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  1. Oh right, thank you!!
  2. Event 107/111 can't be played (at least for me), but it says under the title of event to go to projectcarsgame.com/on-demand When you go to that website it say Page not found
  3. Exactly. Just buy a game on EU store, download it and finish it.
  4. Hey Catz, do you stream?
  5. https://prnt.sc/12w23wn A few good quotes from the game: The italic word in the last quote may not be right. I think they said fictery, but I dunno if that word exist in English.
  6. Hey beyond!! Count me in. I just need to read the whole intro text 😝 I want another badge. 🤘
  7. Oooh, I was actually thinking of starting something like that.
  8. GG @Kent10201 You are just too fast.
  9. 3772 would be my guess. GG on your milestone, keep pushing!!
  10. Hey man. GG on the giveaway. I'll try with CoD, Metro and SpiderMan Good luck to everyone!!
  11. I think 2 is enough. 3 would be better for some wave medals.
  12. Play the multiverses that give random abilities (fourth from right to left). They reset every 4 hours, so I have alarm clocks set few times in a day. There is an excel spred sheet with all abilities so you can delete the ones you already have. I am still missing cca 30 abilities, I know it will probably be the last I'll get, but every time my body 'shivers' when getting the next one. 😁
  13. Yeah, I enjoyed the the game. It looked pretty good for the time it was released.