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  1. Does anybody know where to find a trophy guide or some videos useful to obtain the collectibles trophies?
  2. It is faster if you just want to reach a decent level to fight the lv95 boss. And like someone said above me, you can take him down easily with just a lv 70 party. It's actually useless to keep grinding the final battle.
  3. Did you unlock the ''Retrial Spell'' through your kingdom?
  4. Are you sure you're going to the right place? See the exact location through this picture by PowerPyx, then you have to interact with some sort of device to start the boss fight.
  5. The best level up method for me was facing the previous story bosses through the various Cradles (Cradle of Fire, Cradle of Wisdom and so forth), which you can do if you finish chapter 9. These bosses start at lv 50, then as you keep on defeating them they get stronger, meaning more and more EXP. This is by far the fastest and best grinding level spot, IMHO.
  6. Slayerdramon, WarGreymon Blk and Sistermon Blanc (Awaken) were my lifesavers during that hell of a cup. I can only recommend them.
  7. Thanks a bunch, Sly
  8. The developers are going to feature special events in which you can get more Zeni. I don't know when they will integrate them, but based on the day one patch notes I got from Bandai it's clearly stated. Hopefully this will make the long grind faster or at least more fun.
  9. I'm gonna get my copy of the Collector's Edition despite of the trophy list, but let's just hope there'll be some method to boost those few insane online achievements. lol
  10. So how hard are the trophies related to the classes' mysteries ? Are they RNG-based?
  11. PSN profile: shiny12 Trading in order to reach 100℅ in the Mirage manual. I also have a Maduin.
  12. You need to complete True Attack Mode because of a crystal that only the Colossal Titan drops.
  13. Gallery completion requires among other things to upgrade and develop every weapon, which is the most time consuming trophy (don't know how much exactly but farming is the way). I just hope that materials needed to craft equipment can be found in Attack Mode, without multiplayer.
  14. Thanks. This will be a very challenging platinum only 'cause of that useless RNG.