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  1. In my case it popped even before i recruited Cole lol. The first cutscene where he first appears showed and got the trophy
  2. Not sure if i never noticed these designs, but did the trophies change images?
  3. I managed to find him twice, and also in the 2 tier difficulty (forgot wat its called). If it helps, i found in in the training camp Chapter 7 and another one in a cave at the very last chapters
  4. I really doubt we will be able to choose to play coco from the very beginning. I bet that we either have to beat the final boss, or get all the gems to get her. Reason is cus of the trophy, in each game there is a gold trophy to defeat 5 enemies as Coco, now if that number would have been 50 or something i would understand, but only 5? and its a gold on top of that...really makes me doubt if shes playable from the start
  5. You can actually see all 4 of them in thE battlefield. Donald is a bit difficult to spot but definetly hercules can be seen, and hes on the outher section of the UI
  6. an Ultra Rare Plat? no way, the trophy list isn't that hard at all, i even remember getting 105% (not sure if its the full % of the game) back when i was like 8 with no guides at all cus didnt have internet. There would have been a chance for an ultra rare plat or rare if all relics had to be platinum, but since we can get gold or better, then its fine
  7. As far as i remember in any crash game you aren't rewarded a gem if you collect all fruits. They are just there for the extra life. Regards to not dying, it is mostly needed to unlock the secret gem paths in crash 1 (not sure about 2 and 3 but im sure you needed the coloured gems to unlock a path). You get the gems in each level by collecting all the of the boxes, and in some cases, some levels have a special requirement, like
  8. So i have collected all probes, main and side missions and disguised as all the humans possible in that area (checked with a guide) but in the stats it is still telling me that rockwell is 92% completed. What else do i need to do?
  9. I have yet to presitge a character (10more lvls) but seeing as you all did not get the trophy worries me a bit. Although someone did manage to the plat of the game...maybe ask if they found a solution or if it didnt glitch?
  10. I just started this game today and im wondering if there is gonna be another progress swipe? since its still in beta
  11. no release date or an actual confirmation, but this pretty much hints at the naruto gaiden
  12. By Naruto Gaiden do you mean the manga where it focused more on Sarada and that Shin villian dude? that be awesome if they animate that
  13. Thanks for the giveaway. My favourite game is Kingdom Hearts 2
  14. Didnt even know there was such a setting tbh, i'll check again after work then, tho im sure i never touched any trophy settings before
  15. I thought of that actually, so i decided to go do some stuff while the ps3 is loading the trophy section. Well 30mins later i still didnt find all my ps4 games, and again its always the same missing games like infamous second son (and i had that game since last summer) Edit: i also tried loading in offline mode aswell. Still same results