times in a row, then was prompted to throw towards the master for a 4th. Not sure if the 3 times being consecutive is a requirement or not.
  14. You need to be on a route map that involves putting crates in that warehouse. Should be day 3 at the earliest, not including the half-day tutorial, if I remember right (this assumes you always meet quota). It triggers when you're taking a crate there in the late afternoon, and you need to have done a decent amount of crates already to trigger it. What route map are you currently on?
  15. When you master a move it comes up with a screen saying so, green background and a sound effect, did you get this? If you go back to the master, does he offer for you to try the move again? The master should have said to throw the guy towards him for the last attempt, and then when you did that the move should have been mastered & trophy pop. Edit: just seen the above, if you've mastered it in a fight and not when you were taught it then it won't count for the trophy. Did you get the prompt to throw the guy towards the master when learning and did you throw him in the correct direction at this point?