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  1. What's your number currently?
  2. Yes it becomes an open world once you complete the game and you can revisit any location. In fact you have to revisit some places for the collectables.
  3. I believe it's chapter six but I could be mistaken. As soon as you reach the part of the story where Mr. Yomawari kidnaps you your in the factory.
  4. Passed my 5% goal a few days ago and figured I'll do an update on what I've been up too since my last one. Also thought it would be a fun idea to see who got the most trophies or the most platinum during this event or something like that. Big City Stories - 1 gold 100% Claire - 1 silver 6 gold 1 platinum Disgaea 3 - 2 bronze Muramasa rebirth - 9 bronze 8 silver 4 gold 100% Ratchet and Clank - 1 silver 1 platinum Resident Evil 5 - 19 bronze 11 silver 1 gold 1 platinum Revenant Saga - 8 bronze Siralim - 1 bronze 1 silver 1 gold 100% Siralim 2 - 6 bronze
  5. Which if you didn't use the statue in the factory he will have to come get you to take you back there later when doing optional missions or cleanup.
  6. Although I have bought new games I have yet to start any of them. Been hooked on siralim 2 lately so it's keeping me entertained.
  7. Siralim for the vita only has 393 players. no plat but still a fun monster catching game. actually got 100% in it tonight making me the 7th to do so and 4th fastest achiever but that was me playing other games as well.
  8. Well just pre-ordered the deluxe edition and found the 223 day timer to be depressing lol such a long wait for something so great. Will also have to pick up the collectors edition when ever they release info on that.
  9. Ratchet and clank was just completed for the extra challenge. congrats to all that get platinum today!
  10. Also have a platinum ready to pop tomorrow for the additional challenge slowly the backlog is depleting.
  11. Just crossed the threshold into 3%. Kind of been all over the place with this lately lol. Claire - 4 silver, 3 Gold Family Game Night 3 - 5 bronze, 2 silver Hue - 1 bronze, 1 silver, 1 gold earning me 100% in the game Ratchet and Clank- 4 bronze, 6 silver, 1 gold Rime - 10 bronze, 11 silver, 5 gold 1 platinum Unravel - 1 silver
  12. I say bring it on. Don't care too much about the rumors, I just care about a new RE game for me to play and platinum.
  13. Platinum #66 I enjoyed this game quite a bit, didn't expect it to be a sad game but was still a fun adventure.
  14. Just got my second platinum for this event in Rime. Going to work on Unravel for a bit but work 12 hours tonight and another 12 tomorrow so going to get some Vita time in when things are slow at work. Going to finish Claire hopefully during that time. Hope everyone is making great strides!