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  1. I have played games from Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout 3 on the PC (And New Vegas if that counts). I have not experienced a lot of bugs as many have reported, except for the occasional hiccup or freezing issues. But mainly my trust for them comes from knowing that despite any potential bugs at launch, they will still deliver a great, enjoyable game that I can immerse myself in and play for hours. I've immensely enjoyed those 4 games mentioned earlier and I am confident enough in Fallout 4 to deliver quality gameplay as well. That's where my trust comes from. I can't tell if you're purposely aggravating me or are serious. Your response was very unfair and very slightly immature so I'm not going to bother answering the rest nor read any response so that an argument doesn't start. That's perfectly fine that you don't enjoy ND games and do not trust them as a developer. But much of your reasoning as to why you disagree with MY trust in ND (using mainly your personal opinions on their games) is laughable and the manner in which you presented it is just begging for people to argue with you.
  2. It is featured in The Drop for this week so I think it's finally releasing. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2015/09/13/the-drop-new-playstation-games-for-9152015/
  3. Me too. Does anyone know what the heck happened to this? Been checking the store every hour for the past few days. It appeared a couple of times but would result in an error and now it doesn't appear at all.
  4. Sam: Survived Mike: Blown up in lodge Emily: Shot by Mike Matt: Killed by Wendigo when outside mine Jessica: Wendigo in mines Chris: Wendigo after one kills Victor Ashley: Wendigo after opening hatch Josh: Wendigo in the water Only survivor was Sam. Hoping to go for Jessica as the sole survivor next. Should be interesting.
  5. SPOILERS BELOW (Can't get the tags to work for some reason) | | | | For the most part, I really enjoyed it. However, once the game took that twist with the psycho being Josh and the actual threat being the Wendigos monsters, it really went a little downhill for me. I definitely would've enjoyed it more if they did not introduce them and kept it as an actual slasher horror game.
  6. Not even being sarcastic, I am extremely excited for this. I've always wanted a Frozen console game and it comes with trophies! It feels like Christmas today. Counting down the hours till it comes out. Apparently it comes with a local multiplayer snowball mode. How exciting.
  7. Glad that there was a cheaper alt. to the Pip Boy Edition.
  8. I guess what I meant were any huge game-breaking bugs like AC: Unity or BF4. Apart from the occasional glitch, I've never really had that with Bethesda Games. Maybe it's because I play most of them on the computer which seems the most stable for their games.
  9. As the title says, what developers/studios do you absolutely trust to deliver a quality game, with no bait-and-switch tactics or extremely buggy launches and you have complete comfort in preordering their game. My top 3 would have to be Naughty Dog, Rockstar and Bethesda.
  10. Just a heads up for anyone that doesn't know. There is an official companion app that helps you unlock secrets and keep track of collectibles. http://www.androidpolice.com/2015/08/24/sony-releases-until-dawn-companion-app-for-android-shortly-ahead-of-console-games-release/ It's available for Android and iOS.
  11. A game I dislike that everyone seems to like is Okami. Personally found it very boring and couldn't get into the game at all. The only reason I pushed on with it was for the trophies. The watercolour-like graphics were nice though and I loved Ammy and her companion bug thing.
  12. Seriously, the only reason I had bought one was to play Gravity Rush (was on my old account). And it was worth it. Best game ever.
  13. Fallout 3 and New Vegas and Gravity Rush (I think that's getting released on PS4? Haven't heard anything about it)
  14. The Everybody's Gone to the Rapture theme that you receive if you bought the game in the first 2 weeks or preordered. Normally not into themes that aren't the flow one but I love how the weather changes, and those click sounds.
  15. Spider-Man 3. People always criticise the jazz scene and the scene when he dances on the street but I absolutely loved it. One of my favourite comic-book movies ever actually.