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  1. I wonder if this breaks Sony's trophy rules. Have any other games shipped with a platinum you were literally, intentionally blocked from obtaining until you bought pay DLC? I wonder if they might make Bungie fix this because it breaks a PSN standard somewhere.
  2. I thought it was outstanding. They did a really good job of creating a situation, spending time exploring it, and then moving on to the next situation. They didn't run screaming through their own plot without taking time to think about it, and they didn't overstay their welcome either. Exceptionally well-paced movie.
  3. I have just done this, and the answer so far is "neither." No trophies auto-popped for me, but my previous characters have made some of them appear way early. Like I load up my old level 70 character, unequip and re-equip one item, Up All Night To Get Lucky pops. I talk to each artisan, the trophies for leveling them to 12 pop. But story-related trophies have come at the right moments so far. My guess is, we'll have to do the 500 bounties and 100 treasure goblins over again on PS4, and those are the time-consuming ones. So it'll go faster, but not a lot faster.
  4. [laboriously and awkwardly crosses all fingers] Helldivers 2! Helldivers 2! Helldivers 2!
  5. OK, it appears ending trophies have now been fixed! Mine popped just fine off a previous save.
  6. If "mein leben" works the way it has before, that's a no-go for me. Shooting gallery also looks like a potential problem. I hope there's a way for normal humans to plat this, because it looks like a fantastic game!
  7. I gave this a try, but moving felt so awkward. Then they told me to start flying through rings, and I was like, "No. Noooooo no no no. No rings. Delete. Delete right now."
  8. No! Games cost a lot to make, more so now than ever. I don't expect game companies to behave like nonprofits. I want them to fund their 401ks and health care. I want their shareholders to be happy. If big companies can't make money, you end up with a very unhealthy industry — one where young guys eat ramen for two years so they can make their indie dream game, but eventually they have to get a real job making tax software so they can have a place to live. I work for a big company, too. I'm not saying eat the rich! BUT, I still want, let's say, good movies that care about their own characters and mythology to be more profitable than apathetic movies made by heartless focus-grouping. That doesn't mean I want the guys at the production company to starve, but I take care to see good movies and not bad ones. I still don't want to be cheated; I don't want to consume garbage. And I'm not obligated to say I like garbage on the grounds of some strawman argument that GarbageCo might lose money if I don't, and therefore to not accept the garbage means I don't understand business!
  9. I am not an enemy of companies making money. I am pro-business. But I want to live in a world where good gameplay is good business and where slow, over-grindy, intentionally frustrating gameplay is bad business. It's our choice as to which world we're going to live in. Don't you want good gameplay for us to be the correct business decision for employees and shareholders to make money? I sure do!
  10. You should patch the game immediately. The release version crashes frequently, so frequently I'm kind of surprised Sony certification didn't send it back. There's a particularly heartbreaking one that blue-screens you just as you were about to claim your rewards for fighting in the arena. You can also get crashes on dungeon exit, or when the game tries to play a cinematic. And these crashes can corrupt your save. Slightly higher numbers on the ultimate weapons isn't worth it.
  11. Be sure you check every corner of the dungeon. In my playthrough, there were multiple pools/fountains, but only one that filled the vessel.
  12. According to Airship, there are conditions for the pirate captain to spawn, but once the conditions are met, he will spawn every time until you defeat him. I... just don't know what the conditions are. Have you beaten Behemoth, Flintlocke, and Shanker? Have you completed all dungeons?
  13. It's good that loot boxes are not seen as gambling. If they're legally considered a form of online gambling, then you start getting into areas of state and national regulation that no one wants to deal with. Like, we would be tampering with forces we cannot possibly comprehend. But I do think ESRB and similar sites should absolutely list microtransactions/lootboxes/whatever in their description. They've spent all this time, effort, and money to alert the world when someone smokes in a video game or when pixels on your screen might turn red; now let them help us actually fix a real problem here!