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  1. Also what enemies did you use it on?
  2. Okay, Thank you! Also any idea on a good area to level up Miram?
  3. To everyone who got the bloodstained trophy, how did you get it exactly?
  4. Yeah, the cap is 125 so I imagine once they reach 125 no more new trophies. Bloodstained is freaking awesome! I am enjoying it! looks like an easy platinum, just mostly grindy.
  5. Looks like I won't update until I beat the game and get all the trophies.
  6. I beat bloodless, and drained the blood fountain.
  7. Does anyone have any good gold and xp farmin spots?
  8. It's being reported that Patch 1.02 has broken the game for people. Since chests with key items are opened and stopping people from progressing. So just a warning to everyone.
  9. Finishing up the terrible grind of Star Ocean 5 on my AbnormalLight account before I start the next two playthroughs, Finishing up Minecraft and Going to start Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night which I can't wait to play.
  10. Doesn't look difficult. I am excited about this game! I wonder if they plan to add trophies for all the free content they plan to add in.
  11. You're welcome! Hard to say exactly when Phantasy Star 2 Online will arrive in other platforms.
  12. Does the world size matter for the map room trophy? Could I do this trophy on Small World size?
  13. Phil Spencer said it's coming to all platforms. Yes, eventually. I put that in my updated post about Phantasy Star 2 Online.
  14. Really excited for this. I'll be playing on it X1 it seems until a PS4 release is confirmed. Phantasy Star 2 Online will be releasing on all platforms. Source:
  15. I hope this goes up for preorder on Amazon soon.