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  1. Im using milennium mps 600 drum set. To be honest, even if it will stay flagable i wont hide it, i spend too much time on guitar trophy to hide it now. Also, it doesnt make any sense to cheat only this game, cuz i didnt cheat this, like i didnt cheat any game in my trophy list, i hate cheaters, i always do all by myself to get satisfaction When it glitch and platinum didnt pop exactly after last trophy i was 100% sure there will be problem in future, and there it is
  2. In green day rock band the only problem are drum trophies But they were easy for me, i play on drums for 11 years, for score hero, i never really care about that, i play guitar hero mostly for Fun, and as i said before i can record video where im playing those hard section for 100% without any problem
  3. Yes, but last trophies which i earned in both games are offline trophies, So it doesnt even affect for online I earn those last trophies on my Old ps3, later i move out for few yeras and didnt take it with me, got a other ps3 to play bf3 or bf4, recently i back home and could sync those 2 Old games, i didnt know its forbiden
  4. Well i think its unfair, i got all by myself But im still called a chester, all my work with some hard trophies Goes for nothing now then.
  5. What do u mean its late? All trophies were done when servers were active, all by myself, there were bunch of People that earn those trophies after me, only problem is with bug that occur late platinum
  6. All on drums, played on expert + difficulty
  7. Eaas, me And my friend Just wanted to play online, there is few cool songs which cant be transfered to new games, songs like bark at the moon or beast And The harlot are True killers. Yes, in petition there is few words about online trophies, but it was about my friend, i got all trophies legit when servers were up, like in other guitar hero games I really like gh series, and even as u can see, guitar hero games was the 1st games i ever played on ps3 And also there were my 1st platinums, and i do not need to cheat anything, Its all about Platinum pop few hours later, but i really didnt do anything wrong, why for tbh, i did some hard stuff like play perfectly play hard Parys of songs only to hack it later? It doesnt even have sense
  8. same with fifa, i had 2 ps3 and maybe it occur that bug, i can send video and screens every trophy is doing by myself, and i really didnt do anything against the rules, i dont like cheaters, and im really no one of them, i can send any screen or video u need to verify i know it looks bad, but all trophies are earned all my myself
  9. yeah there was a bug when platinum didnt pop after i got last trophy, it pop after i did last trophy requirments once again, i had 100% completion but no platinum
  10. i add some screen with 3 hardets songs in game, all by myself, i can do also a video when im playing thos songs I add those cuz i dont even know what i could do out of order and why im flagged
  11. MrHandi Guitar Hero Hits it says i got trophies out of order but how? i dont understand, i did very trophy legit, can send screens or videos to prove that i did all by myself
  12. Just got trophy 10 min ago with those finals: Jump, Jump, Fall, Fall, Royal after 3rd win, I skip those levels: Block party, Team grab tail, Jinxed, Jump club, and roll out also for finals i skip jump showdown and hexagone (skip this one cuz i've got bug after 3rd win streak and fall through all layers)
  13. Nope, I'm askin about dlc trophies not about vbasic game
  14. Hi, All DLC torphies can be done offline? some ppl say it can be offfline some say it must be online, I don't know who is telling the truth :l