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  1. You should look into anger management
  2. I had verified the account then made a few posts, logged off and then when I came back this happened
  3. I made the account only yesterday, so I haven't done much to get those Edit: I also have not gotten any pms from any mods
  4. Like the title says I am unable to comment on anything or make any posts on my new account (@Slothman179). It stopped working a couple of hours ago, but did not start out like this. When I go to a post and scroll to the bottom the "reply to thread" has disappeared and the "create topic" under my username also disappeared. I'm really scratching my head over this, and wonder if anyone knows what is happening.
  5. Zombies Dark side or Light side of the force?
  6. Good luck to all who are participating
  7. I'm not entirely sure, but that sounds about right.
  8. I was thinking of trying to do it along with people on those other backlog events, but it wouldn't really make much sense
  9. I'm not good enough at this sort of stuff, I just thought that it would bring life back to this part of the forum. It's mostly a ghost town with activity now and then
  10. Ignore my silly name and profile picture, but I have 376
  11. How many do you have?
  12. There are plenty of Playstation Backlog challenges on this site, but none for PC! I'm sure that we all have too many games due to steam sales, so why not make it fun?
  13. Bought a Old 3DS XL which is pink for $135. I honestly don't care about the color, seeing as it was a pretty good deal. I also picked up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. From now on the paychecks go towards the Crazy Awesome Gaming PC with a GTX 1070
  14. I finally finished Tokyo Ghoul √A
  15. Picked up - Hack/Slash Omnibus #1 - I Hate Fairyland Volume #1 (Already done reading) - Nailbiter Volume #1 Due to having a new source of income as a teenager, I have money that I don't know what to do with. Not sure whether to save up money for a Gaming PC and leave console gaming all together, or use that money to buy a N3DS or Vita. Maybe just some PS3 and PS4 games. By the next time I post in this thread it will be decided!