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  1. I had 10 dollars worth of points so ill take it
  2. Thank you
  3. RE 2 remake is actually fun plat and not hard at all go and get it bro
  4. 10/10 for me its so boring and i'm not sure if i ever finish this game
  5. Really wanna pre-order but KH 3 so close together with RE 2 hardly have time for both but game looks amazing though
  6. Doesn't look to bad but just time consuming
  7. Rub need help getting good samaritan trophy
  8. Nice site but games are pricey
  9. I thought it was really good game but rather get max payne 4 over Red Dead 2 since i'm not into whole western movies or games
  10. Nobody should rip on you if that's how you feel about the game but i love the game . It's my favorite ps4 game with bloodborne being 2nd favorite but i give God of War 9 out of 10 . I love the new combat also really enjoyed the relationship between kratos and atreus but also agree with camera though
  11. No man Sky. What a terrible game
  12. Thank you man really appreciate that code
  13. First play through for me is normal but man beautiful game
  14. I was actually thinking of picking up PS3 so i can play the games i missed
  15. I really enjoyed the Silent hill games but it would be cool to have remaster or remake of silent hill 4