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  1. Idk, I ate a mushroom and ended up getting the trophy without discovering all of the mushrooms according to my survival guide.
  2. Man, the amount of Bethesda bootlickers is sad.
  3. The Devs patched the game and added the poison puff into the game.
  4. Interesting, can't wait for more info to come.
  5. I 100% recommend Yakuza. It's a good game, I almost have the platinum on Yakuza 0. On my new account.
  6. Yeah! I am excited for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, I am glad that there are lots of SP games coming out. I can't wait for the forest to release on Nov 6th!
  7. Same! I have the terrible Verizon jetpack which takes forever to download updates/games and I can't play online. So I am extremely glad that Left Alive is single player only.
  8. Okay, good to know! I am excited, can't wait for more info to come! Okay, good to know! I am excited, can't wait for more info to come!
  9. Oh Okay. You make valid points.
  10. The rating organizations do suck and there's no need for them. Yes, the question is rhetorical. At the same time, they have released a plethora of games, that have nudity, Sony had no problem with releasing them. All of sudden they introduce a new policy and the game is censored, Sony is to blame for the shitty policy. At the same time, Xseed should've just canceled the localization of the game to protest the policy.
  11. Can't blame xseed. Blame Sony's censorship policy!
  12. Looks interesting I wish there was more footage around. I am curious if it's going to be single player only or will it have a multiplayer aspect to it?
  13. North American Playstation store
  14. Resonance of Fate is $35 and according to the save minimum, it lists 38GB.
  15. Hope this get a physical edition