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  1. if it didn't have multiplayer i probably would have
  2. thanks for the heads up, just got it. bdw, isn't it episode 2?
  3. Please let there be Kingdom hearts 2.8
  4. From the 4 that i have i would recommend these two: Kingdom Hearts re:Chain of Memories - This is not hard at all, just a bit time consuming (i finished at around 80hrs so its a typical AAA plat time), but its mostly boring at the later parts, especially getting Riku to level 99. There is also a luck based trophy on getting all of the monster cards, but i think its very doable if you combine that with levelling Sora to 99 The Evil Within - It's a very doable game, all you need is some practice and patience for Akumu mode, yes you will die ALOT, but its dying alot that will make you better and every chapter i was finishing felt like a big achievement on its own.
  5. I wouldn't really worry about it. I was in the same shoes as you, but once you get to the final 3 planets or so (especially last one) you will level them up like a breeze. I only had to "grind" only 2 weapons when i reached end of challenge mode.
  6. Thanks again for doing this giveaway My fav game of all time is definitely kingdom hearts 2, followed by the danganronpa series
  7. Wow even a giveaway is getting hate posts these days? Nothing will surprise me anymore. Its his money and he does whatever he wants. As for me il be joining on the 21st xd, thanks for doing this giveaway
  8. No you are still fine. i didn't save richard on my 1st playthrough but still managed to get every nook trophy
  9. too late for that now
  10. I know this might be of an old thread but i like to mention that Sword art Online - Re Hollow fragment is possiblly considered a "hack" similar to how Dark Souls is mentioned in the main topic. Apparently someone is able to trade you a "Short Int Sword" if i remember the name well, and it has some crazy stats like +10000 STE, +10000 DEF etc... I checked the net regarding this and apparently its on some hacker forums aswell
  11. Added the video you shared onto the 1st post. Thanks
  12. Thats a lot of leaks this game is getting haha
  13. Saw this Post from the Tomb Raider official facebook page. Giving the picture they added and the leaks we had gotten some time ago, im hoping its something about Shadow of the Tomb Raider Edit - Today they just posted the official teaser trailer for shadow of the tomb raider. "Experience Lara Croft’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider. Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be revealed April 27th. Available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 14th, 2018."
  14. I have no idea what this game is or anything, but looking at the platinum name and description (not thats is different haha), are you even needed to get all trophies? it just says complete world 4 for the plat