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  1. Let’s go! Finally can sell my copy. Sony effed up with this game. Maybe if they manage to turn it around and in the bargain bin, I’ll get it again.
  2. How many credits is that? Need to uninstall this game but have to grind first
  3. You ever find a fast way of getting it? Thanks
  4. Never mind saw it in the trophy guide. Gotta reach level 26 to pop all 3
  5. None of my level associated trophies popped on ps5. I platinumed it on ps4. Getting scared
  6. Is anyone having luck gettin in touch with PD regarding this trophy? This is getting ridiculous a month in and no one will have the platinum but worse we still don’t know exactly pops this
  7. This is why you buy physical. Selling this greedy pos game once I platinum
  8. Fml 60 million credits for the legendary cars. How much do you get in total for beating cafe, licenses and all the other trophies? Also what is the Finale trophy?
  9. Anyone know if you can repeat the same levels for the trophies buddy beater, capitalist and best friends?
  10. I have the same problem was there any solution?
  11. I’m just annoyed this doesn’t have a platinum nor golds. I might or not go for 100%. I had a fun day 1 with the game but not having a platinum by the end of it (looking like 150+ hours) stings a little
  12. Free weekend is on now. It was a nice surprise since I was grinding for the 8th character. I got good company this way. And the epic primary route does work at least on ps5. Didn’t work for me on ps4 though so I had to keep playing but eventually got the platinum.
  13. Use Rao specialist, prox sensor and avoid m5. I think they nerfed prox sensor range and time it lasts in December 9th update. If you’re doing it with latv4 (not sure with other vehicles) you can throw your ammo crate as the passenger. Make sure to switch as driver. You don’t want teammates to steal your vehicle. For weapons there is limited time mode Rush. Its basically tdm on smaller maps and for me I get a lot more kills in less time than in breakthrough.
  14. What worked for you? I finally got platinum on ps4 but when I tried to autopop on ps5 good company didn’t pop
  15. Can you get destroy 50 vehicles and capture 100 conquest flags vs bots?