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  1. Happy holidays all
  2. I haven’t played Lost Legacy yet, so I’ll edit it in the future. 1. Uncharted 4 2. Uncharted 2 3. Uncharted 3 4. Uncharted Uncharted 4 is without a doubt the peak of the series compared to the PS3 iterations. Technically and story-wise. I had heard complaints before I played it myself that the pacing was too slow. I couldn’t disagree more. There is more breathing room between battles, but every flashback chapter is unique and interesting, and provides important details to the story that gave it more depth than its predecessors. The main story about Avery and the founding of Libertalia is very well done, too.
  3. I had no problem wrapping up the platinum on PS5 personally. The game is unstable in the sense that 9 out of 10 times it will close after completing a level. But the game still saves your progress as normal, and none of the trophies I had remaining glitched on me. You just have to restart the game after every level usually. Unstable, yes. But far from unplayable.