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  1. If I'm not enjoying a game, I stop playing. I'll then try to go back to it down the line, but once I've tried to get into it 2-3 times and it's become clear to me that I'm not going to like it then I just stop and uninstall/sell the game. Naughty Bear is the only trophy game I've had this with so far. Fat Princess will likely be next but I want to give the story mode a go at some point before giving up on it. I make a distinction between games I'm not enjoying, and parts of games being frustrating though. If I like the game but one bit is annoying me then I'll push through that.
  2. Sometimes there are different lists for different regions, platforms, digital vs physical etc, or only certain versions may have a trophy list. I looked up the two games you mentioned on this site and it showed a platinum for the Hong Kong list only for Vesta, and for the Asian & Japanese lists only for Blue Rider, so that would be why if you got the NA version for both.
  3. The Silent Hill Tour Guide trophy is specifically for completing all side quests in a single playthrough (apart from 'Digging up the Past' - this is a bonus side quest unlocked after completing the game once and isn't part of the trophy). OP mentions they encountered the missing fishing rod glitch - this item is needed to complete the 'Homeless' side quest. If you get the glitch (fishing rod just doesn't appear), you can't finish the side quest and have to do all side quests again on another playthrough to get the tour guide trophy. The quote about what the guide says is explaining how they pop if you play all side quests for the first time in one playthrough (or more specifically, if if's the first time you've done the last side quest you do in your 'all side quests' playthrough).
  4. The problem is some of these side activites have been in every other game in the series, so they've become part of the franchise. I can get behind taking away the phoneboxes, putting the save feature in your mobile and saying "it's 2016" because it's an improvement, it's explained and it makes sense. I can also get behind things like the levelling system, which has changed a few times over the series, and the separate stomach gauge, effects from vending machine drinks etc. But why is there no coliseum when it's been in every game? Why have the claw machines been removed? Why replace lockers with safes? Why take away the pharmacy in Kamurocho that sells health items? (I know about the black market but they could have just had the stronger stuff there and the X/XX levels in the pharmacy.) And then there's removing the requirement to do all the substories before Amon. The games have always always always had the Amon fight be the final substory, after every other substory has been completed. I can accept fewer substories, and if they want to make Amon or the substories easier or harder, sure. But this? It's like saying "hey, wanna skip to the final boss?" at the end of chapter 2. I'm near the end and I wouldn't say I haven't enjoyed the game, but there have been points where I've been been disappointed. Again, still enjoying it overall, but I wish they'd stuck to the old recipe for a Yakuza game as it was referred to above, especially with this being Kiryu's last game. The next game with different protagonist(s) would be the more fitting place to mess with series staples.
  5. Not sure if this comes under this thread or not but I noticed that all the trophies for Yakuza: Dead Souls show up as 0% PSN rarity for some reason (I checked PS App and it doesn't show like that there). Edit: This seems to be affecting quite a few lists, some more examples:
  6. Just Dance 2016 on PS3 shows 3 achievers and 0.22% rarity for the VIP trophies and plat, but there are no achievers for these due to VIPs never being added & so they should be 0%:
  7. It hasn't been free on plus in the UK, maybe on sale, but definitely not one of the free games. The game released early 2016, I've been a plus member since late 2015, and I'd have definitely added it to my games if it had been free.
  8. I have my PS3 set to the most restrictive parental control setting and that requires a PIN for literally any game to be started. It applies it to all users on the console though (so you'd have to put it in for them everytime they wanted to play on their own profiles) and all games show up as 'parental control restricted' in place of the game title, so if you've got digital games you'd need to put them each in their own folder named after the game (I'd already had to do this to get them to display in alphabetical order). It's the best workaround I've managed to find to prevent accidental plays on my account. Removing auto log-in doesn't stop people playing on your profile, just means you can prevent them syncing if you check each time you play before logging in and delete/restore yourself when necessary.
  9. Well yeah, it's incorrect. NA region doesn't accurately describe the lists because I know that UK copies of the game also share those lists, and the UK isn't part of America or the NA region, so it would be wrong to label either list as NA without also adding the other region(s) the lists cover.
  10. Not sure about the others but for Yakuza 3 & Dead Souls these definitely aren't American versions as I have the EU versions of both games and my trophies show up when I click the "NA" links. Guessing they're general West versions.
  11. I've had a look online and it appears this level is included in the Extras edition. Anyone know if it's on the disc or just a download code, and therefore whether you could still buy it this way after 21st?
  12. I may buy Aabs Animals at some point and yes I would still buy it if there weren't any trophies. I also have a bunch of PS1/2/Wii/Steam joke games that obviously don't have trophies and I still bought. Most were around 50p-£1 and were fun to laugh at, some were more, and some it turns out aren't actually bad games just weird. It's fun to play a bad, weird or childish game sometimes, especially if you play it over a few drinks with friends. I had a lot of fun with Barbie Puppy Kidnap (half the time the puppies you 'rescue' are in someone's garden, and some others you see on lost posters/get a call about but then still adopt them out rather than contacting the owner). We laughed at how the game needed a loading screen part way through the tiny town and how we were basically stealing puppies, we gave the puppies stupid names and tried to come up with different spellings for rude words, and it was fun in an 'omg this game is terrible' kind of way. At the end I think there were 3 trophies I didn't have so I did them just to finish up.
  13. This game does have trophies, I found 3 regional lists for it:
  14. Sign me up for Eighteen Count Legend Killer please. I have the plats for Yakuza 3 & 4 so far, next will be finishing off Dead Souls after I'm done playing through the Harry Potter series.
  15. Yeah of the two I'd expect it to go more towards trophies being more rare due to people who don't have the DLC not knowing/bothering to check the box rather than being like it is now from people who have the DLC lying about it. I know it won't be accurate, but neither will the other suggestions as there's no way to get an accurate statistic in terms of just those with the DLC. The way I see it the site considers DLC to be part of the game in all the other stats, so the old method was more consistent. The reason it was changed (from what I've seen people say) was because DLC trophies were too rare, so allowing people to declare they don't have the DLC would be to take the edge off that, rather than to give a stat that's supposedly accurate (which is impossible as things are now). Yes, there'll be easy DLC trophies with a rarity that implies otherwise, but you'd also find the same issue with an easy trophy in the main game that doesn't come until later on in the story.