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  1. Does anyone know if these psone games autopop?
  2. I only played the demo as a kid but loved the game. Anyone know how difficult this is?
  3. These will be easier since you have the rewind feature now. Still super excited though
  4. Game is super easy, beat it on xbox in about 4 hours simply because the game is so damn beautiful. Just watch out for missable (which can be found on youtube) and if you rush it, it can be done in about an hour or two. But I advise everyone to play the game for story and fun because this game is absolutely stunning with the music and visuals. Loved the game.
  5. I saw that PS Vita title on it and thought no more vita games were being added???
  6. Just as a word of wisdom for everyone, the developers have said they are gonna eventually add private lobbies where you can customize everything. So to save you a lot of stress and time, just wait for the update cause I can’t tell you how dogshit this game is.
  7. Does anyone know if any of these are missable?
  8. So my save file got corrupted like 4 times playing this piece of trash. I still didn’t get the 50 computer fixed trophy so I started backing up my save. My game hasn’t crash since but I am pretty sure I have gotten more than 50 computer fixes and I still haven’t gotten the damn trophy. Does anyone else have this issue with unlocking it? It’s my last trophy for the platinum and I was gonna double stack it but this game is one of the biggest piles of dog to be given as a ps plus title. This game is not finished and broken beyond belief. I never want to touch this pile of dookie once I get this platinum. Edit: Finally got the platinum, make sure the backup your save in case it does corrupt. It felt like I had to do more than 50 computer fixes to get the trophy. This game was annoying.
  9. I have the disk version of cyberpunk and wondering if I can just delete it and then play off the disk version so that the trophy pops? I’m already near the end of the game so anyone know if that’s possible?
  10. So I just did it and all I have to say is activate share screen mode when you guys are in a party or else this would be incredibly difficult. Once we did that all of them seemed pretty doable. I would give this around a 3.5 or 4 difficulty while sharing your screen. The first one imo is the hardest while there are some that have pretty tight timing but its honestly not too bad. Took us about two hours with consistent practice. I would say to learn the map your first time around and figure out the best path and then go for the gold time your second time through.
  11. So same thing happened to me for one of the tournaments and I think its because of how early you enter. Entry opens 20 minutes before the tournament begins so I joined right when they opened and I was able to get into the tournament. So I would say enter a tournament the moment you can enter. I hope that helps!
  12. Just wondering but do these happen every week? I got 7 games from one tournament and hoping there will be one next week just to finish it
  13. I'm actually have the same issue as Radford999, i built the catapult but mine says 10/13 now. I know i need to build the chiral bridge and jump ramp but i have no idea what the last one is. DOes anyone know what it is? I've built the raceway and that didn't count Edit: Okay so I got the trophy and I think I know why. When I played my ps4 game I remembered that I built some structure as my last structure and then I loaded my last save when I got the trophy. The problem with this is that when you transfer your save to the ps5 version, the trophies read it as you didn't build that structure. So For me my last structure was the bridge. I built the bridge again and finally got the trophy
  14. Is anyone else having an issue making the power gloves silver and gold version and making them count? For some reason whenever I make them, its not giving me a check mark next to the item. Edit: Okay for some reason the gold and silver power gloved do not count for the fabrication trophy. dunno why
  15. Dunno if this is gonna happen on PlayStation but on Xbox people are reporting that if you just start up the game, the trophy should pop. At least for them it did. EDIT: Didn’t work for me LMK the trophy pops for anyone that just starts the game.