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  1. Game is super frustrating to play on hard the first time. Enemies have hawk eye vision and when disguises don’t hide you, its extremely frustrating. When you throw things to distract, freaking everyone hears it, its a joke. The qte fights are absolutely horrible because you have zero time to react (needed for a challenge). Its also very hard or impossible or super tedious to kill a target without being seen. You want to kill a target in a cool way? You can but an npc will see it and theres no way out of that unless you lose points. Basically all this equals to a lot of game overs and the fact there is few checkpoints makes you almost quit the game.
  2. I used N600 Amuse turbo car on professional league blue moon and get 6270xp with clean race. Its much easier to race with it than xbow. I’m gonna do 2 races a day everyday for 6 months and that will get me to level 50. Also I can confirm you get king of the ovals on that race.
  3. Need to know if afk works or else I’m giving up on this one.
  4. Everyone has gotten massively better at fall mountain. And now that jump showdown is back this is pretty much impossible. I've sunk 10 days into this always lose my streak somehow
  5. Careful with rollout. I got it at round 3 played through it for 30 seconds and only half needed were eliminated so I left it. Thing is as a 3rd round it's deep into the match that everyone is good and at that point anything can happen
  6. Uncharted 3 300 hrs for 100% . absolutely ridiculous
  7. How difficult are they and how many hours would it take? I've been missing the coop trophy for two years since I played the f2p version. Wondering if I should just go ahead and get the goty edition
  8. So this trophy popped before I even got all of the collectibles on my ngplus playthrough. Was this normal or what?
  9. I have a real headache. I just needed to upgrade my pistol and revolver. So I played new game plus on easy. When I arrive at Bills town I see that my rifle and shotgun upgrades are missing. I play through it to Pittsburgh because I still needed some parts, upgrade pistol and nothing. Anyone know why? Maybe because I played on easy when my first playthrough was on normal? I'm just about done with this average game :/
  10. Oh
  11. Yes it was new game plus I tried it on easy and upgrades gone. I tried it on survivor again and voila they're there. I'm just mad I've wasted 5 hours but at least I'll get the plat. I actually like the gameplay more than the story. I was expecting more from the story. I did like the ending though. Good thing I only have to wait 2 years for the sequel though as opposed to 5 years ( rumor is 2018)
  12. Street cred yall fo sho
  13. I am Alive
  14. I agree the aiming for the guns was just off for me. I got better on my ngplus but still
  15. Nier. So many people die in that game
  16. Black Ops. 600+ hours zombies and mp PES 2014 about 200 Madden 13 about 200