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  1. Meh, let's just say I work with a lot of various blades and if anyone annoys me I might end up in a stint behind bars somewhere
  2. Apologies if I misread your op. IF that's the case then he is not worth getting mad about and was obviously never much of a friend anyway
  3. so you wanted him to earn you trophies too which he did even if it was just DLC. And your angry because he wouldn't pay or or get you a plat? Sorry I have no sympathy. Moral is earn you're own trophies.
  4. Coffee. Lots.
  5. I couldn't get passed the speed runs on Mirror's Edge. Might go for them this time but boy they had me stumped.
  6. You could at least share, I have a serious chocolate cake withdrawal atm
  7. Sometimes. No, all the time I want to hide in a hole and just play games. Why can't I do this??

  8. Yep, sorry sly
  9. Annoyed about some things grrrr lol
  10. Breakfast, because its my job:/ Hungry now though pizza time me thinks
  11. Followed by
  12. Banned for the use of cheeky smile faces
  13. Put a film on
  14. I would "like" this but I'm ' like happy 'and reached my quoter for the day, so I'm quoting you to tell you I like this statement lol
  15. It's the only mobile game I played, even got a rubbish phone, er iPhone second hand to play it asap lmao. But. Fallout. It was justified lol