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  1. Nah bruv, nice idea, but nah. Tell me, how would you make the genres? Lets say you have Action, RPG, Racing, Strategy. Where would you put Far Cry for example? Action? What about its RPG elements? Nah.
  2. For me (9) Worms Battlegrounds GRIP Mortal Kombat Tropico 5 GRID The Last Of Us Rainbow Moon Project Cars 2 F1 2017
  3. It is very luck based and I can't see someone making a guide because of this
  4. Nope, not particularly interested in it either. Q - Have you ever fallen asleep during gameplay?
  5. OMG, please someone make a petition we can all sign and show it to Sony.
  6. LEGO Star Wars
  7. It is probably OFF topic, but I wonder what is your opinion on HZD soundtrack?
  8. Dude!!! 😶 (it ain't even game from Y2018.) Grip maybe? Expected too much I guess.
  9. Everybody dies.. Sooner or later.

  10. Well done mate. I can say I read all of it but that would be a lie haha. It is really a nice list. I have a plat and 100% on Lego Star Wars, but hoping on getting plats on a few more of them. Anyways GG mate.
  11. Well you are right. It is a hell of a grind lol. I think arenas on Easy are the best, as it looks like it is easier to make a kill.
  12. My first was Far Cry 4. Good game.
  13. Dude. You are good. If I need to choose then Inside 😏
  14. Omg, I really hated HATED that game. Defetaed the final boss, ejected the disc seconds after. But Atelier Iris 2 was A W E S O M E, one of the top rpgs I played. Third was also good/great but not that much.
  15. Until now I played only the first DLC and as mentioned by ddracarys, yes, it's easy. THE REAL REASON FOR THIS POST is this off topic question: Is that it for FC5 DLCs? Ubisoft won't add anything new? (reason why I am asking is because I downloaded the game twice already, so the third will be after there will be no more DLCs)