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  1. God of War: Ascension
  2. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS 4 #153 The Zombies are fun. That's it folks!
  3. LittleBigPlanet 2
  4. Don't know if this one counts but need for speed requires an internet connection to be able to play the game (not psplus).
  5. NEED FOR SPEED #143 Platinum Trophy Haven't played a need for speed game since the PS2 days. I used to play Most Wanted and Carbon a lot but lost interest in the series afterwards. This game was on my radar for a while now and finally with the latest sale I grabbed it. Now I regret waiting almost 4 years to get my hands on it. It blew me away and I really enjoyed it to say the least. Definitely gonna come back to it every now and then.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I'm downloading the game right now! 😁
  7. I'm thinking of getting it, especially after I noticed it's a horror game but checked some gameplay, a battle to be exact and didn't seem that much of horror game.. more like an adventure game. Don't know much about the game so I'd like to know the opinions of people who've played it.
  8. FAR CRY PRIMAL #142 Apex Predator Just the usual Far Cry gameplay and basic scenario but this time the environments are unique considering that the game takes place in the stone age. Not many weapons but that makes perfect sense, making the game even better and village upgrades are also a nice touch that suits the game. Really enjoyed it.
  9. TEKKEN 6 #141 Tekken Fanatic I really like the scenario campaign and the arcade mode. The combat is great and the game is very fun all in all. Also a fairly easy platinum trophy with the right gear equipped.
  10. I have an update. This morning, I played 2 games (disc versions) and 2 other games (digital versions). I must mention here that I have deleted both game and saved data of tekken 6 from the system. Having said that, I insert the tekken 6 disc to the ps3 and update the game before launching it. As soon as I got to the menu, I chose offline mode and then arcade mode. Surprisingly, it worked like a charm and cleared all of the arcade mode. Returned to the menu and for the first time ever the background which would always show Kazuya with a gray layout, turned into Lars at a bridge. Also the "Now loading" from the bottom right wasn't there. I have previously tried waiting in the menu to let the game load but it would always keep saying now loading until I ran out of patience. I have waited for 2 hours and nothing would change so I'm guessing that something was wrong with the game. I tried accessing the online and it worked, played two games. Returned to the menu once again and the background instantly turned into Lars like last time. I exited the game through the xmb and the ps3 didn't restart also for the first time. Fast forwarding a few hours later, I turn on the ps3, launched tekken 6 as soon as I got to the menu Lars appeared again. After that I earned all online trophies and played some offline without any issues at all. I think that whatever was blocking the menu from loading is gone. What was it though? A bug perhaps.. How was it fixed exactly? I can't know for sure, that's why I make sure to mention everything I did. If anything changes I'll post here again, although I hope I don't have to. Fingers crossed!
  11. Both ps3s have the default 160 GB HDD. Good idea though.
  12. All was good and I turned off my ps3. Went back to continue the game a few hours later from my previous post and now things have gotten way worse. I start up the game, get to the menu and now no matter which mode I choose to play (scenario campaign, offline or online mode), it leads me to black screen forcing me to quit the game and as a result to that my ps3 restarts. This is getting very annoying. I don't think its my connection because I have the same issue on offline mode as well. I have two discs. I mean what are the odds of both of them being faulty... At this point I really don't know.. Thanks for trying to help. I tried it but had the same results. Unfortunately, a second disc didn't do the trick for me..
  13. I deleted many games from my ps3 until I had 69 GB of free space. Before that I had 20 GB or so. Launched the game after I had deleted it from the system as well and I was able to play the arcade mode without any issues and access the online. Tried playing some online but I couldn't find any opponents but that's probably because the online is kinda dead. Returned to the game menu and played some more offline and then decided to give online another shot. When I pressed online I got a black screen again so I exited the game and launched it again. Now I managed to access online again. Up until now I have no issues. I hope it stays that way. Thank you all for your help.
  14. I tried both discs on a different ps3 (2 years old) and had the same results.