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  1. Honest question, is there a speed run leaderboard or something similar on the site that I don't know about? I ask because everyone seems to be worked up about completion times and time stamps. While it's nice to look at someone's profile and know when things were completed, they have no bearing on leaderboards. I think we can agree that the problem people have is my completion time is wonky because I had to collect all the trophies again. It shows 10 minutes now instead of the 1.5 hours it originally took. Right? Why is this such an issue? It changes nothing. I have the same # of trophies either way. It doesn't affect anything on the leaderboards. The whole issue is people see the time is wrong and are losing their shit. How does that affect you? How does a bugged playtime affect you or anyone else? People will say maybe I cheated. Fine, go look through all my other completion times. Here's the real issue and I know it's going to piss some people off but I don't really care. I'm a guy who plays video games A LOT and has a ton of trophies because of it so I'm pretty high on the leaderboards. I have a target on my back. People have been pulling shit like this on me since the PS3 days when I was literally in the top ten at one point. People trying to call you a cheater, trying to get you kicked from sites, trying everything they can to smear your name. This is nothing new to me. Now you got me in a technicality. People look at the rules and say "technically this" and "technically that". Some on here are wringing their hands together and licking their lips because they can stick it to me. I have more trophies and that makes me the enemy. Wanna know a secret? I don't even care. I'm going to keep playing games and getting trophies and having fun either way. There's no prizes for leaderboards. I don't get checks for the trophies I earn. Games and trophies are supposed to fun but some people want to just suck all the joy out of it and that's really sad. Go ahead and leave the flag if you want and close this thread out. It doesn't matter to me, I just wanted to see what people had to say about this.
  2. I just play video games and sites like this and many others update my stats. I don't read the fine print on every internet site I go to.
  3. You're not paying attention because this is exactly what the problem is. I COULDN'T SYNC because my profile became bugged. I DID BACK UP MY SAVE. Using my back up save makes me a criminal apparently.
  4. If you could show me where I could download a Freddy Spaghetti save file from the internet I'd eat my left shoe.
  5. I honestly don't see the problem. It's my save file, not an external one, which is perfectly legal. Put yourself in my shoes. You spend around 90 minutes playing a game to beat everything and get the platinum. Then everything gets wiped because of a bug you have no control over. Not a single trophy to show for it. Then you figure out you can pop them again in a fraction of the time and don't have to play the entire thing again. Are you going to play everything again? No, you're not. That would be stupid, nobody with any kind of sense would do that.
  6. Note that I COULD NOT SYNC trophies. That's what error NP-32091-5 is, it completely bugs out your profile and no trophy can be synced. I was forced to wipe my profile and reload it. Then I had to pop everything again using the same save file. This isn't some workaround to save time. I literally had to earn the trophies on this game TWICE causing me to spend extra time with it. The second time was of course faster because I already had 100% completion.
  7. Yes. I was prepared to have to play everything again but noticed they would pop on entering a level if it's already on your save as being complete. To add to this, this is the fix I used for NP-32091-5: Had to back up my save data and wipe my system to recreate my profile. Doing so erased all un-synched trophies leaving me in this situation. A fully completed game but 0% trophies that had to popped again.
  8. skazzzz4 Freddy Spaghetti Unlocked trophies did not sync properly on first playthrough (Error NP-32091-5) and I had to play and earn everything again. Since I had already beat the game, I only had to enter each level for the trophy to pop again. The game originally took over an hour but it only took around 10 minutes to enter and exit each level the second time. (note EU stack is just fine)
  9. Well, I had the platinum around 2 months ago. Looks like somehow it got wiped out and I'm back at 0% again. Guess I'm playing this again, I'm not looking forward to doing the RNG trophies again. EDIT: I could have sworn this had a platinum, I'm dumb.
  10. I'm happy to see this. I foolishly played this without realizing so I've had an un-syncable platinum on my profile for months now.
  11. Nope, I doubt it. New DLC just hit but they probably still won't fix the US version. It's weird Sony even allows it, a game with completely broken trophies. "Sure! We'll put your new broken DLC for your broken game on our store! No problem!"
  12. Damn. I grinded to 40 this weekend because the timer said season one ended today. I could have had some of that sweet double xp.
  13. I didn't know the elites would work. I'll have to try that then. Is it known if elite hives also count toward 50 hives?
  14. Villain sectors are still completely broken. It makes Tentative Peace pretty much impossible.
  15. Well, the second, true launch. They did make up for it, they admitted they F'd up. They shut it down and fixed everything. I don't see them doing that with this game.