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  1. Hi, please use https://psnprofiles.com/sessions to create or find a session
  2. Welcome to psnprofiles, there is a function that is called session, either you look for an open session or create one https://psnprofiles.com/sessions Ps to the mods: can you try, that you can create a session from the game site, otherwise so many ppl will create new threads
  3. I am not sure, if this would be a new sc game. I think games like division or wildlands were announced "years" before the final release was, therefore I dont think there appear a new game in this year (so it would be a remaster). But otherwise they presented the ac games also not years before. What do you rhink
  4. Ps, you can get all trophies in private match and some sp trophies can be achieved in mp, too
  5. It is possoble without, I played the sp a bit and bought then the dlcs and played then after years the mp. You dont need really a progress in the sp. All dlc cars are unlocked. My boost partner started with the mp first and got all online trophies which requires a partner
  6. I read on twitter, that they recommend to play with 1.07 a new game (was before they release 1.09). But somewhere I read that people had problems with 1.09
  7. I am not sure, but it could be something like they unlocked it and synchronize it later. I do not know how exactly you can "manipulate" the timestamps in such a way, therefore I am also interested how they did it
  8. I saw yesterday on steam only worse reviews. I think it was all about the performance. How does it works on ps4?
  9. Did sb played it and has an own opinion on this game, because I am int3rested in dw9, th last dw i played was 3.
  10. I read often, that the dlcs are fixed for the region where you bought the game. Therefore I think it would not work.
  11. Use the create a boosting session function of this page. https://psnprofiles.com/sessions
  12. Thanks, this info is very helpful, I hoped that I goes faster, but at least I know now a real estimation
  13. Okay, thank you for this information. I think I will start a session at the end of January.
  14. Hi, I read on some sites, that there are people who got it with only 2 controllers, but I do not get to work, therefore I hope somebody can write an easy tutorial about this. My situation: I used two controllers, the first one is the main, where I am only logged in with my main account. The second controller was used to get the three other accounts to work. In the menu of vs matches, I selected with controller 1 a character, the second does the same, then per ps button->power->change user i selected another account and so on. Now in the map selection there is the biggest problem, I select with both controllers a map, change with controller 2 to another account and select a map, but with the last account I cannot select anything (I tried to switch the accounts alot), so I logged out with the problem account (ps button->power, log out) and log in again, then I can select a map. After this nothing happened, so I switch the accounts and log out and log in, press everytime x to start a match, then after alot of tries the game starts a countdown, all four characters are logged in, but in this few seconds there appear two times the matche, a player left the game. Somebody, who can help?
  15. Can somebody tell me, how much afford are needed for the mp trophies? I ask, because I have at the moment not so much time, but if they are only 10min trophies I would start a boosting session