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  1. To get next bless I must drop part from dung but not able to play?
  2. For me too, but some friends have problem still with reset medals every day. The best way is do it in one run.
  3. If I killed someone by headshot and then leaved from match a headshot will count for me? Or I have to die.
  4. Guys! Its ubishit 😂 After 10 wins I pop 2nd time Pacifist trophy.. 1st time at 4 pm and 11 pm.. not a Legend...
  5. Same problem
  6. Best way to get it is disable multiplatform and change to the same region. Now search solo and after 2 minutes game will start. I play with my 2nd console. Easy 💪
  7. Servers down?
  8. Hi! I done ng+ and I need shotgun and bow to upgrade so should I start ng++? After mission billy town when get and upgrade them trophy will pop?
  9. After get 30 mastery and made a lot of weapons is grind on 1, 2-3 lvl behemots. 80-100 exp mastery and faster count markers. Supply crate drop is faster way to equip next weapon. Again and again. Good luck. I am 38 💪
  10. I have trouble..1st game I always die after 8-9mln.. after this I am angry and die getting 2 mln points 🤣
  11. New modes SOLO count kills for trophies?
  12. I still have problem, any tips?
  13. Why I cant join to Ultimate Team Mode? Servers down or what?
  14. Ok for everyone tip: After 4 days on the map GOTSUDAK there is info about ingredients on blue background = 8% to count. If show BAD soup, reset map and wait again