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  1. Someone help me get the Barras trophy on Rocket League?

  2. I buy annually anyways, I don't go online much but the monthly games alone are worth it imo, especially over the two consoles.
  3. I'm kidding (slightly), I just didn't enjoy the Xbox itself, the controller, format etc. I think it's because I grew up with Playstation right from the first one so I guess it's what you're used to.
  4. A few year back I bought am XBOX 360 because people swore it was the console of the gods, two weeks later I sold it and lost £70 on it. I'm not bitter about the money, I'm bitter about the 2 weeks of my life I'll never get back
  5. Thank you I'm still playing Stick Of Truth, not because it's hard, simply because I wasn't organised with all the collectibles available grrr. Should have my platinum within my next 2 hours of game play though, I'm glad it's a fun game at least.
  6. It's a shame because since Lovefilm stopped hiring games, we don't have a decent subscription service over here.
  7. There is no option for a Free trial when I try to access it, and when I try on my computer it says link is invalid grrr.
  8. Yeah, like I said I don't just play for the trophies, many of my favourite games I haven't no where near achieved even half of the trophies (GTA, Fifa etc), but as a starter to trophy collecting I do want to sort of "build up the numbers". Thanks for all the great suggestions so far.
  9. Lottoyy Feel free to add, expanding my game collection, play both PS4 and PS3.
  10. People at school often called me "Lottie" as its an abbreviation of Charlotte, and they started sorta calling me Lottoyyyyyyy because they knew how much I hated it and it kinda stuck.
  11. Will let you know, I'm currently playing South Park stick of truth as I played it briefly on Steam and really enjoyed it.
  12. Life is Strange is my favourite game I've played in a long time, although episode 5 isn't released until October. It's basically a "choices have consequences" game, easy trophies but really fun. £15.99 for the full season or around £3 each I believe.
  13. I say almost 24 as in I'm 24 in under 3 weeks but I will embrace sounding young! It's nice to see such an active community here, very glad I found it.
  14. I'm Charlotte, I'm almost 24 and I live in Newcastle. I have played Playstation for a long time although I haven't been a trophy collector very long but I'm definitely enjoying it so far. I work in a Nursery and I have a son who is 3 next month. I love music, everything from The Smiths to Rod Stewart, I love football (Newcastle Utd who else?) and I also love to cook. I'm currently not active on any online community so I'm very much looking forward to getting to chat to you all. I also have alot of tattoos, my current work being a half sleeve.
  15. Chrome to the point I can't function using a different computer if it doesn't have it installed.