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  1. Yeah. I've found exactly one golden gun, one golden helmet, and one golden backpack. Never even seen the armor. It legit feels like there is only one per match. EDIT: There are at least two golden armors per match. Still super rare though.
  2. You can pay real money to unlock them with the gold currency any time you want. Eventually, you will earn enough of the red currency by playing to unlock them for free.
  3. Someone who 100%s this in 20-40 hours is an FPS god who doesn't need to be reading threads like this one. People die slow in Apex Legends. All the defensive equipment/abilities work in layers. You can shoot a more skilled player in the back and have him turn around, bunnyhop at you, and down you in no time. Also it feels like the population leans far more toward grown men with COD/Overwatch/Titanfall backgrounds than toward Fortnite kids. Squeakers are weirdly rare. If they add a ranked mode, it will get easier, because noob will be matched with noob. But at the moment... it's fun, but not easy!
  4. Is there an equivalent for the 5000 damage with all characters?
  5. My understanding is there is exactly one "Fully Kitted" weapon per round. It's somewhere in the blue light beam visible on the map when you're in the dropship. Whether equipping a golden gun with golden mods piece-by-piece will pop the trophy, I have no idea.
  6. When you are dead, apparently your surviving squadmates can still revive you at beacons scattered around the map. So to me that definitely makes it sound like you are still "in" and will get the trophy if your team pulls it out without you.
  7. When you're owned by EA, and EA tells you it's your job to make a competitor to a hyper-successful billion-dollar game, you say, "Yes sir! Thank you sir!" This is not somehow Respawn's "fault." The people who literally own them gave them a high-stakes assignment that places them in a position of trust and responsibility, an assignment that would be career-making if it succeeds. It's also an offer they can't refuse. Just be glad they're not being forced to make some kind of stupid mobile-phone spinoff for China!
  8. Lots of games have shaky servers at launch. I bet in no time that trophy would be up to 95%.
  9. I like the Diablo game loop, and I could feel it activating and making me want to play more, kill more stuff, find more loot. The suits are gorgeous. The flying is great. Combat is... adequate. But it's still fun in the context of trying to improve your character. The game feels addictive. High potential. But the list of things that get in the way is just incredible. There is stuff wrong I don't know if I've ever seen a game get wrong before. As though a bunch of people who literally don't play games were the ones making this. Just baffling decisions were made at times. My guess is, Anthem will become good later in its lifecycle.
  10. Star Citizen will never come out on anything.
  11. There is good gameplay, but surrounded by other things that take too long and aren't fun. It can be great; they just need to streamline it.
  12. If Gold Medalizt is any indication, "Complete 7 unique Expeditions on the Rank III difficulty" is probably the toughest thing here. Doesn't sound unreasonably hard, though.
  13. Thanks for the update. I apparently got confused about what year it was and bought the game today thinking the original announcement was for Jan. 2019. "Oh, what luck, I'm just in time!" Go me. Glad to know it's still obtainable!
  14. Onrush: sometimes exhilarating, yet also boring. The same few situations quickly start repeating.

    1. Charizarzar


      Yeah I rushed that plat a little and it got tedious by the end, though the overall game design was very fun. Wish there’d been at least a couple more modes to variate it a bit I more. 

  15. Been a while, but I'm pretty sure replay ending is safe, because you can replay ending again as many times as you need and change it back to the right answer, or win the QTE.