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  1. Persona 5. These others are IMO: Horizon ZD, PvZ GW2, Until Dawn, Hellblade: SS. And my backlog is enormous. Although, I agree that FULL PRICE is large at these days.. So I partially agree with you. On topic: I think the game might be good, but yeah, won't buy it at full price.
  2. I have less money for alcohol and drugs.
  3. OFF TOPIC: Lol mate, you are 2 places below me on our country leaderboard, but have more platinums. GG 😎
  4. And here I am pre-ordering almost every physical game I have. 😏
  5. Cheers mate. 😎
  6. Hey guys, what is the release price of their games on PSN?
  7. Niceeee, I think even I could get it. 😄 I need to try and finish MK X though.
  8. I agree. From all of their games, Tales was the funniest, but Wolf was a really good game.
  9. Final Fantasy VII Because I still need to start playing it.
  10. You would need 2 games also?
  11. Nah bruv, nice idea, but nah. Tell me, how would you make the genres? Lets say you have Action, RPG, Racing, Strategy. Where would you put Far Cry for example? Action? What about its RPG elements? Nah.
  12. For me (9) Worms Battlegrounds GRIP Mortal Kombat Tropico 5 GRID The Last Of Us Rainbow Moon Project Cars 2 F1 2017
  13. It is very luck based and I can't see someone making a guide because of this
  14. Nope, not particularly interested in it either. Q - Have you ever fallen asleep during gameplay?
  15. OMG, please someone make a petition we can all sign and show it to Sony.