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  1. that makes sense. Guess we'll have to wait and see what those two trophies require specifically...really hoping there's no glitched trophies at launch. My FIFA itch is back and I'll be picking this one up no matter what at launch.
  2. Assuming there are no glitched/bugged trophies, this seems to be the easiest FIFA to plat in a while...
  3. please if youre having issues with this quest report/post any information here on the official ubisoft thread. Any additional information and/or video's would be greatly beneficial and hopefully they fix it soon as they are aware of it.
  4. havent played heat yet, but i believe its easier than payback. There are no drift challenges (except 1-2 trophies which you my unlock naturally) and there are no collectables. Simply gold all the missions which most of them you should be able to do on your first attempt, a few online trophies that can all be boosted, and a couple car specific trophies.
  5. Absolutely! lol
  6. Probably the most satisfying easy plat I've ever gotten...idk what it is lol
  7. it's honestly not terribly difficult. Especially if you watch a walk-through showing some of the best strategies to get through the more difficult parts of the game. Patience and timing is everything in Grounded/Grounded +, (I watched PS4Trophies complete it).
  8. lol
  9. FINALLY! Large Kushala down! Save scumming works guys. Find a good investigation for whatever monster you're hunting at the time(At least 1 Gold and 1 Silver for rewards). Save your game. Then upload the save to the Playstation Cloud. Do your investigations. If they're all a no go, then simply close the game and download your save to your hard drive (over-writing your current save file). 1 more trophy to go. Anyone wanna farm a Downy Crake with me? lol "Snuggles for All" trophy ???
  10. Thanks ill add u now. Anyone else sniping large kush add me as well.
  11. same guys. My last crown too. this is crazy. Add me if you all wanna snipe with me today Phase_32
  12. Giant Kushala....please.... 😢
  13. That's exactly what i need too! I cant get either to drop for the life of me. Add me and maybe we can snipe em together. Phase_32
  14. made this post 26 mins ago. and no lie i just got a giant one LOL thats crazy. only teostra and large kush to go.