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  1. I always buy things (especially games) new. I've had some instances where I purchased used games, only to find out that it was scratched and broken. And I like to sniff that fresh factory-sealed wrap as an added bonus.
  2. I swear everything good happens in November... Anyway, I would love to get my little hands on this bad boy along with the Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth series!
  3. When your family is on vacation and have the whole house to yourself... http://www.reactiongifs.us/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/menacing_grin_grinch.gif

    1. MarsipanRumpan


      LOL, so true!! My parents is going away for two weeks next month, going to be dope. So what are you going to do when you're alone? :)

    2. Terracolt


      Probably playing my instruments at full blast ^_^. And can draw in peace.

    3. MarsipanRumpan
  4. Has anyone tried out the Black Hat lately? People kept hacking my equipment and scorestreaks left and right... it's crazy!
  5. Lomo Saltado
  6. Amazon 100%. Searching for specific games in Gamestop always feel like a treasure hunt and wasting gas is a big no-no. The only time I'll go to Gamestop are for pre-ordered games.
  7. I made sure to keep a good eye on the crops so that they can grow healthy. As my PS3 was resting, I decided to draw Compa.
  8. Does this song ring a bell to anyone?
  9. The beta is great. No panic knifing, map flow is back, maps are colorful, and it has gun variety. Although this is something minor, I would like to see the empty playercard background being changed from the checkered pattern to something similar like Black Ops II's playercard background. I spend most of my time in the Emblem Editor creating some cool images . Which reminds me, at the final killcam, both emblem and playercard are waaay to far. Again, minor. Also for some reason, they don't show you the opposing enemie's perk & gun load out as you get killed. I would prefer to see what kind of players I'm playing against in a certain type of game mode.