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  1. Huh. They must have changed it. Of all the things that need to be improved in this game, I would have put this pretty far down the list, but Ubisoft gonna Ubisoft I guess....
  2. Sure there is. Sony and Microsoft had the freedom to embrace Galgun and games like it, or to reject them. They chose to reject them. The laws, governments, etc. preserved their freedom to make that choice for themselves, and they made it as they had a right to do. This isn't about someone taking away freedom. It's a company using its freedom to make a choice you don't agree with. Freedom also means other people having the freedom to do things you don't like. No one owes you a porn-game.
  3. We're not really gonna know until they do the first update that adds a new full region. Apparently even the upcoming mountain isn't considered the biggest size update, so it may be that only those will come with trophies. The base game has Monstadt and first part of Liyue. It's even possible that the next update will have a trophy list that's second half Liyue, first half Inazuma, and they'll do a "cliffhanger" each time!
  4. Yeah. I successfully avoided No Man's Sky, Anthem, Breakpoint, Andromeda, and now Cyberpunk. But... I bought Legion at launch, and that dropped to $30 like a couple weeks later. Valhalla and Immortals are also on sale already. Yuck. What about the future? Far Cry 6 got delayed. Destruction All-Stars got delayed. Deathloop already got delayed this summer. Bloodlines 2 got delayed. Outriders got delayed. Biomutant... probably still exists? Bridge of Spirits got delayed. This does not exactly fill me with hope we're about to get a generation of right-outta-the-gate masterpieces! There are going to be more blown launches, more titles that follow an Early Access-like path and put players through months or years of post-launch rebuilding. I think this is shaping up as a great time to dig in and outwait them.
  5. It was easier to enjoy games before developers started taking such interest in when we play them. Why is it Netflix releases a show and I can binge the show if I so choose, but for some reason I can't "binge" this great-looking game? I kind of want to get Hitman 3, but the whole episodic aspect of it is a big negative. What should it matter to the company whether I "bingewatch" their game? Why does it have to be metered out like this? Actual TV shows have even been moving away from it for years now!
  6. For Legion, they are not autopops, but they are very easy. I converted my platinum'd PS4 save to PS5, and it's very quick to redo everything that isn't about story or tech progression. Fire and rehire your game developer. Drink one pint. Play one game of darts. Redo one paste-up. Literally just walk up to a soccer ball and select it. The kill-related trophies all seem to pop after doing 1-2. I am guessing when NG+ drops, it will become braindead easy to finish off the story and get 2 for the price of 1.
  7. They are not auto pops, but they are easy pops. You basically just have to get the game to notice you've done things already. Select a soccer ball... it sees you've got that one. One paste-up, one game of darts, one drink, etc. Fire your game designer, re-recruit him. Right now the trophies for story and tech upgrades are not accessible this way, but I'm guessing at some point when NG+ is added, they'll also be a breeze. Looking like a super easy stack, not autopop but not far from it either.
  8. Personally, I look back over my PS4 library and I see a lot of small, low-tech games I picked up cheap and then never finished, or even never started. At least for a while, I'm going to be more choosy about investing only in new-gen games that make good use of PS5 capabilities. If I want to play indies or AAs, the backlog is already full of 'em, and so's PS+. No more of those for now. What's your "new gen's resolution?"
  9. If that's the way they choose to do it for PS4 -> PS5, then so be it. But so many PS3/PS4 cross-gen games had shared lists, I was just expecting that this upgrade would be the same.
  10. When you load Legion onto the PS5, you have the choice to install the PS4 version and/or the free PS5 upgrade. If you've already played on the PS4 version, you can upload your save to the cloud on that, then download on the PS5 version, and in-game everything is right where you left off. Seems fine. What I didn't understand was that in-game it might be seamless, but the PS5 version installs its own trophy list. So to platinum the PS4 version of the game, I'll need to finish cleanup playing that through BC. Then I can move my save over to PS5, but if I do, I'm starting a fresh trophy list for this game. It's hardly the end of the world, but it's also not the way I thought it worked. Hopefully nobody gets an unwanted stack.
  11. It only takes a few seconds to de each one when using a construction drone. The map is no help.
  12. This right here. Some people are so good at just slamming through open-world games, no distractions, only trophy-critical tasks. I'm always amazed at those brutally fast playthroughs people do on HZD and similar.
  13. Most insightful statement in this thread.
  14. At a glance, this gives off some Mark of the Ninja vibes for me, which is a good thing. I'm guessing some of the no-kill, perfect stealth runs will be difficult, or at least require a replay of the level with upgraded abilities. And so many novelty/joke trophies! I'm curious to see more of this game.
  15. It's in the last "real" level you have to solve, not the ending sequence.