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  1. Never check for rates. So surprised that I have some quite rare 100% games. With plat PS3 Battlefield 4 0,42% PS4 Star Wars Battlefront 0,75% Without plat Skulls of the shogun 0,38%
  2. Ouch... But still going to buy this game if my backlog shrinks. Tastes differ and 90% of gamers cannot be wrong. To much leveling and walking is indeed boring but I think you exaggerate your bad experience.
  3. Yeah, 60 fps and upscaled to 4K. BTW real sad that this get bigger and bigger. 'Free' plats with almost no effort.
  4. That doesn't leave a game to plat then. Your done 😎
  5. Play Uncharted 2 next. It is a great game and a masterpiece of the playstation 3.
  6. Got my email the beginning of this week (EU). Nice move from Sony and Guerrilla Games. The theme is nice enough to be used on my PS4. Hope that you guys get it also.
  7. Yeah, did what you wrote here and it worked. DMZ and uPNP turned on and also forwarded ports and I could join a match. Dont know what did the trick but I have the trophy now and will continue offline. The devs must really test this better before launching games. I cant recall having this much online problems with other games.
  8. Today is my birthday Not planning to plat a game. I checked and apparenrly I archieved a platinum the day before and day after 20 September in the past. But that is all accidentaly.
  9. You have your opinion and I respect that. But from what I have seen I was not really imprest.
  10. I doubt that it will be more than a moderate succes. No 'must have' games that are worth playing. It is still is a gimmic. No way it changed the gaming landscape in 10 years.
  11. Are you all on pills? If not please start. Only doom and missery.... I think gaming will basicly the same in 10 years. Virtual reallity is still far away.