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  1. I hope it fixes this trophy glitch. Doesn't mention in the patch notes.
  2. I played on all maps. No trophy popped up. Do we want to do it in private? We can capture all flags to speed up the process.
  3. Is it BioShock Remastered? 🤔
  4. Conquest is working but not Frontlines (still 16 players).
  5. Battlefield V 1.34 patch is out.
  6. This looks awesome and futuristic. I love it. It’s different and finally a different color. Well done, Playstation Team!
  7. I skipped SSDD and didn't finish it I wrote down in my phone. No trophy popped up. I played it again and complete the mission. Got trophy popped up. I think you can skip "No Russian" mission only.
  8. It happened to me. I completed all missions and no trophy popped up. I believe I shot 1-2 friendly fire in "Wolverines" and "The Gulag" and didn't restart the mission. I played "S.S.D.D." again and got the damn trophy.
  9. Aim two people in one shot for making accuracy % more better.
  10. This event looks like a fun challenge. Sadly server will shutdown tomorrow at 7pm EST.
  11. Vanquish Remastered Call of Duty MW2 Remastered
  12. I struggled for a long time with survivin'. And you—No matter what, you keep finding something to fight for. Joel - Last of Us
  13. ^ This.
  14. I've started it this morning with two friends and got flip flop trophy in one try. It should be good if we have full team party and we will complete all DLC trophies 100%.
  15. This time there are 3 online trophies which you need too reach a certain rank it is like WWE '13 all over again hope it is not as bad as it looks.
  16. I was thinking Taker/Kane/Roman/Dean. Brock Lesnar being in that match would be very out of character for him.
  17. To set up Undertaker vs. Wyatt again for WrestleMania. Or at the very least the fallout will begin at Raw tomorrow night and we get Team Undertaker vs. The Wyatt Family in a Survivor Series match at Survivor Series.
  18. Nice on reaching 47 plats. Soon you'll be part of the 50 plus platinum club. Looks like a professional gamer, my friend!
  19. Borderlands Sneaky Little Buggers Killed each of the loot midgets Completionist Completed all missions in Secret Armory
  20. Mafia II Sharpshooter Kill 100 enemies by headshots in "Jimmy's Vendetta." Revenged Finish "Jimmy's Vendetta" on any difficulty level.
  21. Borderlands Vincible Killed Crawmerax the Invincible Speed Kills Destroyed a Lancer while in a Racer
  22. Mafia II Same Shirt Different Day Finish Joe's Adventures on any difficulty Jack of all Trades Reach 10 different score actions in one mission in "Joe's Adventures"
  23. Perfect plus more ultra rare trophies. 10/10.