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  1. Therefore, use https://psnprofiles.com/sessions On the top right site, you will see: create a session and the following will be self-explained. It is not allowed to use the forum to find people, because this site has the so called sessions for this
  2. I love this kind of sniper settings and enjoyed the game with patch 1.04, but must replayed the game for few trophies on patch 1.07. I think there few little bugs in the game, but they do not annoy me. I love the sniper gameplay of this game. Only annoying is the fact that the loading time for the start of the game or switching between the three maps (I think ca 2min). The open world has some nice interestic points but not so many like a AC. All in all, if you like to sniper soldiers similar to sniper elite and you have no problem with an open world game, where the focus is only on the campaign and few side quests, then I recommend it
  3. It sounds a bit confusing, but I am not sure, if I saw this in the game or read somewhere. But if I am right, you can unlock some stats in online maps, but I dont know how this works respectively if this is right. Does somebody know this?
  4. Hi, I try to figure out, if it is possible to play the whole game with a buddy to unlock every trophy. I read here and there few threads, different guides, but since I do not played it by myself (own it, but never installed) I do not know it. Please answer precisely about the following: 1 Is it possible to unlock every trophy in coop, i.e. is it possible to play the 'solo' campaign together? 2 If yes, how does the game saves the progress? E.g. in Far Cry 5, the game saves the story progress only for the host. 3 If 1 yes, what are the pros and cons, maybe it is possible, that you have in solo 3 bots, but if you play with a friend, you play without any bot 4 If 1 yes, is one another player enough or make it only sense with a specific number of buddies? (similiar to 3)
  5. So, after long time, I started the game with 1.07 again and ignored 1.09 (the current one respectively the last). I had no problems with all the sidequests and got all missing trophies. I played the sidequests as early as possible. I recommend everyone, who starts now to update the game before they start the game and do all sidequests as early as possible, because of two points. It can happened, that missions are locked, if you complete the story (clear out) and sometimes a sidequests sequence goes on, if you complete any mission (but many after specific story missions).
  6. I would say all Christmas memories, where I was a young boy and my brother was not an adult, since there was the whole family together.
  7. Oh Manhunt 3๐Ÿ˜ž 1.Soul Reaver, any kind related to the old saga like remasters, sequels 2.Army of two 4
  8. Nice Behaviour: I prepared in Far Cry 5 the most of the missions in new game+ infamous, such that my buddy must help me for few missions. He got the silver trophy for ng+ infamous with less effort as I did. Naughty Behaviour: I try to be the nice guy, especially im video games with decisions, but in Walking dead season 2 there was a whiny character, who was left for dead by me.
  9. I think it is also possible to find it out with the bles code on the disc, but for me it looks as the UK version like deathnyx explained
  10. I played just for the trophies. The problem for me is my pile of shame. But as a mobile plattformer it would be more interesting than Mario Run (my opinion). It was not so bad, although I am not the plattformer fan (played as kid too much with my Gameboy, therefore I dont play often jump n runs), but this game played more as a "skill" as a jump n run
  11. A game free for all needs 8 min, that means each player (for two) needs 80 mins plus loading time. Important: the game kicks you for inactivity Maybe you find a match with a lower time limit or less than 20 kills
  12. Read please the first post here. I can only confirm, if everyone has at least a savegame, where they finish the intro and Dutch Island on infamous in NG+, both get the trophy after they finish the last mission together. please do not ask me anything about infamous, it is annoying, I got the same question again and again. Please use a thread
  13. Wow, I wanted to start the same thread as you ๐Ÿ˜‚, but thanks for the information. Are you sure, that they remove everything over time? I know, that you cannot answer it correctly, but does anyone know if there were example in the history, where companies were closed and what happend to their games?
  14. Hello everyone, I think the thread titel sounds a bit confusing, but I try my best to explain it. I play at the moment on NG+ Infamous and I remembered on a problem, which I had in the normal run: On every area of the three bosses, I had nearly at the end of reaching the last resistance points the feeling, that I do not know what to do to get the last resistance points. I know, that you have many tasks like siedquests, storyquests, killing VIPs, destroy this and that etc. But everytime I reach a specific point I could not find new missions and the random tasks like VIPs. I had the feeling to reach the max points to get the boss is equivalent to finish all tasks on an area, although on the area overview there stands: 23/50 Missions, but I dont know where they are. So, can sb give me some tricks how I earn FAST and EASY the resistance points, such that I can finish the game as soon as possible. I know following: story missions give you many points, liberate all outposts to get new missions, destroying silos etc. is also okay, unlock the whole map to find everything unlock all roasters please do not ask me anything about infamous, it is annoying, I got the same question again and again. Please use a thread