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  1. Thank you for the information, I try to get this but there server are nearly dead (at the moment there only 2 and they are with 1 - 4 player, who sometimes play not enjoyable)
  2. Hi, I need some help/information about the multiplayer. I installed the game with the dlcs and I selected warzone and custom match with bots, but I cannot select all classes. I m not sure, but my savegame is deleted and therefore I thought that must unlock sth, but I cannot find any games on the eu or us server. Please, I need some instruction about the multiplayer
  3. I started the online part of Injustice 2, I m sad to see, that there is only ranked set, where you must fight till sb reach 3 wins/losses. Can sb. please explain how it work with the trophy? I have only one win,but I m not to sure, if I got it from the fight where I win one time and lose 3 times or from a disconnect of the other player during the player select, because I won another game, but quit the set after the next lose and this single win was not added :/ Done: only a real ranked-set win (win three times in a set) counts for the trophy and when sb leaves it does not count forward for the trophy, but it is in the statistic
  4. After so much anger, so much sadness and so much clicking x and triangle, I have got it, okay it needs 5314 bronze ones (the few silver and gold, I do not count), but now I must update my system and the game to synchronize my trophies
  5. A new patch 1.07, I cant find a changelog
  6. I wrote an E-Mail to the techsupport of CI Games, they said, they will investigate it and try to solve it with the next patch. I hope so for you, me and many other gamers
  7. There is a new patch 1.06 online, I hope there is more than just the sabotage things, I try to find some changelogs Okay, I cannot find a changelog, can sb please download and check the changelog on the ps4 system (Choose sgw3 app- press option and look for the update-infos or sth else , sry but my internet is too slow ;( ) Changelog: some points for the dlc and only the snow decals isssue should be fixed for the main game
  8. Oh, that is really sad, how do you played the side quests? I think maybe it could be helpful to do all side quests before completing the story, but I dont know. I m a bit disappointed, because I wrote in a steam thread, there is someone called CI-Games, he/she tries to answere everything, say "thank you" to everyone who write a positive review, but my thread was ignored ;( I wait for a patch in a far away future :/ before I try to replay it. Hey, do you know, if it helps to delete the current patch and play with 1.00 (I dont know, if the savegame is usable )?
  9. I read in some threads, that this trophies (the ones with a specific number) are a bit glitched, such that you must win a few fights more (I think you should try till 70 wins)
  10. Can sb. summarize the best method to get this trophy, please. I know it sounds a bit silly, but I started the game today with no patch and read sth here and there, but I m not sure. So, should I play with no patch,such that I collect the ingame money, make a back up and then buy bronze boxes for only 1000 or patch the game and use another method?
  11. Therefore I hope, that at least for the last ones is a workaround, because with one of them is the the rifle trophy connected. I will at first finish the other trophies and at second I hope there exists sth that helps, at third I think/hope that there will be a patch with the new dlc at September.
  12. I m in the worst situation of this game :/ , I m done with the story, but cannot select the following side ops:clear out (act ii), loose ends iv and bridge. I know, that some of you have the same problems with one mission of this, therefore I hope you can help me at least with the other ones. clear out: I cant find the quest person, no journal loose ends iv: nothing,no journal bridge: it is marked in my journal, but it is dark and there is a yellow point on this, I cant select it my current game situation (maybe helpful?): -story done -12/16 most wanted -the other side quests are done, only the three I miss -started the game with 1.04 and now 1.05 -disc version (I dont know, if I uninstall the game, the savegames work) -some other throphies must be done -I traveled between the areas sometimes, because often it is said, that this works
  13. Okay, thanks for the information. When nothing helps, I must repeat it like you, but at least, it is early and no weapons depends on this to be unlocked
  14. Hi, I finished the whole story and now I want to get the missing trophies. But I have a problem about one side quest it is called "clear out". I read that you get the mission after beating the two side quests in the mining town (done) and it belongs to act ii (I had finished the game). So, I go to the place, where it should start, but I cannot find the person (I fast traveled, I switch the maps and did some other quest), nothing helps. I have only left some missions in in dam and the bridge mission in village. Or is there another requirement?
  15. I started the game today and there is a new update 1.05, because of my slow internet and the big size of the patch (ca. 7gb) I dont know the new improvements. I cant find any changelogs. Does sb know what they improved? I hope faster loading times