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  1. Yeah, this doesn't really strike me as the kind of game you run out and pay full price for.
  2. I did the exact opposite of this. Unlocked all radar trackers, let a few drones get away, did not follow a guide, wrote nothing down. It sucked. Don't be like me. Follow OP's instructions.
  3. I am disappointed that so many of the featured/marquee characters involve what to me are just grotesque inputs. I understand they wanted to keep a "control continuity" with the original games of some of the guest characters. And the Mishimas have always had hard moves to pull off. But I don't think input difficulty for input difficulty's sake makes for a fun fighting game. It feels like Tekken 7 just lets itself go crazy with hard or strange controls.
  4. Apex has destroyed my trophy progress.

    1. Spaz


      You did Apex in February.

    2. SaltyCat


      @Spaz I think he means that he is enjoying Apex so much that he plays it a lot and is unable to get trophies because of that. Could be wrong.

  5. Does the glitch still work?
  6. Yes. Right now, there is a small chance for gold in her care package, but even that small chance will be removed at the start of Season 1. Try dropping Pit. The spot in the very center of Pit seems to have a large chance to spawn gold or purple armor pieces, as well as phoenix kits.
  7. Well Rounded popped for me the instant I passed 5000 on my 8th character, even though I had several in the 5400 range. I suspect this has now been hotfixed to match the displayed numbers.
  8. You can also play Lifeline and pig out on accelerants. Her care package can give gold helmets.
  9. Mastiff and Kraber are golden, but not "fully kitted." The weapon you want for "fully kitted" will be one of the regular guns available in the game, but it will be golden and have a full set of all golden attachments. These are usually found in the hot zone or inside gold lootbots. Most of the ones I've found have been R-301s and Prowlers. Dropping one of these for a buddy will pop the trophy.
  10. If you go into your inventory, your teammates' status bars will expand to show what armor, helmet, knockdown shield, etc. they have equipped. If your team just hit the supply ship or other high-tier loot area and you have one of the two gold pieces needed, you can always quickly check if the other one belongs to a teammate. Then just go on mic and ask nicely to borrow it!
  11. Yeah. I've found exactly one golden gun, one golden helmet, and one golden backpack. Never even seen the armor. It legit feels like there is only one per match. EDIT: There are at least two golden armors per match. Still super rare though.
  12. You can pay real money to unlock them with the gold currency any time you want. Eventually, you will earn enough of the red currency by playing to unlock them for free.
  13. Someone who 100%s this in 20-40 hours is an FPS god who doesn't need to be reading threads like this one. People die slow in Apex Legends. All the defensive equipment/abilities work in layers. You can shoot a more skilled player in the back and have him turn around, bunnyhop at you, and down you in no time. Also it feels like the population leans far more toward grown men with COD/Overwatch/Titanfall backgrounds than toward Fortnite kids. Squeakers are weirdly rare. If they add a ranked mode, it will get easier, because noob will be matched with noob. But at the moment... it's fun, but not easy!
  14. Is there an equivalent for the 5000 damage with all characters?
  15. My understanding is there is exactly one "Fully Kitted" weapon per round. It's somewhere in the blue light beam visible on the map when you're in the dropship. Whether equipping a golden gun with golden mods piece-by-piece will pop the trophy, I have no idea.