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  1. New modes SOLO count kills for trophies?
  2. I still have problem, any tips?
  3. Why I cant join to Ultimate Team Mode? Servers down or what?
  4. Ok for everyone tip: After 4 days on the map GOTSUDAK there is info about ingredients on blue background = 8% to count. If show BAD soup, reset map and wait again
  5. Do you know where I can grind fast blue yummy soup 8% for astro pins?
  6. Any way to get this without 60lvl?
  7. You think they will stop add trophies with every update? Is it annoying or not for you?
  8. I play Captain Plant attack mission but when I get >50% happines after few second It drop to <20%. My army start to destroy myself so how could I win this mission easy...?
  9. Any way to do this easy? Which items could I use? I maxed some items but not able to awakening I have one but need 4 stones but still I cant drop them. Any tips?
  10. Somebody could help with trophies?
  11. oh lord.. my head is blowing when I have to play same game again
  12. Someone could tell me why I can't play with my old save from the cloud? Load Data : Loading.. just that on screen. ;/
  13. Today I saw info about gold bagdet but I didn't get trophy ;/
  14. Problem here, I think I did some scene with Sara and Josephine, but here and here I need one more scene. Problem is any dialog with heart anymore.. Any ideas? Its before last mission doom.
  15. So where could I try capture flag in a boat?