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  1. I want to enter. I dont know which horror I like at most, because I am not such a fan of horror, but Army of Darkness is the first one which think, because Ash kicks the monster in their as$3$.
  2. In my opinion LiS is more enjoyable than LiS bts, but I think this was, because I am an adult and didn t understand the behaviour of the teenage Chloe in bts. But bts is also enjoyable and worth a play, because you learn sth about the backstories of LiS and it is also interesting.
  3. This is a good instruction for the mp grind, sad, that I read it too late, after I read so many information on different sites and youtube videos. But this summarize the most important rules for an efficient run. But I have the following problem: the 2x bonus is gone for me for months. I started the mp, got few days in row the bonus and then nothing. I did some days a break, but nothing. Also a longer break did not help me.
  4. I got 22 trophies, the most came from burnout paradise remastered
  5. In my opinion, I believe there will be a new video game crash someday. I remember, when I was younger I had no pile of shame. The case was that there were not much games in which I was interested like today. Another case are the price drops, which were not so fast like today. Today, because of the many companies, indies studios, who delevop so many games, the player built a pile of shame of games and cannot play all games they want. I think this is the problem, because of the many different games. For e.g. if you like story related with decisions like the telltale games, but you have not so much time to play many which one would be selected by many gamers: a Heavy rain, where your decisions defines different situations and many different individual endings and it has nice graphics or a telltale game like game of thrones, which decisions dont have any real influence and the graphic looks like years before? So I think the real big problems are the many different games, which cannot all be played, and the mainstream (more buyer more money for the company. But there some other problems like worse managing or sth else
  6. I also thought Croc would be connected to my childhood favourite game, but now I am more sad
  7. I have also some "obvious trophy-whoring games", I can understand your point and I feel sometimes not so comfortable about this, because only very few ones were okay in some point of view (e.g. puzzleshowdon: i was so busy at the moment and I could relax on this. My Name is Mayo: it is a kind of game which are so stupid that they are interesting). Especially I feel with you in the last point, I have these free time up and downs sometimes. I think my explanation was not good or detailed enough. I understand what you mean, but I had three (less) annoying situations (ps: everyone is welcome for questions on games, especially all my psn friends, but please no boosting requests for completed games). Three different stories I had: 1) on another site, I wrote in the general discussion thread about normal things (no boosting request or so), no one answered (the thread for the game was dead). Then four months later sb send me a message, that he needs help with boosting. I was confuse about this, because the game was completed since 3 or 4 months by me. I looked in the game section, didnt saw that he used the boosting thread and was disappointed, that he didnt tried to find someone in a normal boosting way. I recommend him this site and he found someone here. It was not so bad, what he did, but in my opinion he shoulded at least try to use some boosting threads. 2) (here on psnprofiles) Someone random, who i dont know, send me a request on a game, that I dont played for years. He spammed every group about his needed help, instead use a boosting session. I dont understand how he choose the people. In my opinion this was annoying, because it is a game, where you find many boosting sessions here and this was so random, I cannot reconize why he wrote me. 3) The annoying situation: On another site, i used the boosting section. I completed it and edited my message on the thread that I am done. Then one month later, I got a friend request, aksing for help, because they were 3 players and need one. I had deleted the game and said this, she was totaly unfriendly and wrote in a whining way. I looked on the thread, she didnt wrote in the boosting thread and the last request was only 2 days ago. I cannot understand why the people do not try it in an "officially" way and then complain, that they found someone in few seconds. It is my point of view, but I could not understand the last both. If you have another opinion, it is okay, you tell me about your stories or discuss also about this. at Sir_Bee and fbdbh: I miss the ps3 times, where such easy and "fast" platin games needed 10h to be completed, there you couldnt complain about the "value" of the platin at least on time ;p Thank you at everyone for the gentle discussion.
  8. Hello everyone, I hope that I am right, that there is no other thread like this (I searched). In Germany we have sth that is called "Knigge", it is about the right behaviour in different situations. I asked myself, what do you think what is the right behaviour for us trophy hunters. It is just a discussion, nothing is right or wrong and stories are also welcome. My personal no-gos: -send boosting-requests on people who are on the lists like playing it, in forum or who is the last who got the trophy -leave a working session without saying sth. or to help later -be in a session here, but not write that you cannot be in there on time
  9. On the ps3 was it possible, therefore i think it works on ps4 too
  10. I didnt like it, yes, it is right. My conclusion: is a strong no. But i wanted to remark, that the both dlcs are cheaper than the season pass (because the sp includes some clothes more, but nothing more trophy relevant), if you want to get the 100% If you only want to know, when the dlcs are better than the game, THEN NO. They are boring
  11. Buy the both dlcs about "hidden" and "curse of" seperately, is less than 20 euro. But i didnt liked them, i rushed them only for the 100%. The cursed one had a nice idea about the setting, because there are later some small regions with nice enemies, but I skipped most of the dioalogues.
  12. Hey, is this a kind of these keysites, where they want to call you or a scan of your id card, if you pay with paypall #T-100 lvl 27
  13. I know it is not the right thread, but does sb know how you can earn fast money? I need only the last upgrades
  14. Can sb tell me, how much time is approximately needed for the online trophies?
  15. I must do the online, too. Do you know if you must do the medals in mathmaking? (Never played the online part) If I am right (from what I read here and in guides): Not in private possible with two controllers: 50 accolades 1x bet (the 2x count for private) 25 medals? Or did I misunderstand sth?