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  1. If the PS4 uses this and the next xbox doesn't it's going to spell the end of the playstation and possibly sony as a whole with it. Though if both consoles use this and people accept it it could also be the end of retailers like gamestop. Most of their income comes from used games. This would then push us to a completely digital age of consoles and i'm not sure if I or my internet connection speed is ready for that.
  2. I didn't even know that Sonic Adventures was on the PS Store. NOSTALGIA HERE I COME!

    1. GeorgeGianno


      And not only,a lot of great games like Golden Axe,Streets Of Rage etc :)

  3. It's quite fun. But don't go in expecting any major details outside of the most wanted list to compare with it.
  4. Playing NFS:MW (2012). I have like one event left to beat, collectables (I have all the cars. I just gotta find dupe jack spots), and 3 pro mods online. At least as far as I remember. PSNProfiles is STILL under maintenance.
  5. Got NFS Most Wanted. It's a good game, but goddamn the brake assist is pissing me off. It's messing me up rather than helping, and I don't see an option to turn it off.
  6. Only ones that will really give me grief are the collection trophies and the first place in every race with every car. Can't wait.
  7. While I myself dislike online trophies, seperating platinums into two different catagories seems a bit much. Platinum trophy (to me) means that one has finished if not 100% then a major portion of a game. Online is just as much a part of a game as offline is. In my humbly humble opinion.
  8. Sadly with the new trailer I think it's for playstation all stars. It's a shame. We already know about all stars. I would kill for infamous 3.
  9. I think your first problem is that you are taking metacritic user reviews seriously.

    1. Sir_Bee


      Borderlands today! Hurah!

  11. uuugh borderlands 2 comes out in like 5 days. The wait is killing me. So close yet so far.

    1. Muff


      ^ what they said

    2. Sir_Bee
    3. Jarred_450


      I can't wait for the GOTY edition to be 20 bucks ....

  12. I buy games that I enjoy and try to get platinum on the side. As in you won't see me buying hanna montana or CSI the game to get a couple cheap platinums.
  13. I know its a bit late but you saved me with the 1500 WP dare and smash 60 items in alleys.
  14. Tricked Out Buy all of the Upgrades from the Garage Working on platinum driver san francisco.
  15. I get really freaking angry on games like Battlefield and ME2 on hardest difficulty. I'm not breaking controllers or anything because I usually swap out games though. And only like BS deaths get me annoyed. Like in driver san fran, like your driving doing a race and you smashed into a civvie and lost. That is YOUR fault, not the games. On battlefield, enemies have shotguns that one-shot death at medium range and it forces you to go through a close quarters. THATS about 50 BS deaths on my battlefield story record. And then it comes to artificial difficulty VS actual difficulty but I won't get into that...