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  1. My guess is, that was a large boosting group.
  2. Last One Standing is stupidly hard in most modes, because every other player on both teams has to be on the respawn timer, which is only 15 seconds. Then they added the survival mode where no one respawns, so if you are the last survivor on your team and you win, you get Last One Standing. This is how I got it. Now it looks like that mode is gone, which would explain why hardly anyone earns that trophy now.
  3. At first, it only took a Telltale game to make me happy for days. But soon it took more and more platinum trophies to get that feeling back. I told people I could quit any time I wanted, but really I was just thinking about how to grind, cheese, farm, or boost anything I could. Now only ultra rares can make the shakes stop. OH GOD, IT HURTS
  4. My experience has been, if you play through a game you know 100% you can plat, you get the emptiness afterward. But when you attempt a game you're not 100% sure on for any reason... when you get that trophy that would have been the last one to stop you, that one feels GREAT.
  5. I now wish I had gotten into Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer while it was still alive. These bots are decent, but it would have been cool to play in a full lobby, even if only a little.

  6. I went ahead and bought it as well; it's on sale in the US too.
  7. I am also curious about this. I have seen people rate its difficulty really high and really low.
  8. In a way, both. Coding unique, cool trophies takes time. Time for which you have to pay an employee. An employee who has to know how the rest of the game code works. Maybe that employee's time needs to be spent on mission-critical things. Maybe you're running out of resources. Maybe that employee is fantasizing about suicide because he's been eating ramen and coding in a garage for two years, and you're afraid this will push him over the edge. If it's a remake, maybe the employee who knows how to implement your cool or funny idea hasn't worked on that game in 15 years. Crunch time sucks. Sometimes, one of the things devs do to compensate is to punt on a cool trophy list. Because yes, it does take effort, time, and money, and sometimes there aren't enough of those things. And yes, sometimes they're lazy. tl;dr it's work. Sometimes the work doesn't get done, for good reasons or bad.
  9. Wow. I know the fighting-game version of this trophy usually turns out to be a dream killer.
  10. To me, this is the key factor in Telltale games, at least the ones I've played. Even though I know my choices don't matter, in the moment, it feels like they do. The story carries you along and makes you feel in control, even though in reality you're on rails.
  11. Please let this Spyro remake rumor be true. I am so ready to stop hearing people beg for Spyro games.

    1. Meta Knight

      Meta Knight

      I hope they don't make him look like he does in Skylanders.

    2. rdhight


      Maybe there will be a character creator so we can adjust Nostril Height and Skin Leatheriness and make our own monstrosities.

  12. I didn't have a full set of level 70 characters to bring across, because I deleted some of them on PS3 after gaining the platinum. But I think the ones I saved did count toward the total on PS4.
  13. It's odd, because there are so many PS4 games with really strong design you could exploit. HZD, Persona 5, even No Man's Sky — seems like it would be bonehead easy to make amazing controllers. Do a Spider-Man controller! Do a God of War controller where the face buttons are runes! So many games make great use of distinctive colors. Yet Destiny 2 has great graphic design, and the mailed-in Destiny 2 controller screams "I don't want to be here!"
  14. Probably true. I would expect at some point there was a big meeting where the project heads were all told, "From now on, you are to sugar-coat all your microtransactions. Study how to make them feel fair, or hire someone who can. If you need more time, you can take more time. We can't restart this fire three times a year."
  15. Tekken 7 has easy, fun trophies. It also has projectile spam. You guys! I preferred Tekken precisely because you don't have fireballs!