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  1. Thank you again for our gracious hosts who started this event. With less than 24 hours to go want to wish everyone luck on completing your list. I'm excited to see how this goes.
  2. I would like to add a game to my list 2 - Siralim 2. There is a whole realm about spiders. Team Jaws
  3. Oh yeah I wouldnt be starting from scratch lol I'm not insane. I have every trophy but the 100% bt but I think I have done like 95% of them. Faize is really the only one below 75%.
  4. Lol I was personally debating on puting SO4 on this list. I wish you luck in completing that game!!!
  5. @KallumeCongrats on getting the 500! First person here to do so. I have about 250 more to go then ill be right there on the leaderboards with you. Lets hope with Siralim 3 comes out on ps4 it will have a shiny plat. How do you fight the gods exactly? Hard to find info on some of these trophies.
  6. 3. Kinemortophobia - Resident Evil 6 4. Thanatophobia - Unravel 7. Chronophobia - Nier 10. Acrophobia - Mirrors edge 12. Gynophobia - Drakenguard 3 Will probably post more but this is my list so far. @Mesopithecus
  7. This sounds pretty fun, I would love to join in. I'll update the games list in a bit when I have some time.
  8. They are closing the servers for Guitar Hero Live's GHTV on December 1st 2018 making the platinum unobtainable. Don't know if this has been mentioned yet -just checked and it is so sorry about the repeat.
  9. I'll be picking this one up.
  10. What's your number currently?
  11. Yes it becomes an open world once you complete the game and you can revisit any location. In fact you have to revisit some places for the collectables.
  12. I believe it's chapter six but I could be mistaken. As soon as you reach the part of the story where Mr. Yomawari kidnaps you your in the factory.
  13. Passed my 5% goal a few days ago and figured I'll do an update on what I've been up too since my last one. Also thought it would be a fun idea to see who got the most trophies or the most platinum during this event or something like that. Big City Stories - 1 gold 100% Claire - 1 silver 6 gold 1 platinum Disgaea 3 - 2 bronze Muramasa rebirth - 9 bronze 8 silver 4 gold 100% Ratchet and Clank - 1 silver 1 platinum Resident Evil 5 - 19 bronze 11 silver 1 gold 1 platinum Revenant Saga - 8 bronze Siralim - 1 bronze 1 silver 1 gold 100% Siralim 2 - 6 bronze
  14. Which if you didn't use the statue in the factory he will have to come get you to take you back there later when doing optional missions or cleanup.
  15. Although I have bought new games I have yet to start any of them. Been hooked on siralim 2 lately so it's keeping me entertained.