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  1. Thank you man really appreciate that code
  2. First play through for me is normal but man beautiful game
  3. I was actually thinking of picking up PS3 so i can play the games i missed
  4. I really enjoyed the Silent hill games but it would be cool to have remaster or remake of silent hill 4
  5. Looks terrible then its $ 29.99 no thanks
  6. Nothing i wanna play but just give God of War already
  7. Yea that's true i rather have gold and silver as well
  8. I would think big AAA game would at least have 50 trophies also no difficulty related trophy that's really disappointing
  9. Uncharted and Kingdom Hearts
  10. Yea took me like 3 days to finally get pretty good at Ice Cream Beat
  11. I gotta go with Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
  12. For me its all EA games and Ubisoft games as well for instance Far Cry 5 to me looks like reskin of Far Cry 4