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  1. yea I tried the RCZ method with a 1:58 average lap time and still get smoked. The AI is some what RnG I think sometimes they are like crazy fast setting times of 1:55. I just have not been that lucky I guess.
  2. Anyone got any helpful tips for this race. Its killing me, tried a few times with different cars and pit strategies. The pace is just crazy fast. like the other seven were easy then this one just has a massive difficulty jump.
  3. You lot must of got lucky with random teams because I've been trying awhile and all I get is rubbish teams. I seem to be the only one trying half the time.
  4. Press up on the D-pad then select parking. Then press right for alley 2 and there will be a buy figure and so on for the rest.
  5. For the life of me I cant get this room to spawn over 150 runs and nothing. I'm going to lose my mind. Skip to 2:50. I have never seen this room, I'm pretty sure its my missing one..... Come on RNG gods give me what I need. Update: It was the the one I was missing, finally got it to show up. So it would be a good bet a lot of people are missing this one, very rare room I gather
  6. Was level 23 now 359 95% just changed over for me in South Australia
  7. Final fantasy X HD i just need to find the time and get on with. Played back in the day and enjoy it.