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  1. Why not buy a third party licensed controller new? Speedlink Tori Gamepad for example works well. Home button even works on PS3. Do some research. There are still controllers to buy new that are compatible with PS3. Good luck.
  2. Don’t get fooled, this mode is not easy but is is still doable with help. Without help you need to be a pro and invest a lot of time or use microtransactions. The bosses are really hard but easy with glitches. With the right abilities you can use these glitches. The needed abilities you get through the lootboxes. Also the community is hit and miss. Some are truly willing to help and others are elitist that offer help but let you down.
  3. The game asked me if I wanted to transfer data when I first started the game. Started online match and trophies popped. Did nothing special. Try Battlelog as mentioned in other forum. Best of luck.
  4. Hi all, All multiplayer trophies unlocked for me. Base + DLC multiplayer trophies unlocked without premium. I have downloaded all map packs before starting the game. I have got the map packs when they were free (road to Battlefield 1 promotion) for PS3 AND PS4. I do have premium for Battlefield 1 and have a subscription for EA Access. The game asked me if i wanted to transfer stats when I started the game the first time. I started a multiplayer match and all trophies start popping.
  5. 1. No. I didnt... 2. Yeah. Just have good equipment to the members you use a lot. Do you constantly need to take care? No. Do level up their skills. Game gets easier when you level your party. Hope this helps. Great game. Just try it out. Warning: PS3 has buggy trophies.
  6. My stats: 100 of 102 plats are under 50% The 2 games that are not are Telltale games: TWD(PS3) at 50,01 and Tales From The Borderlands(PS4) at 53,97
  7. Yeah, adding expensive and/or difficult DLC trophies. Sorry but the thought makes me smile. Sadistic I know. The games are mostly sold for the easy trophy list. The developer knows that, so that is not going to happen. The deleloper will not hurt his OWN business.
  8. Skip Or maybe it is just a cover and does mean nothing. Some see too much behind small trivial things nowadays. We must wait till they reveal the story (if any).
  9. More interest in more content then free money or goldbars. As a trophiehunter the grind for XP is more of a problem. Don’t want to grind one mission and just play multiplayer gets annoying. Give us more (coop)missions.
  10. Skipp. @jrdemr Congrats to you. You have a clear opinion and arguments. Do not run on a leash of an industry but have an opinion. Star Wars Battlefront II is a good exemple that the consumer has a voice.
  11. Having up to 400 employees means that you need a lot of cash for the monthly paychecks. Having sales for games that are not released in full yet was in retrospect probaly a sign. To bad for the involved employees. If a company loses money it is inevitable it will close down.
  12. Could not word it better. My English is bad so maybe it was lost in translation.
  13. True. That also means that u must not complain if somebody does not agree. Criticize and get criticized about it is all in the game.
  14. Why do people use the frase FREEDOM OF SPEECH and than complain about what some other person have said/wrote???? Please click on other topic and ignore this one if u don't like it. Why do you care what some guy made a petition about. The world is full of dickheads. This guy is not even asking something weird. Maybe he is a little rude, so what? Why write that u won't help him, what does it add? Sorry reading this thread just makes me smile. Jeez almost get fights about a petition about a server extension of 2/3 months. LOL