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  1. Calm down Abby. Stop insulting people for having a different opinion than you. I get it. You absolutely love the game and that's great, but most of your comments are pretty aggressive. I get the feeling that you are the type of person who is 24/7 complaining and whining on Twitter. Have a great day and try to go outside for once
  2. Hahaha great response. That actually made me smile. Stupid me
  3. Says the guy with the Abby Profile Picture. Speaking of cold calculating machine. If it wasn't for Lev Abby would have killed a pregnant women and she looked like she enjoyed it.
  4. Great post buddy. I wish this was the actual conversation. The two flashback chapters with young ellie are my favorite parts of the game. It's great that people enjoy the game and i wish naughty dog the best, but nobody can deny that the writing is god awful. Joel got the Luke Skywalker treatment
  5. Hi Guys I just bought the game and wanted to ask if the trophies are bugged. I'm not sure if it's because there aren't many people who actually got the trophies, or if the 0,00 trophies are bugged. Thanks in Advance and greetings from Germany
  6. No your trophy list looks completely fine. You didn't synthesize 1000 items in seconds.
  7. I think someone cheated cause they synthesized 1000 items in seconds
  8. Well done. So you're one of those afk players who is running around in circles for the whole match. You don't make it easier for the ones who actually want to play this game legit to level 50.
  9. Disgusting! Is this not just more evidence that bonus episode farewell was just cut from the main game?
  10. Easy answer. More than half of the people here cheated. If you look at the timestamps, you will notice that almost everyone used the usb glitch.
  11. cheats are disabled on brutal and continuous speedruns
  12. yeah its probably my fault. sorry to everybody who was offended by my reply. have fun with the collection everybody
  13. Respect Sir ^^ That was my point. It is really hard but doable. Im currently on chapter 12 and as you said its a real pain. But i have a pro tip from varoius psn-profile users. just glitch through the wall for the real challnege
  14. yeah amazing work. its ok if you do it fur fun, but earning the hardest trophies this way is pathetic. keep telling yourself that its ok to earn trophies by glitching. those trophies are for people who want a real challenge. its the same with the bloodborne glitch. people used their usb sticks for the different endings
  15. This is just pathetic. Enjoy the game. Of course i like trophies too, but cheating and glitching your way through the game is just silly