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  1. I hope one of the last deals is Horizon Zero Dawn or especially for what I hope, that the DLC frozen wilds would be cheaper, because I dont started the game (I want to play the whole adventure)
  2. Thank you for this information, do you have a source or sth else, because I dont know which dlcs belong to disney (the disney own a lot of things now), which are needed for the other lbp titles Best! Thank you for the source
  3. Is it a kind of prequel, sequel or more like a spin off, because I played the normal Doom and there I hope that sth....(you know what I mean, if you played it)
  4. https://psprices.com/region-us/game/226571/watch-dogstm-bad-blood there is said, that it was never in sale for the US, therefore nobody can make a forecast, although Ubisoft Sales appear often in the stores, it is curious that only this one was not
  5. I dont know why, but in my opinion this year there are no really good sales (amazon and co).
  6. My problem is, that I cannot find the quest (the person is not there), so I cannot select it per journal. There is one mission, I think it is called the brigde, it is in my journal,but it cannot be selected over the journal or sth else, because it is grayed out (I try all locations). the loose ends iv mission does not appear in my journal, although i finished iii. I tried the journal/computer in the safe rooms, so I think you have really luck How could you talk with them? I used a steam discussion (no answer of the devs or someone else) and the response of my Email was like "we send this to the development section of our company and if they find sth they will improve it"
  7. Okay, thank you, I hoped, that there would be some new skills or so, that carry over to the base game
  8. I dont played it, but I am interested in thefollowing question: Is there a positive effect of playing the base game, then the dlc and then NG+ on hard? I know it is a bit early to ask, but I saw that the activity of this thread is high again. I want to start it in few weeks (i want to complete some other trophies and I waited, because I hate to have fun with a game and then after you are done for a lot of time they release a dlc)
  9. I dont know also, but I am interested in the general topic in cencorship. I can only guess, in my opinion it cannot be about a classification problem, because Germanys classification system about games is not so hard like years ago. Therefore I think either a licence problem or the publisher dont want to piblish this game in these countries for no logical reason (or sb else have the rights in these countries, because this is in the category of movies the problem)
  10. 1.I think it is only NA, because every European player dont get it (I dont get it too) and the thread starter is in NA 2. Theoretically, when there is no restriction (often only a restriction for not released games) you can use it for discounted games (I never experienced that is not possible)
  11. I doubt that some of the following games will be announced, but I love to remember on some games and I m happy, that you remember me on some of them: Twisted Metal (at least the head on ps2 version) Resistance Medievil Heavenly sword (one of the remastered that i want)
  12. I dont played it for a long time, too. But I read the changelogs and there was nothing about the game/sidemissions. The only things that are listed are improvments for/of the dlc (2 patches) and sth about the snow decals. Maybe I try it when I am done with my current trophies of wildlands.
  13. Thank you for the information, I try to get this but there server are nearly dead (at the moment there only 2 and they are with 1 - 4 player, who sometimes play not enjoyable)
  14. Hi, I need some help/information about the multiplayer. I installed the game with the dlcs and I selected warzone and custom match with bots, but I cannot select all classes. I m not sure, but my savegame is deleted and therefore I thought that must unlock sth, but I cannot find any games on the eu or us server. Please, I need some instruction about the multiplayer