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  1. lol
  2. FINALLY! Large Kushala down! Save scumming works guys. Find a good investigation for whatever monster you're hunting at the time(At least 1 Gold and 1 Silver for rewards). Save your game. Then upload the save to the Playstation Cloud. Do your investigations. If they're all a no go, then simply close the game and download your save to your hard drive (over-writing your current save file). 1 more trophy to go. Anyone wanna farm a Downy Crake with me? lol "Snuggles for All" trophy ???
  3. Thanks ill add u now. Anyone else sniping large kush add me as well.
  4. same guys. My last crown too. this is crazy. Add me if you all wanna snipe with me today Phase_32
  5. Giant Kushala....please.... 😢
  6. That's exactly what i need too! I cant get either to drop for the life of me. Add me and maybe we can snipe em together. Phase_32
  7. made this post 26 mins ago. and no lie i just got a giant one LOL thats crazy. only teostra and large kush to go.
  8. Came here in hopes of the "forum rant luck" to be on my side lol. I cannot for the life of me get a Giant Black Diablos to pop up! :/ anyone wanna farm this with me?
  9. I still need a small Teostra and a Large Black Diablos. Add me and we can farm together. Curently farming large black diablos.
  10. Yea I also have been farming this event with no luck. Done it about 10 times or so and nothing. not even a large silver update
  11. Add me for crown farming. Need Most elders and a few others. Well find monster we both need in common and snipe those together. Available tomorrow night and all weekend. PSN = Phase_32