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  1. Managed to get it via debug as you guys mentioned. Just reloaded the forest tower in chapter 5 and got it.
  2. I got the original version of the tune from a chest back in Chapter 5 and no trophy. I just assumed i would need to collect the upgraded version of the Explorer tune on Chapter 7. I just beat the boss and got my upgraded Explorer tune but no trophy... Am i completely locked out of this now and have to make a new playthrough?
  3. Thanks for the giveaway My favorite Christmas memory would probably be when i got my first ps2 console along with the games crash wrath of cortex and harry potter the prisoner of askaban. Still love those games and my ps2 till this day
  4. Thanks for the giveaway 1) Crash Bash remastered 2) The Evil Within 3
  5. Thanks for the giveaway Nice: gave a random player one of my best (and the best ingame) sword in SAO re hollow fragment Naughty: Trying to flame every NPC in the spyro reignited trilogy just to see if they have any reaction to it
  6. Had to replay the level as well for me to get it. And i got all my gems the first time so i definitely didn't miss a bird
  7. Thank you, then i will keep saving the medals for the weapons
  8. So far i have collected a total of 20 mini medals and im tempted to buy the recipe for the increased movement speed or the exp recipe. But i saw that the weapons cost quite a bit and i know there is a trophy for collecting all weapons. Are the weapons listed in the mini medals shop available in the blacksmith shop maybe post game or are they only mini medals exclusive? If so, I'll keep on saving the medals
  9. Well at least my total % won't go below 50 anymore 😁 it's already enough im at rank B with this game(i platinumed the game mind you, i just don't support these types of DLCs)
  10. I may not be 100% as it has been a while, but no you don't need to keep collecting all armours as long as you got one of each colour throughout a playthrough (think there where 3 only)
  11. I don't remember starting a new game for sure, but i do think i found a health upgrade in the shop in the following chapters which wasn't specified in the guide
  12. This ^ Almost all the "big" games that have been a big hit recently have easy plats, such as HZD, FFXV, GOW to name a few
  13. Both Ceasar and Kizaru are great since both have that sword sweep attack (forgot which buttons they are). Sometimes i also switch to sabo or mihawk and use their cross attack and almost instantly max the kizuna gauge. Im going through the grind myself but decided to take a break or else i go mental haha
  14. Maybe defeating the sorceress trophy in spyro 3 actually means the 2nd time you get to fight her? Seems weird there's no trophy for full completion, hopefully they just hid it in this trophy
  15. I still haven't got the game yet so this may not be helpful but maybe you can revisit them as soon as you finish the game? Just like how in Rise you could not revisit the first area of the game (which technically was a flashback in a way) until you finish the game