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  1. I will choose Bully from your list, because I love that game.
  2. Exactly. Title and content are like two different planets. (my guess would be - broken games should only be placed at launch - is his opinion) I enjoyed it, got both plats
  3. Well damn, got the ps3 and ps4 plats, but had to google the soundtrack. I too like the Danny Brown joint, but X Ambassadors also got a good song. NFS MW (PS2) had the best soundtrack imo and just wanted to point out that Heat is also a good NFS
  4. If he bought the DLC then you need to go to his account and download them.
  5. Damn, you actually have a few I would like to get, but I'll go with Ni No Kuni. (need to get my ass completing that one)
  6. PS5 will probably have backwards compability for PS4 games..
  7. He said easy not free 😉 Dear OP you can go to Games, at the alphabet section click other and then order by completion rate. Can't check right now cuz I am writing this via cellphone. Sorry.
  8. I don't know if anyone will believe me, but I was playing that Oval race for MP trophies and my buddy launched me in the air, started spinning mad crazy and got the trophy.
  9. I'm just gonna post my fav. game
  10. It depends if the game has a difficulty settings and how hard are the 2 last tournaments. Don't like the MP trophies, but hey, boosting it is.
  11. But the trophy is only for your repairs if I am not mistaken. (since I haven't played the game yet did you mean that A.I. repairs your base or?)
  13. They are looking into it (their words @EA forums)
  14. F***ing finally. Been waiting for this game for so long I even forgot it was supposed to get released. After a first look trophy list doesn't look too hard, will see how hard are those zombie/survivor modes.
  15. Is the "get gold medals in all camps" same as those challenges trophies they had in 2? Those are the only trophies I am missing