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  1. I used the same method, unpaused the game, checked the stats, had less than 90 with environmetalists so I bribed them and then got all factions above 90 (93 minimum). Waited, waited and waited until the support dropped below 90 and the trophy didn't pop
  2. Anyone had problems with getting the trophy? I achieved 90+ with all the factions in modern era but still didn't pop 😣
  3. Same opinion here. If it was released on Vita, maybe my opinion would be different but PS4 version lack a lot, starting from the story behind it. I understand mobile version has its limits but here - they could have done more. The game is empty, lacks emotional side which, to me, should be basic with this topic. I felt I was playing The Sims, but during war.
  4. Highly dissapointing for me personally. Had huge expectations, the whole idea behind the game was fenomenal but it turned out to be enough for like two hours of gaming. It qiuckly gets boring. It's hard to get involved emotionally with the characters and so the uniqueness of the game is wasted.
  5. Yeah, I tried connecting with one yellow line, I tried connecting with two lines after the screen scrolled right, I tried holding the screen on the ground when the lava was rising, I tried standing in the middle of the platform and on both sides. No matter what I do, the platform goes down and I die. There has to be something I'm doing wrong but I can't see it even on the walkthrough videos on the net :-(
  6. Hi Guys, a question to those who had already finished this chapter. There's this part where you need to use electricity to elevate the platform. I'm getting a bit frustrated now, I guess there is something I'm missing but no idea what. What to do to keep this platform up? Every time I'm on the platform, the lava below rises and the platform goes down which obviously kills me. Any tips much appreciated! Thanks!
  7. True, I didn't see this difference between stand-alone version and the Trilogy. I guess you need to do more if you want to plat the game, eh? Are you trying to achieve Shadow Gold in every sequence + doing all the additional objectives and still missing the points? If so, which sequence are you having problem with? It would be easier to check and help if we knew the exact place of troubleshooting.
  8. You havent been looking hard enough ;-) Heres the guide: Generally, in each sequence you have to achieve the highest score or the fastest time in fast-run sequences.
  9. I played Unity after the patch and had 0 problems. Of any kind. I was surprised having heard so many negative opinions before. Moreover, I enjoyed the story as well. Now, that you can get the game at 1/3 of a price, I'd definitely go for it. Remember you also get the DLC for free.
  10. That is more than interesting. Seems IT all happens by accident,
  11. How did you manage to connect? Party mode or simple invitation?
  12. We both did it, unfortunately didn't work. We've been trying party mode and simple invitations for 3 hours and got timed out notification each time.
  13. Hey, guys. Have you used any helpful guide with this trophy? Or have any useful tips here? It seems I start loosing my patience with it... :-(
  14. Gained at first attempt. Just the way you advised. Thanks a million :-)
  15. Ok, I'll let you know as soon as i get it.