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  1. "Toxic" gets thrown at every kind of behavior that displeases anyone, whether widespread or not, whether severe or not, from the mildly annoying to the genuinely shocking. It would be nice if we could reserve "toxic" for gameplay things that degrade the experience for everybody. Refusing to team with low-level players. Withholding your heal/support abilities as a way to punish teammates and enforce your will. Intentionally making your team lose. Going AFK. Hacking/botting. Stuff that goes beyond trash talk. But realistically, that ship has sailed. "Toxic" has been drained of any usefulness and now simply means that someone disliked something to some extent. It could mean anything from actual criminal offenses to someone clicking a mouse 1/10 of a second after you would have clicked if you were in his place. It's an empty word that lacks any force.
  2. He makes good points, I just can't stand listening to his actual voice. If he makes a video about something I'm interested in, sometimes I'll read the subtitles. I don't feel the need to watch every rant he concocts, because there is a lot of repetition, but I agree with a lot of what he says. He has a good sense of perspective on some things.
  3. Being done with Dragon Quest XI feels really, really good.

  4. It feels like you're intentionally misunderstanding. It's not about whether it's required, or rewarded, or whether the game gives you any reason to want to do it. It's the fact that you can kill. You can pass a Doom level without killing most of the demons, but the game is still fundamentally about killing demons. You can do other things, but Doom is not about those things. If you make yourself available to be killed, you have no right to be surprised when they kill you. You can dislike it — I certainly do! But you have no right to be shocked or offended.
  5. It's not that people *must* do that, it's that they *can* and they *will.* You're not required to eat the dots in Pac-Man either. You could go back and forth or just run away from the ghosts until time ran out. But generally you *do* eat the dots, because... they're there to be eaten. Look, if you personally don't want to shoot other players, by all means don't. It's no skin off my nose. But if you make yourself available to be shot, it's an unrealistic expectation that other players won't take the opportunity.
  6. That's the point I'm making. RDR2 Online is new and complex, but it's still a descendant of that. Killing is still the basic activity. If you don't like it — and there's no reason you should — don't make yourself the asteroid or power pill.
  7. So here's the scenario: A guy is playing RDR2 online. He sees a stranger. He clearly could *shoot* the stranger. All the code is written; you can do it; it's part of the game. But he doesn't shoot. Is this really all that reasonable of a scenario? Video games are primarily about killing what's available to be killed. They're about other things too, but mostly that. If you're playing Asteroids, you shoot asteroids. If you're playing Minecraft, you chop dirt. If you're playing Pac-Man, you eat power pills and ghosts. Why — are you given much motivation, or explanation? Not really. But it's not needed. Those things are available to kill, so you kill them. If you don't want to be killed, don't make yourself available for other players to kill you.
  8. You could certainly come up with a lot of stupid, grindy, time-waster trophies for this game, but I'm not sure it lends itself to fun trophies that are harder without being dumb. You already have to complete all the Harma battles, reach the true ending, and fully level all characters. What would be harder without being a huge waste of time? You could require a second playthrough that's a low-level run or speedrun, which sounds like a horrible fun-murdering thing to do. You could add more grinding or "go around in postgame and tick every box" trophies. (World of Final Fantasy has one for opening every chest!) But I don't see what would be added to make it harder without being tedious and pointless. I prefer the way it is.
  9. Buy all your costumes for the trophy before spending any challenge tokens on gadgets. Otherwise, go nuts!
  10. Don't see anything that obviously indicates there are mandatory wingsuit challenges, so that's hopeful!
  11. Do we know whether we will be able to import any kind of custom content into the PS4 version? Or will it be a closed system with default assets only?
  12. Sound Shapes is one that's a lot harder than the rarity would indicate. Many people got it because of how you can pop multiple lists on one playthrough, but as far as I'm concerned, anyone who completed Death Mode is entirely welcome to those stacks.
  13. I don't see one that looks like it requires janky air races. Hope... rising....
  14. At this point I almost wonder what exactly a 3rd-person hack-and-slash game would have to do to avoid the comparison.
  15. Soulsborne comparisons have been real heavy for this one. If that's true, I'll skip it. If it's not a soulslike, I'll probably play eventually.