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  1. use only your goty disc and delete all the patches. it should not ask for network pass if it does download from us store so it matches the version of the disc.
  2. thanks for reply, i figured it out, all the 420 items were in download list had to choose from there.
  3. hello guys, im facing a weird problem i have uncharted 3 disc normal version not goty, as we know now all the dlcs are free and in ps store they are named as dlc 1 100mb, dlc 2 100mb and dlc 3 36gb, for me i can download dlc 1 and 2 without any problem but when i try to download dlc 3 it downloads only 16 files like 1gb only and says complete and i cant get fort and shades dlc. also in game store says "there is no content available try again later" whenever i try to download this new i tried all stores our official saudi arabia psn store(my disc is compatible with this store i downloaded previous dlcs from here and they work fine), us and hongkong same problem any help is appreciated
  4. Hi Guys i made 100% walkthrough of invizimals the lost kingdom and collected all the collectibles, if anyone needs help finding a collectible or sparks check it out.
  5. thank you for ur help from my understanding i need to do 27 missions for unwavering trophy but im still confused about master and commander trophy the link you posted shows more than 27 missions for master and commander,,,,,so if i do just 27 missions for unwavering i will get master and commander trophy as well? doing all those missions is going to be hard on insanity
  6. hey guys i completed mass effect 3 on normal mode and now just started game on insanity and in this playthough im trying to get these trophies 1: master and commander 2: unwavering so my question is for unwavering i have to do all single player missions and i know certain actions can lock certain missions and i dont want to do another playthrough just for missing a mission, is there any order/list in which i can do missions? as i know to unlock side missions i have to talk with my crew members and thats where i think i will miss a conversation and a mission so any help or tips are appreciated. this is my first mass effect game and im noob at it