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  1. I had problems with my Ghosts (ps3) hardened edition years ago. The code was not expired, but didnt worked. I contacted the service of CoD, they sended me some codes and no worked. In the end, I got a copy of another Cod sended as excuse.
  2. Yep, that is right and you can earn more tokens like challenge tokens to max up every ability and bot. Short: make the dlcs first and then rush the ng+
  3. can you give us some information about: Which region (NA or not), which patch version, last checkpoint or whole last chapter? I ask, because many people be inconsistent with this 'trick', some ppl say it works and other ppl say no.
  4. I dont know how the search algorithmn works, but yesterday I found two player (randoms) to play with, some tries before I had only found one random
  5. Yes, the game includes all dlcs
  6. I am not sure, if this happens also for back up your system on an external drive, but if you only copy your save games on a drive, it will not copy all games. Since there are some games which dont allow to copy their sava data, but they can be copied to your ps plus cloud.
  7. Thank you for the great idea😍
  8. How much grinding is needed to buy all trophies for the worst case (you get the minimum of all trophies)? Is it high or only few hours?
  9. I am interested in all trophies related Dlcs, does it mean: Costs of Hitman 2 with all trophies= hitman 2 (+season pass) for 60$ (+40$)+ hitman 1 ps plus ("free")+legacy pack (ca. 10$ at the moment)? Or is the legacy pack free, if I start Hitman 1? These many editions confuse me
  10. I had the same problem, you must upgrade your boat. Yeah it sounds silly, but I lost so much distance in the story missions, because my boat was not "good" enough. If I am right, the boat should be 3\4 of the max to be optimal for the story
  11. Did sb know, if the Hitman 1 PS Plus Version (I m a bit confused with all the different editions, which sounds like: complete ed, the completer ed., the completest of the completest .... ed) is enough to unlock all Hitman 1 missions in Hitman 2? Or can be sth missing or do I need to pay for legacy pack sth.? Am I right, that H2 Gold ed. includes only H2 + Season pass without any H1 missions?
  12. I played as child often mobile phone games, therefore I would like 3rd person or ego shooter games as games in the iso (2.5D) perspective. For example GTA, Far Cry (or any other open worlf shooter). Nice would be a kind of these grind shooter like Destiny. I think, I would find many more games, if I think more about your topic
  13. It is difficult for the case you do not use a trick. I do not know if I remember right, but the trick is to jump on the enemies head and attack them, while they cannot attack you. Without this trick it is in my opinion impossible
  14. Two games come to my mind regarding your topic: Orc Slayer: the game is such awful, bit some mechanics increase the difficulty like no checkpoints, magic attacks, which damage you a lot and the not undestandable end fight. It is doable, but I played it very slowly to avoid to die at the end of a level. Spiral Splatter: It is the game, which is denoted as easy, but I cannot reach a higher percentage than 20%. I do not own the skill for this kind of games
  15. Use the page psprices.com