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  1. Finally the nostalgia is kicking in as spyro 2 was my first game in the series and loved it. Only thing i mind a bit is how they give you the orbs, i liked the way they bounce the orb back to you in the original
  2. awesome, thank you!
  3. So let's say someone joins my game and we complete an entire playthrough (assume not in one sitting) and during that time we try to answer all trivia questions for the trophy, is the other guest player able to get the trophy related to the trivia as well or only the host will get the trophy? On a side note i will be attempting to find someone to get this trophy and the coop map trophy out of the way once i finish my 2nd playthrough so let me know if anyone is interested (will set up a session later on)
  4. once you enter the first elevator at the beginning of the level, jump on the roof of the elevator and next to it you can see a platform you can jump on. You will see some boxes and the box reveal cube (no idea wat they are called lol) which will open a path to the death route. You will definitely need the bazooka to hit that box though
  5. Sweden : South Korea 2 - 3 Panama : Belgium 0 - 3 Tunisia : England 2-1
  6. Costa Rica vs Serbia - 0 : 1 Germany vs Mexico - 2 : 2 Brazil vs Switzerland - 3 : 0
  7. France vs Australia: 2 - 0 Argentina vs Iceland: 2 - 1 Peru vs Denmark 0 - 1 Croatia vs Nigeria: 0 - 0 Edited my post an hour after i made the original post as my friend suggested me to change the some scores since he is more of a football guru then me haha. Hopefully he is right
  8. The same game engine used in RE7 is being used in RE2 aswell
  9. #8 "Guess my summer over" - Roxas Kingdom hearts 2
  10. Egypt vs Uruguay - 1 : 2 Marocco vs Iran - 1 : 1 Portugal vs Spain - 2 : 3
  11. #7 "Well the sun wasn't the one who risked his ass down here" - Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn
  12. So i can think of three fixtures for a single match? if so i'll edit this post but i will leave one entry for now I think Russia would win 2 - 0
  13. #6 "Upupupupup" - Monokuma Danganronpa series
  14. Atleast you could tell its them. You wouldn't notice RE 7 guy is chris if he didn't mention his own name. I dig the look, plus they look younger and new to the horror experience (which they should be anyway)