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  1. Thank you!! Its just as you said. Did 3 rank 3 missions in a row and the graceleaf area boss showed up
  2. yes, i read from other forums that the area has to be atleast rank 2 for the boss area to respawn
  3. do they have to be rank 3? cus i've been doin lots of missions to free up space but still no luck. graceleaf at one point was empty, no missions atall
  4. I am doing the heroine quest for strea and im on the last quest where she wants me to kill the Graceleaf boss area. Well its been 3 days and i never have noticed this hollow mission appearing on the map at all. I finished the entire Hollow arc, Graceleaf hollow area is now rank 3, did all hollow missions in that area hoping one of them would trigger the boss mission, but nothing at all...what am i doing wrong??
  5. As long as they still bring us some psn bundles from time to time im happy
  6. i blame all the people who support micro transactions honestly. If the dev think some people are dumb enough to pay for the actual true ending via micro transactions, then why not, it's worth a shot. I am completely against this and the whole micro transaction business overall
  7. maybe not exactly clickbait but i sure as hell thought the game is now confirmed to be coming out on ps4 because of the title. Gives false hopes to some people lol
  8. good to know! do you get the email with the codes immediatly or does it take time? (so i wouldn't alarm myself xd)
  9. I am interested in the new NA Flash Sale but since my account doesnt match with my actual paypal details i was searching for an alt way. Came across this and was wondering if anyone here has bought PSN cards from them. Google search mostly say it is a legit site so im probably gonna go for it, but would like more input from other people as i am always a bit cautious using these type of sites
  10. I got platinum on this game a while ago but the only unearned trophies i have on this game are all the dlc related. Im curious as to why it is still 'B' rank and not 'A'. Example resident evil 5 i got the platinum and still have 20 unearned trophies (more then FF XV) but it is still 'A' rank
  11. yes, atleast that's how i got fake crash to show on mine
  12. the remastered version didn't change how you access the true ending. just step on the warp pad in the last area and go up
  13. imo almost all RE games are fairly easy to complete really, becomes even more easier if you follow a guide. i think the hardest one for me was operation raccoon city. Revelations was just a stupid grind fest for me the only trophy that stopped me from platinum was the 10,000 kills on ps3
  14. not sure if they are DLC or not because i have them and i didn't purchase any DLC's. (got the game from humble bundle) Another thing similiar to the prev question. Let's say i decide to get an elite rank on Rogue Val, instead of Normal Val, would that still count?
  15. Does this also require for me to get elite status on Elder Kraken and the Meteor Goliath monster? Or just their normal version is enough, Goliath, Kraken and Wrath?