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  1. No, for sure. There are way too many games I want to play on PS4.Last time I got my PS4 in the month of release, therefore I just never finished so many awesome stuff on PS3. Not all that bothered to "be behind", as I accepted that I do not have time to be caught up with all the new stuff, so I enjoy games at my own pace, possibly when I get them for free through PS PLUS. Will get it once a good bundle comes along:)
  2. Hi! I played game on survival and got the trophy, but now that I just go to clean up and do other stuff game doesnt allow me to switch to lower difficulty (which was actually possible through playing the story.) Is there any way to get game on lower difficulty, because I hate all these collectibles and just wanna be done asap? BTW, If anyone needs co-op partner hit me up
  3. I think I got to talk to him right after I returned the tickets to some family and he was near the waiting line. I actually dont remember any specific decisions at Todd's house, but probably you just need to escape and not kill him (assumption).
  4. Got the same one as you for Kara. Actually looking back it was super emotional, because it felt like Kara had done so many things right for herself and others, and at the end that boat attack came out of nowhere... So yeah It was fire because It felt a little bit more realistic, but a little piece of me died with Alice cuz man I didnt expect it to end like this.
  5. Update: TROPHY IS ACHIEVABLE IN WORLD CUP FUT MODE. Got it yesterday, no need to delete your club at all. Played all games online as well
  6. 1525 hours Fifa 17!
  7. Hey, does it work in world cup mode? Deleting my club is not an option for me because i play FUT a lot so if there are any other solutions please help me
  8. Guys can someone tell me what triphies are not obtainable? thanks!
  9. find out i can do it with ps vita thanks anyway
  10. Problem is that i have only 1 controller, that's why i am asking Thanks for all your answers, will try to track my progress from now on.
  11. i was wondering, does it counts if i join someone's game and complete it or does someone have to join me and complete ot. plus how do i know if level has been completed with more than 1 player. thanks!
  12. Game is easy, not too short, but enjoyable overall. Nothing is challenging, took me 30 hours total.
  13. Guys, i am really into assassins creed story, but all these events after Desmond games got me confused. Does anyone knows full story explanation or something and where can i find it? ty
  14. it can be easily done by ps vita remote play. tested- got trophy