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  1. Thank you I'll carry on normally getting a bad quarma than with the other levels
  2. I'm going for the Bad Quarma playthrough like i did at first in the first game. However i cannot find any info even online where the mudkons are in the first level ( The Raid on Monsaic). Is it on purpose that the first level can only have good quarma, or did i actually miss all 300 of these? I also have the same issue on the sligs, it says to kill 13 of them in this level but couldn't kill 1. I have even platinumed all the badges in this level
  3. Do i also get the Standard S + trophy if i finish Hardcore with an S + ? Or is this only stackable on a Pro run?
  4. If you're aiming for the plat, you'll have tons of extra resources (even without the resource boost) enough to fully upgrade an artifact and boost your armor to lvl150+ But no, even if you decide to convert they really won't help with the postgame grind
  5. Tomba! 2 Rayman 2 (ps1 version) Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation Croc 2 Bugs Bunny Lost in Time Bugs Bunny Time Busters Naruto Ultimate Ninja 5 Spyro: A Heroes Tale Crash Twinsanity
  6. If it's any help, i didn't upgrade any of the cars throughout the campaign. Sometimes if you upgrade the speed too much you end up losing control of the vehicle. IMO it's best you get yourself comfortable with a vehicle you have proper handling on rather than being fast
  7. If i remember right yes. The daxtermobile is available to use in the last cup of adventure mode since it's classified as a tier 4 car
  8. After seeing the bugged trophies have been patched, i might get into this again. Can anyone tell me if it's difficult to 100% this including DLC? tbh im not seeing lots of achievers in the DLCs... I remember playing the game when it first came out on PS4 so I don't remember much except that i managed to level up a character to 20 since it was a triple exp weekend or something similar. I also read that enemy 'Drake' count as dragons now so that should make the platinum easier i believe. That was the only thing stopping me as killing 1000 dragons was very time consuming
  9. I had the exact problem happen with Ratchet and Clank 1 two weeks ago. It messed up my gameplay many times due to lag issues that it made my platinum journey more tedious than it should have been. I don't stream often however i don't remember the Sly Cooper Trilogy being this bad. I am now playing through Ratchet and Clank 2 and i am barely getting any lag at all, it's as if i own the disc version! I was really surprised as with the experience from RC1 i thought it was my internet connection causing these lag streaming problems. I just hope RC3 will be as smooth running as RC2 as it is my favorite of the trilogy. I'm playing on PS4
  10. I started this game last month myself and so far all the trophies i got didn't seem to require multiplayer with the latest updates till date. I haven't gotten the platinum yet but from the trophies i have remaining i can just get them solo.
  11. Glad to hear the trophies are fixed. Been meaning to play this in a while. Can anyone help me confirm if i can earn the hero level trophy with the free dlc characters like black panther? Or is it restricted only to the original release characters?
  12. Can confirm survival does count. Got my trophy at exactly 1000 matches and had some survival matches in the count. Personally i felt that survival matches took longer than normal battles as compared to them you can be lucky and get a very good team which could end the match in a matter of minutes. On survival you mostly have to wait for the timer or someone to get the max score (i believe) which personally took much longer
  13. So can we earn all of the trophies during non VR setting?
  14. Just downloaded! Thanks
  15. Ended up doing a new playthrough and collect all artifacts again...trophy now popped