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  1. So I just did it and all I have to say is activate share screen mode when you guys are in a party or else this would be incredibly difficult. Once we did that all of them seemed pretty doable. I would give this around a 3.5 or 4 difficulty while sharing your screen. The first one imo is the hardest while there are some that have pretty tight timing but its honestly not too bad. Took us about two hours with consistent practice. I would say to learn the map your first time around and figure out the best path and then go for the gold time your second time through.
  2. So same thing happened to me for one of the tournaments and I think its because of how early you enter. Entry opens 20 minutes before the tournament begins so I joined right when they opened and I was able to get into the tournament. So I would say enter a tournament the moment you can enter. I hope that helps!
  3. Just wondering but do these happen every week? I got 7 games from one tournament and hoping there will be one next week just to finish it
  4. I'm actually have the same issue as Radford999, i built the catapult but mine says 10/13 now. I know i need to build the chiral bridge and jump ramp but i have no idea what the last one is. DOes anyone know what it is? I've built the raceway and that didn't count Edit: Okay so I got the trophy and I think I know why. When I played my ps4 game I remembered that I built some structure as my last structure and then I loaded my last save when I got the trophy. The problem with this is that when you transfer your save to the ps5 version, the trophies read it as you didn't build that structure. So For me my last structure was the bridge. I built the bridge again and finally got the trophy
  5. Is anyone else having an issue making the power gloves silver and gold version and making them count? For some reason whenever I make them, its not giving me a check mark next to the item. Edit: Okay for some reason the gold and silver power gloved do not count for the fabrication trophy. dunno why
  6. I don’t know if it’s my luck but I haven’t been able to find any ciphers in my last five runs. I have 3 left and wondering if anyone has any idea of where I might be missing them? Also do ciphers always show up on the map as upside down triangles? Any help is deeply appreciate
  7. So the games resistance update is coming out later today and they add a single trophy... beat the game on resistance mode. lol
  8. Dunno if this is gonna happen on PlayStation but on Xbox people are reporting that if you just start up the game, the trophy should pop. At least for them it did. EDIT: Didn’t work for me LMK the trophy pops for anyone that just starts the game.
  9. Looks like I'm gonna skip out on these games this month. Nothing of huge interest...
  10. I am wondering if this game is worth playing. For one I am wondering how difficult it is. I know the trophy guide says 6 but from looking at the trophies, they don't seem all that bad. Also is this a fun game to play? I'm not huge into racers (skipped out on Wreckfest) but I enjoy games like Forza and Grand Tourismo. I've also kinda played this back in the day but I am wondering from other people if they enjoy it. Thanks!
  11. Doesn't look too bad. Seems like you just have to complete the main story, do some side quests while looking out for collectibles. Hopefully fully upgrading everything doesn't take too long.
  12. Is it glitched for anyone else?
  13. I know the DLC is only two chapters long but does anyone know a good place to level up your materia?
  14. If I got the platinum on the PS4 version, does the PS5 trophies autopop or do I have to do them again? I dunno if there is any sort of save transfer.
  15. Not gonna support this pay for upgrade dogshit. I understand paying for DLC but paying for an upgrade is stupid.
  16. This might sound like a stupid question but that location has showed up for me a few times and the log never showed. Is the logs showing up random? I also beat act 3 if that helps. EDIT: I found it lol
  17. Ahh okay thank you for this. I was freaking out cause it seemed like I got almost all of them in the first area. So it was worrying me that the percent was around 60. If anyone else have experienced this please let me know ❤️
  18. So I have 11 scout logs in the first Biome (my first playthrough) and I still haven’t beaten the first boss. But I’m looking at the survey trophy and it says I have 61% of the scout logs in this area. Is this correct or am I completely fucked? It’s so frustrating cause this game is so much fun but I’m just dead inside if the trophies are completely glitched
  19. Thanks for confirming! Just wondering but what would you say the hardest thing to do is? Does getting 100K world dollars take awhile?
  20. I'm down to be a coop partner with someone? PSN: Elite_Sniper001 Send me a message
  21. Anyone know if the developers discussed any DLC coming to this game?
  22. Thanks man. This pandemic is hitting me hardcore
  23. I've never heard of this game, I'm just really sad from life rn and posting this and wondering what are everyone's opinion of this game.
  24. Ahh okay. Yeah I just saw a video on it and seems pretty easy. 1-2 hour plat
  25. The main thing I want out of a Switch is some sort of achievement/trophy system. Like why haven't they implemented one yet. That would be so dope!