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  1. I'm definitely planning on buying the Aim controller but the money is tight right now. That's why I'm wondering if I should buy the game to get into it while other players are still playing it because it's probably gonna be a few months until I buy the controller.
  2. Makes me wonder what other feature will they be stripping away next. :/ I was a part of a few small communities and I'll miss them.
  3. Hello! I know some VR games are best played with the aim controller and I've seen people saying to not even attempt games like Firewall if you don't have an Aim controller. So is this one of those games or is it perfectly fine with move controllers or dualshock? I've heard a lot of praise about this game but don't want to buy it if I need the controller.
  4. 3/4 of fans? That's a huuge stretch. The game sold amazingly well and got many awards chosen by players. I think the people who enjoyed the game don't have to praise everytime it's mentioned unlike people who hate it who have to mention how shitty it is everytime, which might seem like it's more hated than it actually is? I think it's a small portion with loud voices, definitely not 3/4 of players.
  5. I wish they gave us something new and interesting (like TLOU2) instead of a remake. It would be great for them to take some risks and not make so many safe games, by which I mean they feel somewhat formulaic. It seemes strangely early to have a remake of this instead of something new. Can't imagine what a remake of TLOU 1 would look like, it's not very plot heavy and the story is quite simple, so beside updated combat or something, what would they change?
  6. Kesme63, Sacrifice Hope not in midsommar kind of way 😬
  7. Looks very nice, I'll be adding it to my wishlist to buy later. Thanks for bringing attention to this!
  8. There's not much to advise since you only have one unfinished game so I'm gonna recommend some games you haven't played: A Plague Tale: Innocence or The Dark Pictures Anthology games could be right up your alley.
  9. I noticed it too. The guy grabs ledge and falls even though I'm still holding the button.
  10. Not sure I would say Fall Guys is underrated. It's the most downloaded game on PS+ of all time and millions of people own it on other platforms. I have to add my vote for A Plague Tale: Innocence. It's a shame this game isn't more well-known, it's a true masterpiece. Paper Beast is another absolutely fantastic game and I'm glad more people will get to play it since it's on Play at Home. It has an amazing athmosphere and puzzles. Might be controversial but I stand by that Mass Effect: Andromeda is a fantastic game and it does not deserve the hate it got. I've seen some people say Hotel Transylvania 3: Monsters Overboard is boring but I have to disagree. I've had a lot of fun with it, it just takes time to get used to controls.
  11. Seems like it will have 20% off for PS+ members, but I'm not sure it's live yet since it has no original price crossed?
  12. Practice is definitely a way to go as well as luck. I have about 400 hours on the game and have only won 7 times even though I get to the finals regularly. Don't feel bad about not winning, almost 80% of players haven't won a crown. I would definitely recommend to go for the squads. I went into five rounds of squads yesterday and got assigned random players and we won three times which made for one crown. It will happen eventually if you keep trying.
  13. I bought the game last year but haven't even touched it yet so I'm very excited!
  14. This is so stupid. Gonna have to quickly buy some things. I'm a little confused, will I able to download games after the date or not? I hope all-digital ps3 game will be availabe on ps now still.