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  2. I just looked at the calendar of events and the hunt for the boss has disappeared, they have put a challenge on the community. 😞
  3. Didn't pop for me 30/07/2019
  4. I bought all the weapons and runes and I have not skipped the trophy, I have nothing left to buy, any solution or do I have to start from scratch? EDIT: I restarted the game and got the trophy when I started the level
  5. I have the same problem, do you know why it is? EDIT: just got some trophies playing on PS3 a while ago, synchronized with the server and then psn and it fixed
  6. still not working the glitch?
  7. Hello, playing the journey I have been given the trophy "the champions", but they have not given me "Aim for the Stars", is this glitched?
  8. Dame argoooooo
  9. sidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasidasida Hola!😘
  10. JorgeDormirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    1. JorgeSleep


      ¡Dame arrrrgo con lo que te he hecho ahorrar!

  11. Gracias jorgedormir yo también tengo jueguito por la face!
  12. they have added a new way with this patch, can you get Platinum playing offline?
  13. They have lowered prices you can buy everything instead of 1 to 500, you don't need to put real money in the game to go up fast.
  14. Eres mas hacker que Elliot Alderson.