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  1. Perfect Sphere Master Final Fantasy X HD As well as the Platinum for FFX HD
  2. Since I have both Persona 4 Golden and Persona 4 Dancing All Night sign me up for the Great Seal. If I get any amount of skill in those challenges in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax I can get a third platinum...
  3. Sign me up. I've platted the game before on the NA version and I recently got my EU version in the mail. It's an amazing game that I'll love to playthrough again... I just really hope HRF is kind to me like it was when I platted the NA version. I'll be starting my plat run as soon as I finish up First Light.
  4. I got Ryko from a book I read a few years back and stuck with it. As for the numbers they were the numbers I originally used for an MMO username
  5. Absolutely loves Demon Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne
  6. They better not touch the funyarinpa! Uchi has all the answers
  7. I got hyped for the puzzles thinking they were gonna be really challenging when this was announced but they turned out to be really easy compared to some in VLR. Still was an amazing game and was stumped for a few minutes in some places This makes me wonder if they're going to change any of the puzzles in the 999 port (which I'm super excited for!!!) or if it's just going to be a straight-up port.
  8. Treasure Hunter for Final Fantasy XIII. That trophy just did not like me. On my first playthrough of the game I really wasn't a trophy hunter back then, in fact it was my first PS3 game I played. I realized I should 100% the trophy list and lo' and behold I saw Treasure Hunter's requirements and realized I had sold items that I cannot obtain unless on a new playthrough. So... I went for a 2nd playthrough with a full checklist of items and weapons and still was not able to get the trophy so I gave up for a few years. Between the two playthroughs I had 200 hours clocked in the game (I still enjoyed every second of it). Then when I decided to sit down and try once again on a 3rd playthrough, 20 hours into the game I saw on a new checklist an item that I didn't recognize and went on my old file and thankfully was an item I could buy again and checked to see if I can get the trophy and I was finally able to get the Plat for the game. In short, I first played the game in 2011 and then again in 2012. Went back late 2014 and was finally able to get the Plat. (Also, I tried to get the Platinum again on another account and guess what? Treasure Hunter happened again...)
  9. Thanks! I was able to get the trophy a few days ago though with pretty much what you recommended.
  10. If you don't mind me asking, how were you able to do Ethica's Lethal Blaze, is there a certain time when I have to input the commands? I can sometimes get the 2nd super but I can never connect the third one. And most of time I just fail even doing the first super. Is there an easier way to do 236 notation, especially for the 236236 because I feel like that's the part I'm failing at. Only trophy I need for that Platinum.
  11. With family - took a week long road trip last year. We went from Alberta, Canada to Montana, Idaho, Nevada and a last stop at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Had lots of fun during that week and Universal was really cool! With friends - completed a Social Studies project last minute and got a fairly good grade on it (forgot exactly what we got). Basically we had to find a doll (that itself was a funny part, took me and a friend hours to find one single doll that we could work with, and it was near somewhere we passed by around 3 times) and a couple of materials to turn it into a soldier from the past (we decided to make a spartan I believe). We brought the materials in the day it was due and worked on it the morning before the class and handed it in. Our teacher was really impressed and me and my friends were proud of that moment.
  12. Forget Not by Ne Obliviscaris. Such a beautiful song.