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  1. ok, thank you very much!
  2. Hello, I have all the standard memories and I did not miss the trophy, has it happened to someone else?
  3. There is no way to choose the game mode, only when it comes out, I also take that trophy late in getting it, but in the end it comes out.
  4. This weekend there is double XP, it already started.
  5. It doesn't let me play the assault mode online either, it gives me error NP-31887-7, let's see if they solve it.
  6. Can you only know the blows you give to the boss when you finish the fight and it tells you the message on the screen? is that in one fight I gave him more hits than in another and in both he made me hit the boss only 1 time
  7. Until what day is the boss invasion available, and how long does it take to get the 4 trophies?
  8. It is already fixed, you get into the game, you go to the name of the DLC that will come out with the shopping cart, it redirects you to the store and lets you buy it.
  9. according to some users told me on twitter, the error is due to the update of the store to ps5, hopefully they will solve it soon
  10. I have tried to buy it, but it costs € 29.99, when trying to put it in the shopping cart it tells me that it cannot be added to the shopping cart. EDIT: In other forums in Spain they are commenting that the same problem happens with the deluxe edition.
  11. How have you contacted them? I tried from their page by sending them an email and also by twitter, they have not answered me in any of them.
  12. No, I have opened the link from my PC and I don't get the option to add to the library or any other option.
  13. Yes, I tried, when I enter in the menu, it seems like i haven't bought it yet. I have tried it all but the add-ons still appear as if they need to be paid.
  14. Hello, I bought the deluxe edition of the eternal doom, I have redeemed the code that it includes but it does not allow me to download the DLC from either the PC or the library and within the game it appears as not available, has it happened to someone else ?. I have tried to delete the game and reinstall it but it remains the same. It was supposed to include a season pass for year 1, but i have to pay.
  15. Thanks for your input, the same problem happened to me, I can't create a public game or search, I read your comment about joining a friend and so I can enter.