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  1. Digital does not have a platinum trophy.
  2. I want it, I don't like the price of the game.
  3. If I don't get the collectibles can go back later in the game to get them?
  4. Today, Ubisoft announced that Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now available for non-VR players on the PlayStation 4 and PC, with a free new update that will allow players to experience the game without needing a PSVR device on your headPlayers who choose not to play in VR can still participate in online matches, as the game will now allow VR or non-VR players to join matches seamlessly. Let us know in the comment section below if you plan on jumping back into Star Trek: Bridge Crew with no VR! For more information on the game, make sure to check out below: Read more at I can't wait to buy this game now since I don't need the headset.
  5. I saw this earlier and got lucky enough to get the Zombie Vikings Code
  6. I am curious on how many gigabytes the game is going to be
  7. My map has everything shown for all three locations, but yet I haven't unlocked the trophy. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Finally I can finally achieve the platinum for my other account when i decide to play again.
  9. ?

    Any Idea when they are going to release this I remember seeing the release date for august 30th but it hasn't come out yet.
  10. I checked all the chapters and it said that I completed them all. I did just update the game so I'll check again to see if that did anything.
  11. Okay I didn't quit the end-credits I let them play through I'll try again tho. I did beat two levels on crushing then switched to the lowest difficulty so that could also affect it.
  12. I beat the game but the bonus menu isn't there for some reason.
  13. So I can do all of these trophies offline?
  14. I lost the fight with papyrus will I be able to still get the donating to dog shrine trophies?
  15. I imagine it's for the whole game with the dlc