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  1. Trails Fusion heard that’s a bitch of a game
  2. Call of duty: Modern Warfare 2
  3. Ok, thanks!
  4. Is all DLC free? Left behind still showing 7.99 on the psn store or is it just multiplayer DLC that is free?
  5. I recon there will still be more events next year. When they close down the servers they would give us plenty notice
  6. Surely if they were going to ditch the community events we would know by now.
  7. Damm Damm But I’m gonna try anyway
  8. So after these 9 events, will there be any more?
  9. is there still events on for this game?
  10. Mine was elite dangerous. Visit Sagittarius A despite never been there. Pinged as I logged into elite just after 3.3 update. Pitty it wasn’t cqc matches 🙃