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  1. Nice, thank you for this giveaway😍
  2. Since I do not know the perfect platinum icon, I looked in my list up and in my opinion the day of the tentacle icon is the best. It includes a funny and interesting scene of the game and not just an iconic like in other games. additionally the game has a retro bonus (although it is a great game also today)
  3. For the people, who got a code and know, that you will not use it. "Would you kindly" and start a giveaway? I hope I dont annoy anyone with this, you could decide whatevery you do with this code
  4. Wow, at first a big thank you for your detailed description. At second, yeah your text is logical. I have activate the mails, I got so many, but this time there was no mail. The fact, why I was disappointed, is that for the NA store they select sometimes the ppl "random"
  5. Ooh, I am bit jealous, because I would use it ;(, if I had one. To everyone, who got an e-mail, did you buy sth in the last two weeks?
  6. I played the Doom 64 mod, which wasreleased last year if I am right. I dont know if it included Brutal Doom, but it was a new style of playing Doom. But it was also a complete new game, with different levels and new graphics
  7. For all german players: If I remember right, then is Doom 3 RoE (only the AddOn) "indiziert", therefore Bethesda must do a new application for the usk (but I think they will not do it). Sadly, the Doom 3 bfg edition includes the RoE AddOn, but is not "indiziert". Yeah, the german laws are sometimes silly, especially for games. I think this is the reason, why Doom 3 is not released in the german store
  8. @TheUnforgiven259 Sry to say it, but from my knowledge is this the only way to get it. If you look on the other threads of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, you will see, that I was often active in these threads and it was often discussed about improvments of the patches. I had the problem, that few side missions were locked or did not triggered, although I had the conditions for them. I played with 1.04 or 1.05 and waited for another patch, which could not solve the problem on my (at the moment of the first playthrough) 'current' savegame. I contacted two times CI Games (yeah, they really answer your E-mails), first for the side missions problem and a second time for the current patch, how to unlock the last missions etc. They advised me to start a new game with the newest patch. So, I could finally finished the last trophies to get the platin. This is maybe not the best motivation, but it is true: If you know or remember a little bit about the missions, then the second playthrough will fast. I wish you good luck and hope you can enjoy it under these conditions
  9. Please explain me your full situation: 1. When did you started the game, especially with which game version? 2. Did you updated the game, since this playthrough? The problem of the game, which also occured in my first playthrough, is, if you played in a version lower than the current one, this can cause some buggy behaviour like block unlocking trophies or so. Therefore, I updated to the current version (think 1.07) and started a fresh playthrough and everything worked fine. This is maybe another stupid advise, but before start a new playthrough check your sniper weapons with some trophy guides (step by step). (Yes, me happen sometimes stupid things, too, although I thought I did it right😅)
  10. Hey, I am glad to help you ☺️. It is not the best method, but it works😂
  11. I had yesterday the same problem, i went offline, deleted my save and could play (I tried many different methods, no helps, except this one) You can try it with another profile. I had the problem: I was online, started the game on the main profile, I had the infinite loading screen, same for the 2nd account (no save before), then I went off and used account 3 and there it worked
  12. I had a similiar problem with minecraft story mode, one hour before. I could solve it by a not perfect method: I disabled internet, deleted my save and start minecraft, then it worked I read somewhere, that maybe changing the system language could help (not in my case)
  13. I had problems with my Ghosts (ps3) hardened edition years ago. The code was not expired, but didnt worked. I contacted the service of CoD, they sended me some codes and no worked. In the end, I got a copy of another Cod sended as excuse.
  14. Yep, that is right and you can earn more tokens like challenge tokens to max up every ability and bot. Short: make the dlcs first and then rush the ng+
  15. can you give us some information about: Which region (NA or not), which patch version, last checkpoint or whole last chapter? I ask, because many people be inconsistent with this 'trick', some ppl say it works and other ppl say no.