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  1. And finally another one finished: Game #21: Soma is a walking simulator in a horror setting, I call it a walking simulator because when you play on safe mode (and all trophies can be obtained in this mode) ennemies don't kill you. The game itself was therefor pretty easy and besides if you are interested in the story (which I wasn't that much) there's not much to it. I got it from PS+ so I'm not complaining but definately not a game I would spend money on. This brings me back at 3 points so I can buy a new game
  2. Another game done, that makes it 20: I don't know how this game got on my backlog, probably a ps+ game from a while ago but I enjoyed it, pretty easy to finish too and therefor a perfect game to kick off the backlog, basically it's a FPS and you're in some kind of tower with lots of canons shooting at you,... Pretty basic all of this but fun nevertheless. None off the trophies was particulary hard and so it's astounishing that this game has Ultra Rare trophies. The only downside I saw was that there are trophies for playing a lot (one for playing 100 times), seeing I had done everything there was to do after 35 runs that was a little bit ennoying but hey, it was needed to 100% this.
  3. New update, I got a game done for number 4: 1: 2: 3: 4: Tower of Guns (3494) 5: 6: 7: Senran Kagura Estival Versus (3447) 8: 9: 0:
  4. 19 so far, I have no idea what to go for next though
  5. Hey guys, I took a while since my last update, basically after racing through plenty of games to get enough points to be able to buy what I wanted I took a break from gaming. But I'm back and got another game off the backlog: With the women in my life giving me a hard time at the moment it felt only right to play this game, after all what you do in this game is beat women up. (Only do this in games guys!) The game itself got pretty repetitive after a while, all missions are practically the same (you beat women up), and there are many missions like that. Once I got through that a little bit off collectable searching was needed to get the platinum but seeing I kept my eyes open through my first playthrough I didn't have that much left to do. All in all, a good game if you're angry and need to let of steam, but nothing special either. This gets me back at 1 point
  6. Update time: -The Wolf Among Us (PS4) 0% => 100% -Hohokum (PS4) 0% => 100% -Journey (PS4) 0% -Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (PS4) 20% => 93% -Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) 0% => 100% It took a while but Senran Kagura Estival Versus is done, only 2 left to do and we're only about halfway through the time we have, I think I can make it
  7. And I'm off to a good start, got the 7 done: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: Senran Kagura Estival Versus (3447) 8: 9: 0:
  8. Ah why not count me in, with winter coming soon I'll spend a lot more time playing anyway, so I might just complete this challenge. I won't make a list though, I'll see which numbers I'll get when I complete a game, hopefully I'll get all of the numbers that way, I might search out numbers I haven't gotten near the end of the event, but I prefere not to focus on a list!
  9. Time for another update I've taken a break from gaming for 3 weeks, guess i got burned out and just wasn't interested in trophy hunting for a while, but I got back to it and made some decent progress on some games: -The Wolf Among Us (PS4) 0% => 100% -Hohokum (PS4) 0% => 100% -Journey (PS4) 0% -Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (PS4) 20% => 93% -Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) 0% => 20% I've gone all out on Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (probably one off the worst racing games ever) and managed to get the most difficult trophies out of the way, however that game has saving issues and therefor it set me back to the beginning off the game, in order to get the 4 last trophies I'll have to redo pretty much everything I did so far and more, and with those saving issues I can't even afford to shut off my play while going for it, so that means I'll have to wait for my next weekend to give it another try. In the meanwhile I started up Senran Kagura Estival Versus and also made some progress there, seems like the platinum for that one should'nt be that hard, maybe long but not that hard. I hope I can get both off these games done pretty soon so I'll only have Journey left after that!
