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  1. Finishing up the terrible grind of Star Ocean 5 on my AbnormalLight account before I start the next two playthroughs, Finishing up Minecraft and Going to start Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night which I can't wait to play.
  2. Doesn't look difficult. I am excited about this game! I wonder if they plan to add trophies for all the free content they plan to add in.
  3. You're welcome! Hard to say exactly when Phantasy Star 2 Online will arrive in other platforms.
  4. Does the world size matter for the map room trophy? Could I do this trophy on Small World size?
  5. Phil Spencer said it's coming to all platforms. Yes, eventually. I put that in my updated post about Phantasy Star 2 Online.
  6. Really excited for this. I'll be playing on it X1 it seems until a PS4 release is confirmed. Phantasy Star 2 Online will be releasing on all platforms. Source:
  7. I hope this goes up for preorder on Amazon soon.
  8. The Dualshockers article I posted in my edited version of my post notes that it's an exclusive deal with Microsoft and Sega. So I don't see it coming to the PS4 in the West.
  9. Microsoft and Sony have teamed up and such. As Microsoft has allowed Sony to use their Azure technology Also I feel like if it was exclusive to Xbox One, Microsoft would have made a much bigger deal out of it. But I am not going to hold my breath if it doesn't come out on PS4.
  10. Most likely will come to Ps4 if it was an Xbox exclusive they would have said in the trailer.
  11. English and probably Also it isn't currently coming to Europe. Just North America as of now.
  12. Phantasy Star 2 Online will be releasing first for Xbox and PC. Then eventually will release to PS4 and Switch
  13. Do you not use a power surge protector? I've had multiple power outages at my house while playing ps4 and it ended up being fine because of the power surge protector.
  14. Definitely, will be picking this up. Hopefully, the price isn't too bad.
  15. Free Updates After Launch Speedrun Mode Pure Miriam Outfit Boss Rush Mode Online & local Co-op and Vs. Mode Roguelike Mode 2 Extra Playable Characters Chaos Mode Classic Mode Boss Revenge Mode Source: (