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  1. I'd rather not have this. Not everybody views a game they've platinumed with a DLC they have no interest in buying as an unfinished game. Can you not achieve the same result in your case by focusing on chipping away at your unearned trophies number?
  2. I put the platinums from Shenmue 1, 2 & 3 in there because it's my favourite game series, but I think most people put their most difficult trophies that they're proud of in there.
  3. This could be boosted pretty easily. Set up private server, fill lobby with boosters, then change to public if you can't get trophies in private.
  4. Yeah I do plan to play it, only mentioned before 7 because they've changed to an RPG battle system with that one so wouldn't come under my favourite type of game.
  5. For me it's the Yakuza games (before 7). - They're action-adventure games with good in-depth stories. - The characters and settings aren't fantasy-based (I prefer human characters based in a realistic town/city). I also tend to gravitate towards yakuza/mafia/police etc settings and away from fantasy or war/miitary settings. - They're not too action-focused. I don't like action films like Die Hard etc so I don't like games that play like them either. - The combat is focused on fists rather than guns. - There are a ton of sidequests which are fun to play, and manage to strike a good balance between not taking itself too seriously, but somehow not feeling out of place. - There's a very wide range of other content via minigames. - They keep the more challenging aspects out of the main story. I know a lot of people say a game is more immersive when you can fail and have to be careful, but for me, it just pulls me out of the story when I die and have to repeat something. I'd much rather do everything first or second try in main story and then have some optional side quest that takes 50 tries, than have to repeat a section 10 times in the main story because I can't progress without doing so.
  6. They are doing this, though you still need the minimum number of players to start. Atm it's only being trialled with a few streamers & some people on their discord and it's also currently PC only. But the idea is to roll it out as an option to everyone as I understand it. I saw them confirm you don't get rewards on private servers though, which presumably also means no trophies. Imo if they're going to still require 40 players minimum, you should still get rewards & trophies. I get the argument that your friends can just let you win, but if you still need the same number of players then it's not like you can use the private servers to level up unnaturally fast.
  7. For the first point - that's your risk tolerance. You would rather play all in one go and risk playing again if something happens vs pausing to sync. There's no problem with that, like I said everyone has their own risk tolerance. For the second scenario then that's even easier. Sync each trophy as you earn it, then if you get this profile glitch you can just format and relaunch. Since trophies pop on launch, the one trophy you lost will pop again and there'll be no issue with the timestamps.
  8. No, you're not paying attention. You've indicated that 90 minutes is too much for you to replay. Therefore, you should have been attempting to sync your trophies, followed by a save back-up, *before* you finished the game. Not waiting until you've gone past your risk tolerance, not back-up without syncing. Let's say your risk tolerance is 30 minutes. After the first 30 minutes you would stop to sync & then back-up. If you got the profile error at this point, you would stop playing while you figured out the issue, and would only have 30 minutes to replay after formatting. If it synced fine the first time, you'd play another 30 minutes and then sync & then back-up again. If you got the profile error syncing here, you would format and re-download the previous save from 30 mins in. This continues until you beat the game. The most progress you would ever lose is 30 mins. You can pick whatever risk tolerance you want to replace that 30 mins. This isn't even just about leaderboard rules, your console could have died or save corrupted etc. The leaderboard rules just specify that the sync must come first, so if you can't sync, it's lost progress at that point.
  9. I would do that, because I wouldn't want messed up timestamps on my profile. My question is more why would you play for 90 minutes without syncing if you wouldn't want to risk having to play those 90 minutes again? Everyone has their own risk tolerance, but you need to decide what your's is and then sync your trophies/back-up your saves accordingly.
  10. If anything, I'd rather space out games in the same series. It just looks unnaturally fake imo if you've got all games in a series together.
  11. When I played this a few weeks back the trophy popped without any program. I just followed the on-screen prompts to upload my character at the start, it looked like it was trying to load, then trophy popped with the error message saying it couldn't connect. I was using wifi and had been having issues with my wifi recently, so maybe it just needs a poorer quality internet connection for the trophy to pop before the error message? Maybe try using wifi and connecting any other devices you have to it to slow it down?
  12. I read on the trophy guide that only hits after the bosses' armour is broken count, but how can you tell? If I get a score for damage at the end of the match does that mean I got hits in after the armour was broken? I've only played a few vs matches with friends on this & am trying to do invasion trophies without having learnt the game first in case they stop appearing again, so sorry if I'm missing something obvious.
  13. Going to go against the grain here and say I actually enjoy 100% collectibles trophies. I just find it really relaxing to wander round an open world in post-game picking things up, and I've done both inFamous shards and Assassin's Creed 2 feathers. The only time I don't like them is if they're missable, or if you have to use chapter select to replay entire chapters for them.
  14. The score can go up as well as down depending on where the balls go (think of it like a pinball machine where instead of scoring points you score more balls, but if the ball drops down then you've lost it). I can't remember the exact strategy for this, but I know I saved this trophy for near the end and had an in-game cheat item from somewhere, and I tried following a few strategies posted in different places before just doing a lot of button mashing/turning the dial back and forth and watching how it affected the number of balls. I also saved immediately before trying it so that I could reload when I failed and try again with the cheat item. Edit: Just looked this up to refresh my memory and I'm assuming you're trying the tactic where you use the cheat item (Get Rich Quick Card) on the Virtual Fighter machine with no input and it just eventually scores high enough? I could never get this to work either, so I ended up doing this by using the item and the Virtua Fighter machine, but also button mashing square a lot and using circle to turn the dial (think I mostly had it around the half way mark but not 100% sure on that). Edit again: the strategy listed under the 'Ding Ding' trophy on the trophy guide on this site seems to describe the way I did it perfectly, so I would suggest looking there if you haven't already:
  15. 15 (or however many) people spamming the exact same message is going to look like one person creating multiple accounts to try to make it look like more people have the issue than there actually is. Not saying either way will be effective (15 people is an extrememly low number) but if anything, 15 unique messages would be more effective than the same one 15 times. There's no need for a list of names to do that.