  10. Before having my friend over to get drunk together this evening I finally managed to finish: The random trophies were pretty easy and not to much of a challenge, however that speedrun took me 5 tries to get it done, but I finally managed to get the game done in 58 minutes just in time to be able to get me the Jak & Daxter collection, seeing that promotion ended at 1 am. This means that even though I finished my 18th game for this event I'm back at 0 points because I used 12 points to buy that collection. I'll update my original post tomorrow, right now I'm just to drunk Goodnight everybody and let the trophy hunting and backlog slaying continue for everyone! Edit: After some sleep the world turns a bit less and it's easier to write something down Last night my ex-girlfriend asked me how much money I spend on games lately (before buying that Jak & Dexter collection), I was proud to be able to tell her that since we are separated I only bought 1 game because of this topic, I told her I joined a group which is like going to AA meetings to get my impulsive game buying under control, so thanks for creating this event! The new promotion has me interested in 1 game, so the hunt continues, I've got 2 weeks to get 3 games done to be able to buy that one, seeing how I've knocked off games lately that shouldn't be that much of a challenge! I've also updated my original post striking out Hohokum and adding the new games, it's a bit sad to see that eventhough I'm doing great work knocking off games my backlog is still growing because off PS+
  11. Second update: -The Wolf Among Us (PS4) 0% => 100% -Hohokum (PS4) 0% => 100% -Journey (PS4) 0% -Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (PS4) 20% -Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) 0% That's 2 done, 3 to go I had to try 5 times to get that speedrun done from hohokum, but in the end I managed. The first time I didn't even finish seeing after 1 hour I was only halfway through the game, the 2nd time I finished at 1h10, 3rd time: 1h04, 4th time 1h02 and finally the 5th time 58 minutes! That means the 2 easiest are done, now on to the harder ones
  12. First update: -The Wolf Among Us (PS4) 0% => 100% -Hohokum (PS4) 0% -Journey (PS4) 0% -Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (PS4) 20% -Senran Kagura Estival Versus (PS4) 0% That's 1 done, 4 to go
  13. And I got another one done: It's a telltale game so always an easy platinum, the story was good, I liked it. Too bad that you have to replay some sections to get all the collectibles because replaying a story you already know the outcome from is a bit uninteresting, but with chapter select that went pretty fast so it wasn't really a problem. Well that's my 17th game done for the event, and I've got only 1 more to go before I can buy that Jak and Daxter collection, with 2 days left I think I should be able to make it
  14. Finally a game that gave exactly what I expected from it: Easy platinum this, but I'll take it good for my 80th platinum trophy and my 16th game finished for this event, only 2 more and I'll be able to buy that Jak and Daxter collection, and 5 more if I want Titanfall 2 also, but I'm afraid I won't make it in time. I've decided to not go into the minus, if I allow myself to do that then what's the point of this event? Either I get enough games done or I won't get to buy new games, that's it!
  15. Another one done: Doodle Kingdom What was supposed to be yet another fast doodle game became a nightmare, let me explain why: As expected Doodle Kingdom started off a lot like the other doodle games and so the main game was finished up pretty quickly, but they added more modes to this one, each with there trophies to obtain. The challenges mode was more of the same so no problem but the 'my hero' mode... I can imagine how they decided to add this mode: Developer A: So people buy our games to get easy trophies, we should give them a hard time Developer B: Yeah, let's create a mode they will hate! A: I have an idea, let's make a mode where your hero just runs idle and kills enemies automatically, and make the gamer just watch it for a long time, let's say we give them a trophy for killing 300 enemies that way B: great, oh and let's add some treasure chests they need to click on, a trophy for 500 treasure chests opened perhaps? A: Brilliant, oh and to make it last forever let's make a trophy for going on for 20000 meters. B: Haha that'll teach them to laugh at our games, and we can even make it worse, let's make it so that the hero stops running from time to time, if we introduce bosses we can do that, make it so that they are very rare, not more than 1 boss per hour on average, and have them kill 30 of them to get a trophy. And so this game became by far the worst game ever, this hero mode just makes you watch a boring game for a very long time and from time to time (at best once per hour on average) you need to interact with it to keep going. At least it's done, let's never talk about this game again!