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  2. They are looking into it (their words @EA forums)
  3. F***ing finally. Been waiting for this game for so long I even forgot it was supposed to get released. After a first look trophy list doesn't look too hard, will see how hard are those zombie/survivor modes.
  4. Is the "get gold medals in all camps" same as those challenges trophies they had in 2? Those are the only trophies I am missing
  5. Now imagine all people join PSNP, goddamn
  6. Proposal to OP. Supplement the title with 'Prepare to jaw drop' because GOD DAMN. I have a few, just need to take pictures and then will post it over here.
  7. Yeah, I will try that. (too bad the battery was full haha) Cheers for the fast responses guys !!
  8. Just tried it, when plugged in the light became orange, nothing happened, unplugged the charger, green light started flashing again. Another idea? EDIT: when plugged in I tried the hard reset.
  9. This is actually a really good idea. Will do that.
  10. So I updated my VITA on 3.73 today, I've got an error that threw me from the game and started loading some restore screen or something. Pressed the turn on/off button and after that can't do anything with it, the green light next to the turn on/off button is blinking. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Which makes my first quote even more confusing. Yeah, sorry 'bout that.
  12. I read somewhere that Futaba will be a playable character in P5R. Also hoping for a soon western release.
  13. Arise ...a simple story... I think the trophy list is also simple ha. No difficulty ones, the hardest ones look like no dying of cold (lv.9) and no dying at all (lv.8 and 10) Your opinions?
  14. I've got mine also somewhere like you, but mine pop-ed when i defeated Dreadwood, so maybe you need to finish all 3 bosses for it? Dunno.
  15. I experienced a TLOU crash on my PS3 version of the game, it didn't send me back days and weeks like you, but it made all of my population sick and killed like 20-30% of them.