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  1. It is a visual bug, so he will still get the trophies but he won't be able to track them. It's pretty annoying, maybe they will fix it or not...
  2. Holy smoke, nicely done mate. That's really impressive
  3. Hey guys, i would like to share with you how to perform an ifinite drift trick to nail all these drift challenges with ease. First of all you need to find a place on the track with enough space, then you just need to gain some speed, press the brake(for a moment) to enter drift and keep holding the left stick to keep driving in circles(DONT hold the gas(R2) button, just keep tapping it) and earning as many drift points as you want. The KEY is to find the right spot, it may be harder to perform on diffrent tracks with faster vehicles but eventually you'll manage to do it
  4. https://store.playstation.com/#!/pl-pl/gry/dodatki/mafia-ii-essentials-pack/cid=EP1001-NPEJ00110_00-B000000000000292 It's a complete edition with all DLCs. Polish PlayStation Store, enjoy.