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  1. Upgrading all weapons in final Fantasy XIII is a classic example. I could go back and get it, and it would give me the platinum, but it would take so long it would mean somewhere there is an entire game I would never play as a result. I'm at peace with it.
  2. The Steam page advertises solo play and drop-in/drop-out co-op, with AI bots filling in for any and all missing humans. Whether the bots are good is another question.
  3. Battle Chasers: Nightwar (4,512 owners). Turn-based RPG with gorgeous '90s-style fantasy artwork. The story is only there to frame the fighting, but the fighting is great in its own right. Cosmic Star Heroine (3,128 owners). Cute, short, easy turn-based RPG. Light-hearted, but offers fun combat decisions. Much easier on the eyes than most pixel games. Hob (1,665 owners?!) From the makers of the Torchlight games. It takes the classic Zelda 1 formula and executes it deftly with no padding. I'm sad more people haven't played this.
  4. I guess it depends on what "Overwhelming" is. You have to complete 10 specific missions on overwhelming. Maybe it's not a big deal when you're properly geared, but then again maybe it's impossible solo and you'll need to spend hours and hours with a crack squad perfecting your approach.
  5. I like the aspect of trophies that act as a log or diary. My 1% complete trophy lists for Drawn to Death and Lords of the Fallen serve to record that I don't always finish what I start, but they also act as a credential that I don't let negative hype make up my mind for me — I'm willing to see for myself. You can see I platinumed God of War in 10 days, but took 2 years to finish Unravel. Of course nobody cares but me, but I like that record-keeping aspect. If I were in your position, I would play what I liked and let my trophy list document the change over time.
  6. Does Bayek sound completely Jamaican to anyone else?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Paleblood


      Not really, no.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      I haven't played AC Origins, but does he sound like Javik?



    4. PooPooBlast


      Reading this reminded me of this :P



  7. I'm very excited that Wolfenstein has reached the 1980s. "Youngblood" is about the most '80s-sounding name you can get, so I think it works here. You know what else is very 1980s? TWO PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO PLAY ON THE SAME FREAKING SCREEN, COME ONNNNNNNNN DO IT
  8. Quote 2: "Nah, I like the hand we've been dealt." — Sam Drake, Uncharted 4
  9. The PSN Store page sure makes it look like local only. Two controllers may be doable. Like maybe you can drop in as a "second player" 5 seconds before finishing the level?
  10. Based on what we know right now? Black Ops is near-certain to deliver good multiplayer, but no singleplayer. It will give COD players the things COD players like. BFV will have a singleplayer campaign as well as MP, but we just don't know much. The business practices surrounding it are also something to be afraid of. I would argue BOIIII looks better at the moment, but there could be a press release or an E3 presentation tomorrow that completely reverses everything.
  11. "We must be better than this." — Kratos, God of War
  12. This is what annoys me about Soulsborne. It doesn't bother me at all that other people enjoy it. They're not hurting me. But it's just become this mind virus where a gameplay trailer comes out and all the "infected" just want to rate how close the combat is to Dark Souls. You know, maybe it'll have a completely different kind of combat because it's a completely different kind of game, and maybe it doesn't owe you or Soulsborne anything at all. The only thing worse is these parrot people repeating "RAAAAWK. Will it come to Switch? RAAAAWK" on every new game announcement.
  13. My nominations are Life is Strange and Uncharted 4. LiS is just a mass of unlistenable voice lines. The lines themselves, the delivery of the lines, the fact that the lines are about teen girl drama... ugh. UC4 is beautifully polished, and because it does so many surface-level things so well, it at first lulls you into thinking you're playing through a great story. The story is in fact awful. I haven't played Witcher 3 or Bloodborne, which are the ones I see worshipped the most, so take this for what it's worth.
  14. Playing in the order 4 -> 5 -> 3, you do feel the lack of options sometimes when you size up an outpost. In the later games there's more you can do — use your guns for hire, or get an aircraft. But I'm still finding 3 enjoyable. The biggest flaw so far is the GIGANTIC deadzone on the right stick. You have to push the stick most of the way to the edge to move the reticle. Other than that, I think it's aged well.
  15. Anything's possible, but in this age where writers compete to see who can fawn over Soulsborne the most, I would expect a too-hard game to get points added to its score, not taken away!