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  1. That's the sign of relief.
  2. Someone need to make a decent platinum roadmap/trophy guide in this game.
  3. Seems like next update will available on Xbox/PS4 end of this month or next month.
  5. Confirmed it's been fixed and I got the platinum. 😅
  7. "Patch Notes - 11.10.2020 - Final Patch Patch 1.39 This patch will deploy on Tuesday, November 10th. Patch is scheduled to start rolling out at roughly 10AM Eastern US Time Tuesday morning on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One."
  8. Someone asked if the patch fixes globetrotter and they confirmed it.
  9. From 31 to 437. Increased level roughly 14x.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Xbox One achievement is out and PS4 not yet.
  11. I hope it fixes this trophy glitch. Doesn't mention in the patch notes.
  12. I played on all maps. No trophy popped up. Do we want to do it in private? We can capture all flags to speed up the process.