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  1. Bosnian Rainbows - Turtle Neck - 0:00 - 0:20 - PlayResponsibly
  2. Did you miss the point of running? The combat is so freaking simple I believe because it is only needed in certain situations. Avoiding combat is priority but if your stopped by anything, you have a chance because they at least put in basic fighting and shooting. Like others have said, you can almost spam slide kicking if you're having trouble.
  3. Taxman of Time
  4. 67% Some end-game trophies. True Form Acquire suit & gloves 47.96% - Uncommon I loved this scene so much. Just like getting his silverballers, this scene has a classicism of the series to it. Destroying Something Beautiful Assassinate Layla 46.46% - Uncommon The Final Countdown Assassinate Blake Dexter 45.59% - Uncommon A Personal Contract Assassinate Travis 44.44% - Uncommon I'm so glad I got to finish the game. It cheesed and wiped all my data at Fight Night. I liked the game so much I didn't care that I had to play back all the data I lost. All in all, it has a really solid single player mode. The story is pretty good, although I did notice some cliches. That's fine as it really fit the Hitman scheme. The story was more about 47 coming alive to me anyway. Agent 47 himself was at his best I've seen so far and was done really well as a character. Blake Dexter is a really well done character as well and fits as the villain. I will enjoy playing it all again for Absolution.
  5. Yay! Love the theme. Am I able to submit a song or even vote? I didn't play very responsibly last time.
  6. Slowest Death Ever
  7. Well, I'm already upgraded to premium. Took that as my reward for Parker's giveaway. If I did ever upgrade myself, I wouldn't have used Paypal and would have preferred using my card.
  8. Has a creepy and yet awesome avy/sig combo
  9. Has a giant sack of names to pull from
  10. Is awesome enough to do a giveaway
  11. Oh my, I'm sorry. I didn't even think about it. Whatever you see fit is fine with me. I really wasn't trying to boost my votes or anything and I must have misunderstood the rules.
  12. Have fun and welcome to the forums. I love your username btw.
  13. I really like this idea for a thread so great idea Porchema. I think it would work better as "Post Your Favorite Trophy Art" though because "best" is subjective and it kind of limits it to just one. I have several trophies that I love the art for, so it would be cool to come back here once and awhile to add to it. I'm also good with putting down the rarity but I'm not sure what that has do with the visuals. Also, since this is best looking or based around trophy art, shouldn't we be posting the image at least? Well.... here we go. : It's All in the Wrist 66.44% - Common I just love this. It's humorous, action packed, and just a cool image. One of my favorite ways to kill in-game actually. Hence, it's my avatar. May I Have This Dance? 19.67% - Rare That's All I Got 12.17% - Rare
  14. 41% Blood Money Complete the Play Contract Tutorial. 40.04 - Uncommon
  15. Plans to just fight.... forever