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  1. Short and sweet: anybody know if the Unlimited Lives setting, if enabled, affects the ability to earn any trophies in the game? Thanks!
  2. Wanna know something embarrassing? I did too. I even INTERACTED with it before. I clearly threw out all "video game logic". I think David Cage games do that to you ;D So for Save everyone, I just have to go back and change my decisions for Simon and Luther via Chapter select? (random bug I noticed too: after replaying my final mission to do some Kara stuff and replay the final Connor sequence. I got the HAPPY FAMILY trophy, even though Luther had already died in a previous mission. Hooray trophy bugs haha)
  3. I have 2 that are kind of at the same level:
  4. I felt I did a great job pretty much up until the end when I then BOMBED lol
  5. It's interesting reading everyone else's opinion on the game. I feel like people are in one of 2 camps: The "I loved it" camp, and the "It didn't really do what I wanted it to" camp. Fortunately, nobody really outright hated it. It probably depends on what you expected. BtS is more of a horizontal slice of a story, and I think others probably wanted something more vertical, that went into more detail of the transition between BtS and LiS 1. That's honestly fair enough, considering how good Season 1 was, it's easy to want that. Personally, I was all for having a more isolated, contextual story, which I think BtS delivered on. Even if it wasn't as heavy as Season 1...I'm almost glad it didn't try to attempt to be like that. I am, however, hoping for that and more with a Season 2.
  6. I just finished Episode 3 a few days ago. Sure, Season 1 is definitely a stronger entry but i don't think this surprises anyone. I still loved Before the Storm though and it really did what it set out to do: enrich Season 1. After finishing BtS, I went and immediately watched some lets plays of Season 1. The attention to detail Deck Nine paid to the game. Is incredible. For example, the graffiti I chose in Chloe's truck, was there in Season 1. I'm assuming the way they went about it is they took graffiti from S1 and broke it down into 2 halves, so this way whichever you picked showed up (although I can't be sure). Little stuff like that made the world so believable and consistent between BtS and S1, which was awesome. Deck Nine did the original justice and then some. The story itself, while not as heavy or intense, was still really important to see Chloe and Rachel's characters grow individually and together. I think it was smart to end it the way they did... Before the Storm may be simple at a glance, but it is poignant reminder of Season 1's events and that is quite literally by the game's title, an achieved goal. It is a stellar entry to the series and deserving of the franchise.
  7. I just started playing. Haven't looked into the trophies TOO much but had heard some are quite long. I'm ok with trophies being "long-term" because Fortnite does seem like it is a game that deserves a long lifespan, but I agree. At some point it needs to be realistic, and it does seem excessive.
  8. Ah damn I wish I tried that. I scoured the map like a madman trying to find what I missed. What eventually worked me was the scanner approach. Go to top left, move right stopping at any icons, then move down a bit, move all the left, down a bit, all the way right...etc. eventually found the stupid outpost I discovered but never attempted to clear. haha. Man it felt good to see that trophy pop after that base
  9. I know The Dark Below or House of Wolves didn't add any trophies, but you'd think Bungie would try to sweeten the pot with something that arguably, can't be THAT hard. Don't even need to go crazy: Finish the CoO campaign Complete 6 Heroic Adventures Complete the Eater of Worlds raid Complete a Heroic Public Event on Mercury Simple. I mean, I didn't expect them to include trophies again so whatever but it's just silly they wouldn't add them.
  10. Yes and no. Yes there was some stuff you were locked out of, but single-activity content that was a part of the vanilla game (like the first raid) could still be played as they were. All of this said, I don't think this was fully intentional. In trying to make all endgame content relevant for those who continue to power up, the non-expansion issues were not considered. I don't say this to diminish the issue (because it is a problem), however there can be an easy fix for this. Bungie just needs to offer a legacy version, at 270/300 power, which can only be played if all members in the fireteam are Level 20 or under. I hope Bungie does this.
  11. I think this boils down to how leveling is handled with non-Osiris owners. If you don't own Osiris and are at Level 20, is that still the level cap for you? Or are you able to Level up to 25 even without the expansion. This is the crux, because being able to get higher power gear is contingent on your character level. Gear with a Level 20 requirement is capped at 300 (305 with a mod). Meaning if you can't Level up to 25, you can't level up to 330, meaning Prestige content is not viable post-expansions. So I'd be curious to hear from someone without Osiris what level cap is for them. If you can hit 25, then you should be able to get to 330 (335) and compete in Prestige activities, including the Nightfall, but only when the NF is a non-expansion strike.
  12. It is a shame to see the game as a concept go. Diablo-style game with Marvel characters seems like a match made in heaven. So much so, I even wonder if one day Disney will seek out something like it again one day. Maybe, maybe not. As for Gazillion. I feel bad for the line-level staff. The programmers, animators, designers, art teams, etc. I know the game had its flaws, but for a F2P game I thought it was acceptable (I generally don't expect top-tier quality from a F2P). I thought it was fun, and did its job. I don't feel bad for Gazillion's management. This is fully on them. How they let such a good concept, with license to a good IP fail, is beyond me. The fact that they lost a license, and didn't even let anyone communicate this at all....shows that they are not only incompetent at management, but misleading as well with their consumers. The final nail is the way in which they disrespected their employees. I understand that creditors need to be paid first, but with proper management this could have been handled in a better way. For example, whomever made the final tweet "Btw our servers are going offline right now, we're truly sorry" (paraphrasing here) I don't believe whoever typed that. Whoever wrote that, I assume was one of the final remaining managers, and they certainly did not sincerely thank fans, employees, or anyone by being so sneaky about everything, up until the last action they took, of shutting the game down at a mystery time. Let this whole ordeal allow the former staff members a chance to showcase their work and get better jobs, and let this weed out poor management and mishandling of customers and employees in the future.
  13. haha not gonna lie, I fired up the game after the servers were down. To a.) see for myself and b.) mayyyybe there's a bad piece of code that unlocks all of the trophies right away! ....yeah no that didn't happen 😂
  14. Ah, it was my understanding it couldn't be re-downloaded but that definitely could be incorrect. As you say though, a bit of a moot point
  15. Hope so, because even though it's 98 cents, it's still a paid game. I'd like to THINK that Sony has never had an instance of a paid game being pulled from the store entirely without the ability to redownload it.