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  1. I am not an enemy of companies making money. I am pro-business. But I want to live in a world where good gameplay is good business and where slow, over-grindy, intentionally frustrating gameplay is bad business. It's our choice as to which world we're going to live in. Don't you want good gameplay for us to be the correct business decision for employees and shareholders to make money? I sure do!
  2. You should patch the game immediately. The release version crashes frequently, so frequently I'm kind of surprised Sony certification didn't send it back. There's a particularly heartbreaking one that blue-screens you just as you were about to claim your rewards for fighting in the arena. You can also get crashes on dungeon exit, or when the game tries to play a cinematic. And these crashes can corrupt your save. Slightly higher numbers on the ultimate weapons isn't worth it.
  3. Be sure you check every corner of the dungeon. In my playthrough, there were multiple pools/fountains, but only one that filled the vessel.
  4. According to Airship, there are conditions for the pirate captain to spawn, but once the conditions are met, he will spawn every time until you defeat him. I... just don't know what the conditions are. Have you beaten Behemoth, Flintlocke, and Shanker? Have you completed all dungeons?
  5. It's good that loot boxes are not seen as gambling. If they're legally considered a form of online gambling, then you start getting into areas of state and national regulation that no one wants to deal with. Like, we would be tampering with forces we cannot possibly comprehend. But I do think ESRB and similar sites should absolutely list microtransactions/lootboxes/whatever in their description. They've spent all this time, effort, and money to alert the world when someone smokes in a video game or when pixels on your screen might turn red; now let them help us actually fix a real problem here!
  6. This is the most accurate answer. Forget rights after you die; you don't have any right to that content right now. In many ways, I think these companies that have found very legitimate legal ways to separate themselves from lasting responsibility are just setting up the social problems of tomorrow. Ebay has no stock. Other people pay to store and ship everything; it's amazing! Uber doesn't employ its drivers. Youtube doesn't employ its content creators. They've found such effective ways to give themselves such arbitrary power. They're innovative companies that are trying to protect themselves in a world where everyone wants a piece of you, everyone wants to spin eye-rolling legal scenarios where you have to pay them. They're trying to survive. But in the process, they're laying the groundwork for a world without ownership. You sit in a house that belongs to the bank, with a car outside in the driveway owned by the leasing company, and play video games owned by PSN, and your actual rights to any of it are very carefully limited, and if you try to press your rights, you've already agreed to binding arbitration.
  7. It's funny to hear someone try to take that tack with me. Usually I'm the one on the side of defending a company's need and responsibility to make money. Not long ago, there was an argument about Sony denying crossplay; I was on the side of it being a smart business move, and people like me who saw Sony's point were the ones getting asked, "Geez dude, do you own Sony stock or something?" Believe me, I understand that a company cannot just decide to make less money. It's not responsible. People are depending on you for work. That's why I think some kind of moral panic targeting microtransactions would be desirable. They cannot help themselves as long as we're buying the loot boxes; we are the drug dealer here. We have to fix it from outside. If the ever-shifting gamer hivemind makes an example — something like what happened with Bethesda's infamous horse armor, but bigger and more destructive — companies might again face an environment where selling good, complete games is a better route to profit than selling loot boxes. Let's say a car company comes out with a model that has a credit card reader on the dashboard. You want heat or air conditioning? You slide your card and buy it by the mile. The car company would justify it in those same terms — gotta make more money. You don't like it, don't buy it. But I would hope that that car would be a legendary failure and no one would ever try that again. Likewise, if some games failing or some companies failing is what it takes to change the market and make microtransactions the path to ruin instead of the path to profit, then I think that would be a good thing.
  8. We kinda do. And I feel sorry in advance for the people who are putting their hearts and souls into making games, who move to another city and turn down good-paying jobs to make games. Because when the Great Microtransaction Purge does get here, it's probably going to wreck the sales of some games, and the financial future of some companies, that actually did a lot of worthwhile things. But because their corporate masters decided to do microtransactions at the moment internet justice arrived, they'll get caught up in the storm and be remembered as the greediest game company on earth.
  9. That would be nice. I am OK with slow grindy games. Often the early hours of an RPG are what I enjoy the most, and their design stretches out that feeling of real progression instead of getting on the late-game number treadmill. Every level-up is an event. I mean, I see there are benefits. But man oh man, then doing the same thing with the other three characters is kind of a bit much!
  10. I had the exact same thing happen. Crashed when I left the second and third dungeons; loaded back up and it had saved microseconds before the crash. The game is really fun, but it's not like, say, Child of Light, where you play through like a Metroidvania and the RPG progression is almost completely painless. You're probably going to want to grind at times; progress is slow, gear and gold are scarce; out-of-party characters don't gain XP. I really enjoy its turn-based battles, but be mentally prepared to do a lot of them.
  11. I bought a collection of that comic to do my homework before starting the game. Shouldn't have bothered — there's not exactly a deep backstory there. Still, kudos to Battle Chasers the comic for being one solid slab of 1990s goodness with absolutely no compromise.
  12. Maybe this is going too far afield from your question, but I think in some ways, the future of multiplayer belongs to those who can best find ways for a lot of different kinds of people to coexist and all have fun at the same time. If you're playing Overwatch or R6 and you have a guy on your team who just wants to play team deathmatch, it's a big problem. Not only will he make you lose, but in the long term it leads to verbal abuse, bad vibes, and a touchy community full of people with a learned compulsion to tell others how to play. Playing with TDM guy isn't fun, and playing with people who have been burned a lot by TDM guy in the past isn't fun either. But when someone figures out how to make it fun for TDM guy and team guy to play together? Glorious. Maybe you have a team game with the wrinkle that if you start to get shellacked, the servers send you a "mercenary" player to help balance things and help you fight back. If you just want to shoot some dudes, you queue as a mercenary, and the game drops you into a lopsided match where you can just have fun and get kills and help the overall structure of the team game at the same time. Maybe Raiders of the Broken Planet has something like this with its "PvEvP" arrangement? I dunno — I think there's a lot of money to be made here!
  13. @NathanielJohn How is it just as a game? Is the platforming good? I was thinking of getting it for my fox-loving niece, but she also has access to Rayman Legends, so if it has poor gameplay, it'll soon get booted from the rotation!
  14. I deleted, reinstalled, checked for updates, did a second run. This one should have earned all five gold trophies, but I received only Invulnerable. Have a ticket in with Runic tech support; I will update with what I hear from them. More people on their forums are reporting the same issue; it looks like it may be affecting Hunter as well. EDIT: According to Runic support, "that looks like a bug. I will notify the developers so it can be fixed asap for a future patch." So... at least we've been promoted from the complaint list to the bug list!