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  1. I'm shocked by how un-fun the gameplay of Metro Exodus is to me. It looks so good, and I heard such good reviews. I just apparently hate playing it.

    1. Spaz


      As someone who enjoyed Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux, is Exodus just too boring?

    2. rdhight


      The hardships you face are annoying hardships that I don't find fun. Low speed, low visibility, time pressure, ammo starvation, loads of fall damage, no lifebar, and even my ammo counter keeps disappearing off my screen! Every bullet and bandage needs to be manually looted. The story so far is my character getting mauled by monsters, carried out of the tutorial fight on a stretcher, chewed out in his hospital bed by his wife and father-in-law, then captured, shot, left for dead in a mass grave, and now I'm sneaking through a base so stupidly dark I can only find pickups because the prompts appear on-screen. I get it that it's supposed to be a game about all-too-human characters facing a world of hurt. It's just... dumb struggle instead of entertaining struggle.