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  1. Yes you would, aslong your EU account is set as primary, then your other accounts (US based too) will be able to play psplus games, games bought from store etc... online play will also work on other accounts. I buy almost all digital games from the ps store on my alt US account since its much more cheaper, but i play them on my main EU account and still get trophies
  2. Im pretty much just like the OP stated. I hava a EU main account but made a US account cus of humble bundle. After some time time i discovered some nice deals only om US store and it was my first time buying from the ps store thanks to the US account. I also have a JP account but only got it for a naruto demo long ago. P.s. all hail the supreme leader
  3. There's a trophy in Ep Ignis to Complete Chapter 3 Verse2, is that just like what they did with gladioulus and made it playable for everyone in the main story?
  4. is there a specific one i need to get Zombie Vikings? just completed a quest (watching Trove trailer) and all i got was a trove in-game item code EDIT - nevermind, completely missed the quest lol, just got the game, thanks for sharing dude. its a really cool event to do from sony
  5. It was a good game till i finished the story mode, at that point i stopped playing cus i had no idea what else to do (and also the prestige trophy glitched on me which also made me to stop). The game also reminded me of the Ultimate Alliance which was a great game back when i played it on my PS2. My favourite was scarlet witch, vaporising everything in my way was hella fun haha RIP to those who didnt get platinum or worse sitting at rank D/E/F
  6. I bought the complete edition and i am intending to do a spoiler free normal run first (dont wanna check guides cus want to experience everything on my own) can i do the expansions only on ng+ death march or do i have to beat the expansions aswell to access them on ng+?
  7. that amount is definitely doable in less then 8 hours (with atleast 250+ xp boost). on Omega it probably will be even faster, i only managed to unlock cosmic trial
  8. I somehow had a feeling the game would shutdown before the original deadline
  9. For cosmic run, honestly i cant suggest scarlet witch enough. Not trying to be biased since i main her, but her insta kill skills (one 100% and the other skill is random but is also 100% if maxed out chaos energy bar), and doing the juggernaut op saves me a bunch of time vaporising anyway in my way. I get 225 kills for the bounty chests in less then 5mins. So we are lookong at 8mil exp (270 xp boost) every 6-7mins or so. Also great way to combine the above method for collecting 50 bounty chests from ops ( you get 2 in juggernaut op)
  10. @Potent_Delusions go to menu(touchpad) and select store - then go on Omega tab and buy the omega versions
  11. turned these off, you mean the cosmic doops? No, i managed to find one yesterday in an operation
  12. Much more easier. Maybe there could be a level or 2 that could pose a bit of a problem which requires practice, but IMO it is much more doable then the other 2
  13. Isnt this the actual black fridat sale though?
  14. Yes, it was literally on the other side of the ops map ( it was a rather big map) but it still marked on map immediatly. From what i remember even chapter maps show it on the map but not sure about the distance
  15. I just found another one in an operation, tbh i didnt think they would spawn in operations. if it could help you, i found it in the A.I.M weapon facility