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  1. Hi K_Tsoumas21, can you explain, how you handled this? I am in the same situation to clean up my last trophies (especially a kill with every weapon and the 1 000 kills). I am afraid, that I do it in the wrong way, since the stats from the main menu shows only all treasures, but no kills, and each savegame shows a different amount of kills. I dont want to waste my time.
  2. anyone tested, if the minimum number of players for community games work properly?
  3. Did the same and the trophy finally popped
  4. Hi, I dont get it how it works. I have two factions (Mad and the Outcasts). I did 8 Faction missions, two hard faction missions and 2 support ones, but no bling for me :\ (in a three hour session before reset). The most faction missions I must reload, because I am nearly at the end of the story, so I dont get it why everyone talking that there exact 8 missions
  5. Thank you for the information I will see how hard it will be. I am just curious, if this works. I remember, that one of the lasts levels was in the ps3 extremly hard and I couldnt finish it. If your opinion is true, than it will be this time easier
  6. Does this is really work in mw 2 remastered? I know, that not every CoD has such glitch
  7. Oh the last points sound very suspect. I thought your problem would be only this one grindy trophy, but there more unrealistics achievings
  8. Hi, since the new update we have the immersive mode. I like the gameplay without the gear score, but I want to collect all trophies. I know, that you get the killing, story and many more trophies. But the main question I ask myself: What about the raid trophy or specific rate gear? For the raid one, I want to know, if I am right now gear score e. g. 50, what happens after e. g.10h gaming without the gear score? Will I have a higher score after activating the gear score again, or will I have a gs of 50 again (sadly I think the last one happens). The other point about high rated gear, I think you cannot unlock this in the no gs mode, or is this assumption wrong?
  9. Think about the system of start and end times about trophies. I dont own the game, but I know many people grind a lot before they got their first trophy on a game. So, it looks like they needed less time than other ppl. In the case (i dont know if this works in Grid), he\she could farm a lot of miles before to get his or her first trophy. The first trophy is the start point and therefore it looks he or she needs less time as you would play it.
  10. If I am right, they announced for MK X a second kombat pack and then after all characters were released, they added the trophies. I assume, that they maybe could announce a new package, too. There are some rumours based on Ed Boons statements, that there will come new cool things. I think either if Spawn is released for all or if the last character of an unannounced (and based on "rumored" rumors) second package, they will add trophies like in MK X and Injustice 2
  11. My was Spider-Man inclusive the Dlcs, since the game was so enjoyable and interesting. I love the kind of characters who talk in such a way like Spider Man. Therefore I loved the series the Amazing Spider Man (the TV serie). I loved that also to achieve the platin was so much fun. In other great games you can have so much fun about the story and gameplay, but to hunt down some trophies it decrease the fun factor. But this holds not for Spider man, it was great
  12. I would recommend to contact CI Games per E-mail or Twitter. They answer the E-mails or the tweets sometimes. In the last game, the fixed the problems after many wrote them, but they needed much time
  13. I'm not sure, but the prepaid cards work only in the specific country, e.g. Austria cards do not work in Germany
  14. Like the title it said, I am looking for a guide, which shows for the hard wing suit stunts (the red ones) how to beat them. I know many people will say, the most are easy, but I have problems with the red ones. I need advices like when use a parachute or let fall for special stunts (not in general), for example flying through a cave and get a ring nearly the water surface and then get the last ring in a small corner makes me desperate. The sad thing, I have not found a complete guide, some YT videos, but the description is not helpfully to find specific stunts or the harder ones are missing EDIT: I figured out, that the purple/red stunts are stunts, which were added per patch and are not necessary for the trophies.
  15. Not only you, I had the same problem Dont forget this game (here) has difficult trophies, I dont know how hard the hardest difficulty is (maybe like BO3 realistic).