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  1. Hey mate, if you think his trophies were not earned in a right way the report him. EDIT: go to his TWD trophy list and you will see red letters on the right side that say: report those trophies
  2. Nice, nice, NICE. I need to win the lottery though.
  3. Pokemon Games OMG, I would die, seriously, Witcher probably, tried W1 on PC and I still haven't played W3. I can't decide for the third one, sorry.
  4. Right now Trails of Cold Steel 3, but next month I will add MediEvil, Doom Eternal, NFS Heat and I hope all of them will be steelbooks. In the near future I hope to pre-order WD3, FF VII, Death Stranding, maybe new Star Ocean, too many good games, damn.
  5. Hey mate, try Greedfall maybe? I heard it's a Witcher and Dragon Age mix, at some moments better, but at some moments lousy/worse of the games mentioned.
  6. I guess you can't win trophies in Early Access, right? But what when the game releases on 18th October will your trophies pop one after another?
  7. Trophy list looks alot simpler than earlier versions.
  8. The only trophy I am missing, dammit
  9. Burnout Paradise plats 3/3

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

    2. JimboUrbanian


      In a few days I will have 3/3 100%, just need to complete Big Surf Island and Bikes 100% 😁

  10. Trophy list looks nice and not too hard. I think I will pick it up.
  11. Yup, happened to me while I was playing Rainbow Skies, battery died, put the plug in and AFTER the battery was full - turned it on and I was shocked to see I can just continue where I left off.
  12. I bought FM Classic for Vita, but I think the Vita screen is too small for so many tabs and found it too heavy to play. I hope this game is better, as I liked LMA so much.
  13. Same as me lol
  14. I myself have '16,'17 and '18 platinum trophies, but I've got to say this year it looks harder.
  15. Do you need to do the trophy in those 12 hours when the timer starts or you can do it easy and whenever?