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  1. I appreciate the reply. Just been trying to figure out why it is not working Speak of the devil! The trophy literally just unlocked at 108 gadget kills during a casual 2v2 with a thrown item. it was either a bomb or metal ball. Thank god thats over :3
  2. I have been trying to get this trophy to unlock for a few days. I have gotten a ton of kills in the snowball fight during that brawl of the week. I have gotten a ton of item and weapon thrown kills in the current brawl of the week. I am currently trying in Casual 2v2 using the throwing items, but I am at wits end trying to figure out why it wont unlock for me. I have over 40 weapon thrown kills and over 100 gadget kills. Can people please tell me what thrown objects got them the trophies and what game type you were playing specifically! I really need the help. No where has had the details I am looking for it seems
  3. Quick question if anyone knows, does NG+ overwrite your old save/playthrough or does it create a new save while keeping the old save? I ask this because I want to do NG+ for Ultra Nightmare, but want to keep my current save/playthrough for the DLC when it comes out.
  4. Good stuff guys! I beat the 4 Forcemen on all 3 difficulties each for ever ago back when Pale Wind first came out. But I know my strategies were very unconvential. So am very glad and thankful for the posts made by both of you to help those in the community. You should both work together to make a Guide for the bosses just like the Trophy guide for this game made by me and Games!
  5. Thanks for the reply dude. I actually just reached lvl 30 and did the ninja trials Legit online in a night lol
  6. If anyone can at least tell me how I can solo boost to lvl 30, would appreciate it! Already doneevery other trophy in the game!
  7. I am only missing the trophies in this game for completing all 30 ninja trial and reaching level 30. I have read that if you have 4 controllers you can solo boost all of the ninja trials and Lvl 30, but I for the life of me can not figure out how to do that? I have 4 controllers, can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
  8. I got mine from Amazon. In the same boat as you
  9. No problem dude. Yea, it us certainly gonna be an ordeal for this trophy that's for sure. But it's still doable so long as you are good at SF
  10. You need 1055 Belt Points for 1 specific game in ranked. You earn points when you win, and lose points when you lose. If you want every match without losing at all, it would require roughly 100 to 200 wins depending on the players you were paired up with. Between all 4 game's online so far, there are only 5 Blue Belts in total across all the games so far
  11. Yo, I appreciate what you are doing here. And it's cool, I know a lot on fighting games including ones that most people dnt know about that still make tournament appearances at places like CEO and EVO (The Koihime series is 1 example). But we should chat on PSN. I dnt expect to win this competition, but would be cool to chat, chill, talk about games (mainly fighters, etc.) I believe I have you on my friends list already too Shake
  12. I was the other guy that wrote the guide and I know my stuff too lol :3
  13. Additionally, its like I tell anybody. If you need any questions, hit me up on PSN if you have a mice and we can voice chat. I dnt mind helping and answering questions or offering details or advice
  14. Admittedly I would recommend being decked out in Tier 6 stuff. You want to reach Floor 42 or 43 (or something like that) to unlock the Grade 6 All Rounder. Then reach Floor 50 to unlock more Grade 6 fighters. If you dnt want to waste time grinding and building high defense items, try to pick up some good armor from the haters you defeat on the way to Floor 50 and repair it with Fun Fungus. I recommend to do that with some weapons too, but I also recommend having your own upgraded Tier 6 weapons at the very least that you can build any time. But yes, The 4 Forcemen on Nightmare Difficulty require high level gear and fighters. Some require things to be a bit more specific too. Like the current highest possible upgrade Machete to date in the game available for Pale Wind, or of the Long Sword for Black Thunder. White Steel you can use what ever honestly, but many players like using the Katana, and Red Napalm it's recommended you use the Bowling Stomper. Again these are like Tier 6 (or 5 for some that dnt go to Tier 6) +4 of these weapons. And same for the armor
  15. Actually these trophies have gotten a lot easier now and are even easier if you follow my 100% trophy guide for the main game trophies. But, if you are going for a true 100% of the game including post release trophies, the hardest trophy in the game is beating The 4 Forcemen on Nightmare Difficulty! It is extremely difficult to 100% this game because of that 1 trophy! But the only free games I play between Xbox and Playstation are Let It Die, WarFrame, Happy Wars, and Happy Dungeons. I think they are all good, and I dnt typically like free to play games. But yes, the 100% for this game is still very doable, but beating The 4 Forcemen on Nightmare Difficulty is very difficult. If you want to 100% this game, I highly recommend you read my guide all the way through before you start and follow it carefully, the 100% for the game is not exactly easy. I still need to make a guide for the newest trophy, just have not had the time or information I want/need atm.